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NPR Music Widgets PowerPoint Presentation
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NPR Music Widgets

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NPR Music Widgets
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NPR Music Widgets

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  1. NPR Music Widgets

  2. Our Goals in Sharing Content • Syndicated, branded series, similar to the way we produce and share on-air content • Choices—Automatic, easy “drop-in” widgets or flexible code you can customize for your site • Co-branding • Multiple opportunities to back announce to your Web site to increase traffic and engagement

  3. “Classic” NPR Content Modules Automatically update with most recent story. Modules are available in genres, programs and popular series. Use our CSS style guides to customize the look to match your Web site.

  4. The NPR API Whatever you want…however you want it.

  5. Exclusive First Listens Offer exclusive album previews before release dates. Choose which streams to offer or set one widget to update weekly with a new album. The widgets are 250x150 pxls large with a graphic that pops up the NPR player. Or create your own presentation with our customizable links. We aim to offer First Listens in all genres from top artists. Previous First Listens include Helene Grimaud, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen.

  6. Thematic Streams Continuous streams of songs in all genres chosen by our partner stations. Widgets are a 250x150 pxl graphic that pop up the NPR player. Or create your own presentation with our customizable links. Upcoming streams include Heatwave: A Summer Music Mix and Mix For America for the 4th of July.

  7. Concert Spotlight Tom Waits In Concert on your Station Subscribe to Content Depot for various radio modules: --one song --a 3-song hosted set --an hour-long concert special (when available) --send listeners to your Web site for the full show Tom Waits In Concert on your Web Site A companion widget plays the full show on your Web site. --updates automatically every week with a new concert --can be used with or without the radio module

  8. Concert Spotlight The Concert Spotlight widget is 300x250 pxls or create your own look and size with our customizable option.

  9. A sneak peak of what’s coming up next….

  10. Create the live concert experience on your site. Live Concert widget in two sizes (full page and 300x250 pxls) for Classical, Jazz and AAA.

  11. Automatically changes to present a live concert event!

  12. Also on the horizon… • Improving the NPR player to be embeddable, co-brandable and flexible for stations • Music Lists widgets • NPR Music Blogs Syndicated via API • Stream integration? • Station ingest?

  13. Improving Communication • How to best inform you of upcoming events and products? • A weekly newsletter? • Access to content and modules outside of the NPR Station Extranet? • Quarterly calls?

  14. More Information Music Content via the NPR Station Extranet NPR Music Product Manager: Amy Schriefer,, 202.513.3616 Member and Program Services: Jeff Nemic,, 202.513.2751