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Street Maintenance

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Street Maintenance
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Street Maintenance

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  1. Street Maintenance

  2. Street Maintenance The Town of Bayfield maintains 17.39 centerline miles of road.

  3. Street Maintenance The Town has not spent any local property or sales tax on street maintenance improvements in over (5) five year.

  4. Street Maintenance In 2011 the Town of Bayfield received $6.8 Million from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) for the transfer of Bayfield Parkway.

  5. Street Maintenance In 2011, the Town completed a mill and overlay of Bayfield Parkway, Mill Street, East Street and E. Elm Circle for $1,225,000.

  6. Street Maintenance In 2012, the Town purchased a new plow truck and storage facility for the truck totaling $215,000.

  7. Street Maintenance In 2013 the Town of Bayfield completed a Street Inventory and Maintenance Plan.

  8. Street Maintenance Identified $2.3 Million backlog in major street repair, rehabilitation, reconstruction, and regular maintenance.

  9. Street Maintenance Every $1 spent to keep a road in good condition avoids $6-14 needed later to rebuild the same road once it has deteriorated significantly. American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials Pavement option curve (example). (PCI = Pavement Condition Index.) Pavement Preservation Compendium II Principles of Pavement Preservation, Definitions, Benefits, Issues, and Barriersby Larry Galehouse, James S. Moulthrop, and R. Gary Hicks

  10. Street Maintenance In 2013, the Town completed and Open Grade Friction Course (OGFC) overlay on Buck Highway and sand seal and crack seal on various roads in Town for $200,000.

  11. Street Maintenance In 2014, the Town plans to complete $1.3 Million dollars in street maintenance projects.

  12. Street Maintenance The Town will begin the Twin Bridges replacement project in 2014-2015 for an estimated cost of $3,000,000. The Town was awarded $1,386,000 to assist in the cost of bridge replacement through the CDOT Off-System Bridge program.

  13. Street Maintenance In 2015, assuming no further deterioration, their remains approximately $800,000 in street maintenance backlog. Once maintenance backlog is addressed, the Town can reduce annual spending to ~$50,000 for a 4 to 5 year period.

  14. Street Maintenance In 2021 the Town will likely need to conduct another mill and overlay of Bayfield Parkway, Mill Street, and other collector roads. Project cost are expected to exceed $1.8 Million dollars.

  15. Street Maintenance In 2021 the money from the transfer of Bayfield Parkway will be depleted and the Town will need an additional $700,000 in revenue to sustain the street maintenance program and meet the 2021 obligation.

  16. Street Maintenance

  17. Street Maintenance

  18. Street Maintenance The Town will begin transferring $200,000 from the Capital Improvement Fund to the Transportation Fund beginning in 2021.

  19. Street Maintenance

  20. Street Maintenance • The Transportation Fund will continue to be under funded between $190,000 to $2.0 Million on an annual basis.

  21. Street Maintenance

  22. Street Maintenance • In an effort to begin accumulating revenue to meet these future obligations, the Town intends to ask the voters for a tax increase.

  23. Street Maintenance Town considered a 5.950 Property Tax Mill Levy. • Would generate approximately ~$200,000 annually. $250,000 Home 5.950 Mills = $117.00/Yr. *

  24. Street Maintenance Property Tax Increase 5.950 Mills

  25. Street Maintenance

  26. Street Maintenance Fair & Equitable

  27. Street Maintenance • A 1.0% Sales Tax would generate ~$260,000 annually. 1% Sales Tax $1.00 $0.01 $

  28. Street Maintenance 1.0% Sales Tax

  29. Street Maintenance

  30. Street Maintenance

  31. Street Maintenance

  32. Street Maintenance Sales Tax shall be pledged to a Street Fund for street, traffic and transportation purposes, which shall include but not be limited to planning, designing, engineering, improving, paving, maintaining, and constructing streets, roads, alleys, pedestrian and bicycle paths, parking areas or other similar street, traffic or transportation related projects. Funds may be expended from the Town of Bayfield Street Fund for any purpose which directly or indirectly benefits or supports any street, traffic or transportation project or improvement, including but not limited to: • expenditures for infrastructure or improvements of any kind; • for administrative or support costs; • for management, engineering, surveying, geotechnical, legal or other expert costs; • for costs to acquire any property, easement or right of way; • for costs to install or extend utilities or telecommunications; • for costs for signage, lights, storm water and drainage improvements; • for costs for landscaping or other similar improvements; • for costs for public transit or transportation provided by the Town or a third party and • to finance improvements by the issuance of bonds or other obligations of the Town, with the bonds or other obligations of the Town to be payable from the fund.

  33. Street Maintenance