by annika khushi madeline grace and emily n.
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By: Annika, Khushi, Madeline, Grace, and Emily PowerPoint Presentation
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By: Annika, Khushi, Madeline, Grace, and Emily

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By: Annika, Khushi, Madeline, Grace, and Emily - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Strider. By: Annika, Khushi, Madeline, Grace, and Emily . Setting. Pacific Grove, California in the U.S.A. Setting part 2:.

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by annika khushi madeline grace and emily


By: Annika, Khushi, Madeline, Grace, and Emily

  • Pacific Grove, California in the U.S.A.
setting part 2

Setting part 2:

Pacific Grove is a coastal city in Monterey Country , California, U.S.A. , with a population of 15,295 as per. To the 2011 census data. Often referred to as one of America’s last home towns, Pacific Grove is know for it’s Victorian style homes, Asilomar State Beach , also it is known for it’s artistic legacy. Pacific Grove contains several habitat types including marine, littoral, pine forest, and mixed oak woodland. Pacific Grove Marine gardens , State Marine Conservation Area, Lovers Point State Marine Reserve , Edward F. Rickets State Marine Conservation, and Asilomar State Marine are all Marine protected areas in the waters around Lovers Point. Like under water parks, these marine protected areas help conserve ocean wildlife and marine ecosystems.


  • Leigh’s mom : She was Kind of strict , but when they got Strider she loosened up a little.
  • Leigh’s dad : He was driving so much he didn’t have time to spend with his family , but he visits more and more throughout the story.
  • Leigh : He was very selfish in the beginning , but learned to care more about others.
  • Strider: He started to trust people more and more. Just like sit and stay.

Leigh’s mom, Leigh’s dad, Leigh, and Strider



Harness- control and put to work

Inaccurate- lack of inaccurately

Custody- keeping care

Compulsory- required

Immortalized- make somebody's memory live on

Fascinating- charm, made, or done

Laundromat- a place where you do laundry with coins

Crosswise- across

Jailor- A person who puts dogs/humans in jail.

Algebra- a branch of mathmatics.

point of view
Point Of View

Our story is first person because it says the word “I” in most of the parts we read, and because it is in the form of a journal. If it was in 3rd person it would say, “Leigh went to the store”. 2nd person would say, “He went to the store”. First person point of view would say , “I went to the store”


Our book’s genre is realistic-fiction. It is realistic-fiction because there are divorces, strays, and truckers that are never home. Those things are all real. There are so many divorces in the world. It’s just wrong. There are so many strays put out on the street each year. If they don’t get fed soon, they could eventually die. Strider got took in , which happens in the real world too. Truckers are never home too. On trucking shows, the truckers are always away from their family. That is reality. This is a good realistic-fiction story.


In the community , people lose and gain jobs everyday. Losing jobs hurt people, because they lose more and more money. When they lose all of their money, they have to give their stuff away. Like how Leigh's dad had to give his truck. People also gain jobs, like when Leigh’s dad got another job. When you gain a job you gain money. People lose and gain jobs like Leigh's dad.


One day, Leigh and Barry found a dog and named it Strider. Strider didn’t like some things, so they made some compromises. Leigh and Barry had joint custody of Strider. Leigh has a rough life because he lives in a tiny house and his parents are divorced. There are some joint custody problems, but they worked it out. Leigh’s dad is not always promising to come and see him. Leigh and Barry work it out though. Strider is a good book!!!!!!!!!

our text to self connections

Our text-to-self connections

Emily: I found a pet once. It had no owner, so I asked my parents to keep it and they said yes. I still have it today.

Grace: Leigh ran track, and my brother did cross-country. In cross-country you are running just like track.

Madeline: My sister did track and Leigh did Track. They both did track, and they both got better every day. Now they win races sometimes.

Annika: One of my friend’s parents got divorced, and another never got to see her father.

Khushi: My cousin found a dog like Leigh did, she also had to hide it so she would not get cought.