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NPR Articles. By: Emmanuel Alvarez Daniel Lucas. Obama and Gay Marriage.

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Npr articles

NPR Articles


Emmanuel Alvarez

Daniel Lucas

Obama and gay marriage
Obama and Gay Marriage

  • Obama’s recent action of agreeing that gay people should have the right to marriage has been criticized as silly. Some say he is no longer being serious, but worrying about politics and votes. Therefore, leaning to the LGBT’s side to keep him looking good.

  • This is connected to the Economic Principles because he has thought about his incentives. The fact that many people are with gay marriages gives him confidence that he might win the election this year again.

Mexican drug wars
Mexican Drug Wars

  • Apparently, almost 70 bodies were found in Mexico that were connected to the drug wars.

  • Police officers stated that the exact number has not yet been received, and that most likely this is the work of “The Zeta’s”; a fearsome mafia that controls Mexico.

  • This is connected to economics because every choice has a cost. The victims of this horrific tragedy were probably up to something and needed to be eliminated in order for the Zetas to continue their plan.

Plane crash in nepal
Plane Crash in Nepal

  • In northern Nepal, a plane crash containing 21 passengers seemed to crash onto a mountain while trying to land at a nearby airport.

  • The crash, luckily, took place near a military base so they were attended to quickly. There were 15 deaths and 6 injured passengers.

  • This is connected to economics because the pilot might have realized they were going down, so he noticed the military base and knew if he crashed near enough to get their attention, the benefit would be that they would quickly be helped but the cost might be their lives.

Nato supply line
NATO Supply Line

  • At the end of November 2011, Pakistan had closed their borders that allowed the U.S to transport supplies to NATO soldiers in Afghanistan.

  • The U.S are hoping to negotiate with Pakistan to reopen their supply line so that their transports can be continued.

  • This is connected to economics because the incentive here is that when the borders closed, the U.S soldiers could no longer receive the supplies needed for them.

Jp morgan chase and co
JP Morgan Chase and Co.

  • As of Last Thursday, The respected Bank Known As Chase JP Morgan took a 2.3 billon dollar loss due to a credit derivative trade that went bad. Three High ranking executives are resigning because of this loss and one big executive from Wall street says that they expect JP Morgan to take another billion dollar whole. This connects to economics because it’s a big bank that will affect everyone that is in it.

T he marcellus shale
The Marcellus Shale

  • In Pennsylvania there is a industrial revolution taking place. They are drilling into an underground lay into a shale called the Marcellus Shale in order to extract natural gas. However people in Pennsylvania are worried because they fear that they will face another Toxic Legacy. They experienced one through coal mining and the acidic water entered a river and destroyed all aquatic life because of acidic chemicals. This is something that the government should discuss if its taking precaution to avoid incidents like that to happen again.

Dark shadows
Dark Shadows

  • Dark shadows is doing to be another great costume addition to Johnny Depp’s Wardrobe. He comes from being Jack Sparrow to willy Wonka. However NPR’s Bob Mondell speaks and says that the film Dark Shadows wont be a lot to sink your teeth into. This connects to economics because many people choose to enjoy and entertain themselves by going to the movies and if they are not satisfied then there will be a drop in the movie market.

Npr s music critic
NPR’s Music Critic

  • Many have been talking about the Music Festival Coachella. The headline and most talked about performance was Tupac Shakur's. Tupac Shakur was killed about 15 years ago and his music had almost been forgotten, but thanks to a trick of light we were able to see him perform and remind us of his incredible lyrics and songs. Many ask how it worked and what they did well, There's an overhead projector that sort of reflects down onto basically a tilted piece of glass that's sort of on the stage floor, That then reflects the, well, reflection onto a mylar sort of screen, and it projects in this sort of 3-D kind of thing where it allows the other performers to sort of walk in front of Tupac and basically interact with him. This connects to economy because with his performance in the ticket , this made people go buy more Coachella tickets giving the concert a bigger profit.