dna and rna chapter 12 n.
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DNA and RNA Chapter 12 PowerPoint Presentation
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DNA and RNA Chapter 12

DNA and RNA Chapter 12

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DNA and RNA Chapter 12

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  1. DNA and RNAChapter 12 JEOPARDY #1 S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  2. DNA Structure Vocab Replication Transcription Translation 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500

  3. DNA Structure100 Tell one experiment you learned about that helped scientists learn about the nature of DNA A: What is Griffith (Pneumonia/rats) Avery (Pneumonia/rats/digestive enzymes) Hershey - Chase (radioactive bacteriophages) Franklin- Xray diffraction ? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  4. DNA Structure200 Name the 2 kinds of molecules that make up the backbone of the DNA molecule. A: What are deoxyribose sugars and phosphates? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  5. DNA Structure300 Name the nitrogen bases used to makethe DNA code A: What are Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine, and Thymine? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  6. DNA Structure400 Nitrogen bases made with 2 rings (like A and G) A A: What are purines ? G S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  7. DNA Structure500 What are Chargaff’s Rules ? A: What is A = T and G = C ? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  8. Vocabulary100 Subunits used to make DNA A: What are nucleotides ? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  9. Vocabulary200 Process in which one strain of bacteria is changed by absorbing DNA from another strain of bacteria A: What is transformation? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  10. Vocabulary300 A virus that infects bacteria A: What is a bacteriophage ? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  11. Vocabulary400 Form of DNA that is seen in the nucleus of non-dividing cells which is more spread out so cells can read the code A: What is chromatin ? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  12. Vocabulary500 3 consecutive nucleotide bases on an m-RNA molecule that code for a specific amino acid A: What is a codon? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  13. Replication100 Main enzyme that joins nucleotides to make a DNA molecule A: What is DNA Polymerase? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  14. Replication200 Site where separation of strands and replicationoccurs A: What is a replication fork ? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  15. Replication300 Give the complementary DNA codefor: A T G G C T A: What is: T A C C G A ? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  16. Replication400 Tell something else DNA polymerasedoes besides join nucleotides A: What is proofreads new strand to check for errors? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  17. Replication500 How is replication in prokaryotes different from eukaryotes? A: What is prokaryotes- starts in one spot and goes both directions around circle Eukaryotes- starts in hundreds of places and moves in opposite directions along strand? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  18. Transcription100 Name the 3 kinds of RNA produced by transcription A: What are messenger-RNA, transfer-RNA, and ribosomal-RNA? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  19. Transcription200 Name the nitrogen base used in transcription that is NOT used in replication A: What is uracil? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  20. Transcription300 Regions on the DNA where RNA polymerase binds to start transcription A: What are promoters? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  21. Transcription400 Sequences of DNA that are cut out of the corresponding RNA molecule while it is still in the nucleus A: What are introns ? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  22. Transcription500 Give the RNA message for this piece of DNA: A T G G C T A: What is: U A C C G A ? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  23. Translation100 Subunits that are joined together to make proteins A: What are amino acids? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  24. Translation200 Place in cell where proteins are assembled A: What is on the ribosomes? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  25. Translation300 On which kind of RNA would you find an ANTICODON? A: What is transfer-RNA or T-RNA? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  26. Translation400 Another name for translation A: What is protein synthesis? S2C06 Jeopardy Review

  27. Images modified from: Pearson Education Inc, publishing as Pearson Prentice Hall. All rights reserved THREONINE Translation 500 Which amino acid will be added next? VALINE METHIONINE-ALANINE-LYSINE-? LEUCINE A: What is leucine? S2C06 Jeopardy Review