21 st century teaching initiative workshop 1 dr jeff loats department of physics n.
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21 st -Century Teaching Initiative Workshop 1 Dr . Jeff Loats Department of Physics PowerPoint Presentation
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21 st -Century Teaching Initiative Workshop 1 Dr . Jeff Loats Department of Physics

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21 st -Century Teaching Initiative Workshop 1 Dr . Jeff Loats Department of Physics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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21 st -Century Teaching Initiative Workshop 1 Dr . Jeff Loats Department of Physics. How would you rate your comfort with technology in general? Pretty uncomfortable, avoid it if possible Slightly uncomfortable Comfortable I like it, but no one calls me for tech support

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Presentation Transcript

How would you rate your comfort with technology in general?

  • Pretty uncomfortable, avoid it if possible
  • Slightly uncomfortable
  • Comfortable
  • I like it, but no one calls me for tech support
  • Technophile, family/friends tech support
  • Tell us…
  • Who you are
  • What course you will be focusing on
  • What technique you expect to work on
warm up born vs made
Warm-Up: Born vs. Made

"I've had great teachers and awful teachers... the whole spectrum. The ones that are great seem to have a natural knack for it while others seem to have been born clueless about how to teach. I'm not sure there will ever be teaching methods that will make a bad teacher into a good one."

What is your response?

~0% → Teaching quality is essentially innate, you either have it or you don’t

~100% → Natural ability contributes a bit, improvement is a matter of desire, effort and time spent.

warm up born vs made1
Warm-Up: Born vs. Made

“There are many reasons for a "bad teacher." It is often a matter of self-confidence. Professors who want to be good teachers will find a way, but drop any class with someone who is uninterested in the craft of teaching.”

warm up born vs made2
Warm-Up: Born vs. Made

“Most of us are not trained to teach. We earn credentials in disciplinary knowledge, not in teaching. We also get stuck in old ways because we are uncomfortable with newer forms of technology, and don't know where to start.”

“If the teacher is willing to understand, learn, and try other methods using the feedback from students and other professionals, I'm sure they could improve markedly. Many "who have a natural knack" may be good lecturers, excited about their topic, but lecturing isn't the only modality for making a good class or good teacher.”

last year two initiatives
Last Year: Two Initiatives
  • Spring 2013:
  • Course Redesign Initiative: Individualized applications, work in pairs, start from the ground.
  • Blended Learning Initiative: Invite high-impact instructors, specific techniques, work with coordinator
blended learning initiative 2013
Blended Learning Initiative (2013)


Target intro courses with large enrollments(instructors teaching First Year Success courses)

Offer small incentive/acknowledgement (laptop)

Perhaps uncommon:

Offer a small “menu” of teaching techniques

Sustained support - 6-8 “meetings”1-on-1, small-group meetings, workshops.

warmup more efficient
WarmUp: More Efficient

I feel the technology I currently use in my focus course offers more-efficient methods for doing what could also be done using other methods.

warmup unique opportunities
WarmUp: Unique Opportunities

I feel the technology I currently use in my focus course offers learning opportunities that could not be achieved without the technology.

warmup teaching heritage
WarmUp: Teaching Heritage

In tracing your "teaching heritage" where do you feel your current teaching methods come from?

~75% → How I was taught

~50% → Training/study of teaching

~25% → My experience teaching

~12% → Colleagues/observations

~12% → Trial & error

warmup teaching heritage1
WarmUp: Teaching Heritage

“Practices that I adopted a couple of decades ago.”

“My teaching heritage comes from a number of sources, but I am most heavily influenced by my undergraduate teachers.”

“I suppose I have largely copied instructors in my past, but also do a bit from trainings in terms of group work.”

warmup teaching heritage2
WarmUp: Teaching Heritage

“Using the cliched term, when beginning instructors begin to teach, they usually start the way they were taught. I know this is true for me. Then I attended several professional conferences, in-school development, joined professional societies, and shared with colleagues what they do. Now, I know that I am not the same type of instructor than when I started.”

21 st cti goals
21st CTI - Goals

Adapt current course topics and objectives

Apply evidence-based techniques(be a “scholarly teacher”)

Do most “heavy lifting” work by June 30th

Share in some public format

21 st century teaching initiative
21st-Century Teaching Initiative
  • Lessons for this time:
  • Set time slot, to make scheduling easier
  • Teams are very effective
  • More check-ins/accountability
warmup bli concerns
WarmUp: BLI Concerns

What concerns or questions do you have about participating in the Blended Learning Initiative?

~50% → Time commitment

~12% → Large classes and/or first-year students

~38% → Class time required & covering material

~12% → Student pushback

~25% → None, but give it time

warm up biggest take away
Warm-Up: Biggest “Take Away”

What was the biggest "take away" idea that you got from the article?

~63% → Engagement is key andLecture performs poorly

~25% → Pre-class prep is crucial

~12% → Training can trump experience

~12% → Multimodal practice really works

~12% → Student level of interest

~12% → Good questions are key

warm up biggest take away1
Warm-Up: Biggest “Take Away”

“Active participation resulted in better learning and more engagement.”

“Cool-- the results of that study are inspiring. The idea that these techniques can make a novice stronger than a skilled "pro" is awesome news for newbies. I want to see more studies replicating such an effect.”

warm up biggest take away2
Warm-Up: Biggest “Take Away”

“The high level of interest from the students. I have similar concerns that students will not like a "different" method that requires "more" of them. I was surprised and encouraged that these students wanted this style of teaching to continue.”

warm up biggest take away3
Warm-Up: Biggest “Take Away”

“Need to develop the questions for discussion that generate the learning of the concepts. Emphasis on preparation by students. Engagement of students in the process and the evidence of learning.”

teaching techniques menu
Teaching Techniques Menu

Just in Time Teaching

Flipped Teaching

Interaction with Classroom Response

just in time teaching
Just in Time Teaching



  • Online pre-class assignments (“WarmUps”)
  • First half - Students
  • Conceptual questions, answered in sentences
  • Graded on thoughtful effort
  • Second half - Instructor
  • Responses are read “just in time”
  • Instructor modifies that day’s plan accordingly.
  • Aggregate and individual (anonymous) responses are displayed in class.
just in time teaching1
Just in Time Teaching



  • A different student role:
  • Actively prepare for class(not just reading/watching)
  • Actively engage in class
  • Compare your progress & plan accordingly
  • A different instructor role:
  • Actively prepare for class with you(not just going over last year’s notes )
  • Modify class accordingly
  • Create interactive engagement opportunities

Consider a typical day in your class. What fraction of students did their preparatory work before coming to class?

  • 0% - 20%
  • 20% - 40%
  • 40% - 60%
  • 60% - 80%
  • 80% - 100%
student feedback on jitt
Student Feedback on JiTT

315 students in 7 classes over 4 terms (roughly ±6%)

jitt in 21 cti
JiTT in 21-CTI
  • Just-in-Time Teaching
  • Easily “added” to nearly any teaching style
  • Proven effectiveness across disciplines
warmup class time division
WarmUp: Class Time Division

Out of an average 60 minutes of class time, roughly how many minutes of class time are spent on lecture-based delivery of content?

warmup class time division1
WarmUp: Class Time Division

Previous respondents

Out of an average 60 minutes of class time, roughly how many minutes of class time are spent on lecture-based delivery of content?

flipped teaching
Flipped Teaching

"the Flipped Classroom isn't a methodology. It's an ideology.“ – Brian Bennet

“Lecture at home, homework in class”

Take the passive delivery portions of traditional teaching and move them online.

Online portions are usually video, either “screencasts” or lecture capture.

Students held responsible, directly or indirectly

flipped teaching vs lecture capture
Flipped Teaching vs. Lecture Capture

Jeff’s take:

Capturing an entire lecture has limited benefits. It somewhat extends a passive technique.

A good in-person lecture does not make a good online video, and vice-versa.

flipped teaching tools
Flipped Teaching Tools
  • Free:
  • screencast-o-matic.com*
  • Camstudio
  • Screenr*
  • Jing*
  • *extra features if you pay
  • Paid:
  • Camtasia
  • Adobe Captivate
  • Echo 360
  • iShowU HD Pro (Mac)
  • Check with ETC!
flipped teaching features
Flipped Teaching Features
  • Important:
  • Embed scripts for ADA compliance
  • Useful:
  • Separate audio & video tracks
  • Adjust time (time-lapse, freeze frame, etc)
flipped in 21 cti
Flipped in 21-CTI
  • Flipped Teaching:
  • Shifts class time toward engagement
  • Requires relatively more up-front work
  • Needs a “jump in any try it” attitude toward the technology
  • Preparation accountability is needed

What kind of experience do you have with “clickers” or classroom response systems?

  • I’ve never used them in any way
  • I’ve used them as a learner
  • I’ve used them as a teaching tool
  • I’ve used as both a learner and a teacher
clickers very well studied
Clickers: Very Well Studied

Quick/easy attendance in large class sizes.

Everyone participates and retains anonymity

Encourages active learning

Improved concentration

Improved learning and retention

Improved exam scores

Efficient use of class time

Engages students in metacognition.

a variety of good question types
A Variety of Good Question Types

Factual recall

Peer Instruction (a.k.a. vote-share-vote)



Thought questions

Teach-Test-Review or Teach-Test-Retest

  • Hardware (iClicker or others)
  • Software
  • Poll Everywhere
  • Top Hat (I’ve been using this one)
clickers in 21 cti
Clickers in 21-CTI
  • Engagement via a classroom response system:
  • Strong evidence base
  • Good questions are really important
  • Preparation accountability is needed
  • The most effective blend may be a combination:
  • JiTT with Classroom response (my model)
  • Flipped teaching videos with JiTT questions
  • Flipped teaching videos with classroom resp.
  • Pedagogies:
  • Look “in-house” by searching within your own discipline/topic.
  • Look at generalized resources: Books, blogs, videos, etc.
  • Technologies:
  • Explore some options for creating and/or delivering your materials.
  • Get involved with the ETC!
coming up
Coming Up
  • Workshop follow-up survey
  • Next three weeks:
  • Meet with Jeff either individually or in a small groups (~1 hour)
  • Work on your own (1-2 hours)
  • Workshop 2:
  • “The Sales Pitch” is in 3 weeks on February 21st, 10 AM.

Go to MSU Denver’s IT site to see the standard options (Dell, Apple, iPad2)

Let me know if you have a different idea(Windows Surface, Android Tablet, Hybrid, etc.)