rm 122 mr giguere modern american literature january 29 2010 n.
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Rm. 122 Mr. Giguere Modern American Literature January 29, 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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Rm. 122 Mr. Giguere Modern American Literature January 29, 2010

Rm. 122 Mr. Giguere Modern American Literature January 29, 2010

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Rm. 122 Mr. Giguere Modern American Literature January 29, 2010

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  1. Rm. 122 Mr. Giguere Modern American Literature January 29, 2010

  2. Are You In The Right Place? • 1- Mod. Am. Lit- ENG036-007 • 3-Eng. 11H- ENG037-001 • 4-Mod. Am. Lit- ENG034-008 • 6. Shakespeare- ENG036-002 • 7. MCAS Skills 2

  3. Seating Chart • Essential Questions: • Do you know your name? • Do you know the English alphabet? • Can you communicate with your classmates effectively enough to create a seating chart in alphabetical order by last name?

  4. ROOM 122 HAS 1st LUNCH

  5. Got a problem with your schedule? • See your guidance counselor during the class that is the problem. • Get a pass to return to class.

  6. *Indoor Weather Advisory* • This is and old drafty building with uneven heat distribution and little air conditioning. So, dress for it! • On hot days: Wear lightly colored, loose, lightweight clothing. • During Winter: Dress in layers, so that you can take off and put on as needed. A Few Tips- flip flops, miniskirts, and tukes

  7. Some Important Term 3 Dates Semester 1 Attendance Appeals due- 2/5 Term 2 Semester 1 Report Cards- 2/10 Vacation- No School- 2/15-2/19 MCAS Retest- 3/1- 3/5 Term 3 Progress Reports- 3/10 English MCAS- 3/23-3/26 No School- Good Friday- 4/2 Term 3 Grades close- 4/12

  8. Yea, Its Like that! -All electronic devices should be OFF AND AWAY, EVEN IN THE HALLS. Please don’t make me take it from you. (p.22) -If there is a hat on your head, I’m taking it. (p.20) -Your I.D. needs to be on a lanyard around your neck. (p.20) Slipped for an ID, you may have already been! -Do not bring food or drink to class. (p.15) -When the bell rings, and you are not here, you are late, show me your pass or suffer the consequences. (p.48) Some stats.

  9. Survival Skills- Success in any endeavor usually requires some minimal adherence to some basic principles of work ethic: • Show Up! • On time • With your stuff • Ready to work • Do what is asked of you. • Don’t give anyone a hard time.

  10. Show Up! Semester course- On # 6 abs. lose credit Per. 1 Term 1- 59% over the loss of credit mark • On time- Bell ring, door shut, you late. 3T=1A • With your stuff- need note book, book, detention • Ready to work- sleep, eat do homework on your own time

  11. Do what is asked of you. This class awards college prep. credit, so that is the way it will be run. Duh, you must do: • Homework • Study • Notebook • Term Paper Disregarding any of these will probably result in failure. Hey, Senior! Hey Athlete! Hey employee!

  12. Don’t give anyone a hard time. • Are you a bully? • You think you funny? • Should I call you Jacques? • Too cool to do school? Here’s your mop. Don’t let your self esteem get the best of you.

  13. Writing Assignment 1 • There comes a point in a person’s life when it is necessary to begin preparing for the future. By eleventh grade, most people begin to have an idea what they plan on doing with their life. • In an essay, explain what you would like to do with your life, what you need to do to achieve that goal and what obstacles you will need to overcome to reach that goal.

  14. Monday, 2/1/10, MAL Per. 4, Day 1Tuesday, 2/2/10, Per. 1, Day 2 • Pass in Writing Assignment 1 • Semester 1 Attendance Appeals Due Friday. • MAL Syllabus • Essential Questions • Expectations Sheet- signed and returned. • HW- Have Parents sign and return expectations sheet. Be sure to include parent’s e-mail address.

  15. Essential Questions for MAL • Disillusionment • What is it? • What were Modern American authors disillusioned WITH? • What did this disillusionment cause and how is it reflected in the literature? • What quotes from primary and secondary sources support the idea of disillusionment in the literature? • TheAmerican Dream • How is MAL ANTI- American Dream? (not anti-American) • How is this reflected in the literature? • What quotes from primary and secondary sources support the idea of MAL as ANTI-American Dream?

  16. Tuesday, 2/2/10, Per. 4, Day 2 (Per. 1, 2/3) • Pass in Signed Expectations Sheets • Do Now- Respond in open response form- Many people grow up in and come to this country with the “American Dream” in mind. What does the term “The American Dream” mean and does it actually exist? • When done, pass it in. • MAL Defined • Review Essay Form & Evaluate Essays • HW- “Matchism” work independently.

  17. Modern American Literature What does “contemporary” mean? • Well this ain’t that! • Modern American Lit. should not be confused with Contemporary American Lit. • The Erosion of the American Dream • What is disillusionment and what causes it? The chicken crossed the road to die, alone, in the rain…

  18. Essay Format Review • Multi-paragraph essay means what? • Topic Sentence- What are you talking about? • A brief intro the topic discussed in the essay. • Look to the prompt and provide a definition or explanation of the broad topic. • Label with “T,” • Thesis- What’s your point? “I have always been interested in…” Label with “TH” • Details in first paragraph? D1-The job, D2-the preparation, D3 the obstacles. • Para 2- Explain the job (3 sent. of exp. # them on your paper) • Para 3- The preparation (3 sent. of expl. # them) • Para 4- The obstacles (3 sent. of expl. # them) • Conclusion paragraph (CO) with a concluding word (CW). • Why is important to know this stuff now? (IMP) • How many points on this rubric?

  19. Wednesday, 2/3/09, Day 3, Per. 4 (Per. 1, 2/4) If you were absent this week, you need to see me after school to get caught up. • Pass in “Matchism” • Have an “Essay Format Review” sheet • Pass back American Dream OR • Evaluate OR with Rubric: • TO, TH, D1, D2, D3, CO, CW, IMP • Grade & pass in. • Book Slip. Elements of Literature, 5th Course, Holt. • Review “Matchism” • Read p. 524-529 • HW- “The Ismist”

  20. Friday, 2/5/09, Day 5 • Take out “Ismist” • Check and review. • Complete 524-529 • MAL Intro Presentation, “The American Dream” • HW- (OR)- Modern American Literature has a lot to do with the idea of disillusionment. Define disillusionment and give three examples of how a person may become disillusioned. Be sure to explain what the person is disillusioned with and how they became disillusioned. • Rubric- TO,TH, D1, D2, D3, CW, CO, IMP

  21. Monday, 2/8/10, Day 6, Per. 1&4 • Take out disillusionment OR and pass it in. • “The Moderns” notes • Continue reading in “The Moderns” 530-533 • Update Notes • HW- Cather Bio notes, p. 538

  22. Tuesday, 2/9/10, Day 7, Per. 1&2 • Pass in Cather bio notes. • Disillusionment OR (open response is not an essay) • Definition and Examples • Evaluate- TO, TH, D1, D2, D3, CW, CO, IMP. • Continue “The Moderns” and Notes • HW- Cather Voc.

  23. Modern American Disillusionment • Disillusionment- a freeing or a being freed from illusion or conviction; disenchantment. • In other words, disillusionment is finding out that a situation is not what you always thought it was and being bummed out by that. • To a child, their parent is the smartest, strongest, coolest, person there is, until you grow up and realize that they are flawed humans. • To an idealist, the world should take better care of the poor, downtrodden and the environment until they become tax payers and realize that someone has to pay for it. • In America, anyone can be president, but in reality, it usually takes money, education, politicking, sucking up, connections and a compromise of morals and ideals. • There is no Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy etc. • When your parents took your old dog to a farm to live where she could play all day, they had it put down. • Advertising, Boyfriend-Girlfriend, Catholic Priests, Cops • Ever buy x-ray glasses from the back of a comic book?

  24. Wed., 2/10/10, Day 2, (2/11, per. 1&4) • Pass in Cather Voc. • Continue reading in “The Moderns” 534-536 • “The Moderns” notes • Using the notes and the textbook, do The Moderns worksheet, individually, partners, or in small groups, whatever. • HW- Complete The Moderns worksheet and expect quiz! • Act. Bell Friday

  25. Friday, 2/12/10, Act Bell, Per. 1&4 • Per. 1- 8:38 Per. 4- 11:48 • Use Moderns Sheet to enjoy Quiz! • Pass in sheet and quiz when done. • When done, work on Cather Voc. Words to Own, p. 33, do and review. • Points of View sheet • Reading AW • HW- Finish Reading AWM and do the sheet. Expect quiz. • Have a safe vacation and don’t do anything stupid!

  26. Monday, 2/22/10, Day 3 Per 1&4 • Take out Wagner sheet and use it to enjoy quiz. • When done, pass in quiz sheet and paper and use the period to get the correct answers for the questions on the sheet. • If/when done, do crossword. • HW- Voc. sentences WITH UNDERLINED CONTEXT CLUES for Wagner, voc. quiz Wed.

  27. Tuesday, 2/23/10, Day 4, Per. 1 • Pass in sentences for AWM • Period 1- Points of View Sheet • Review of Cather sheet with brief presentation. • Quotable quotes, take notes, good term paper info! • AWM voc. crossword (add 2 boxes to #10) • HW- Complete crossword study for voc. quiz Wed.

  28. AWM Quotable Quotes • p. 542 para. 2- “’Don’t love it…that’”. • p. 544 para. 1 “Then…war.” • p. 546 2nd to last & last para. “I spoke…door.”

  29. Wed., 2/24/10, Day 5, Per. 1 • Enjoy Cather voc. Quiz! C. eluded • When done, pass in quiz and answer sheet and take out crossword to be checked. • Reading p. 558-559 • HW- Frost Bio Notes & Signed Grade Sheet

  30. Wednesday, 2/24/10, Day 5, Per 4 • Pass in sentences for AWM • Enjoy Cather voc. Quiz! • Frost Bio notes • Review Crossword puzzle • Lunch at the Second Bell! • Review of Cather sheet with brief presentation. • Quotable quotes, make notes, good paper info. • HW- In an open response, using information directly quoted from “The Moderns” (1) and from this biography (1), describe Frost’s poetry and how it is related to Modernism.

  31. Thursday, 2/25/10, Day 6, Per 1&4 • Pass in Frost Bio notes any signed grade sheets • Do Now- In an open response, explain how reading poetry is different from reading prose. • Evaluate & Score • Do Frost voc. in class. Be sure to quote the whole sentence where the word appears and not just the line, but quote it like a line of poetry. • Ex. “Now is the winter of our discontent/ Made glorious by this sun of York;/ And all the clouds that lour’d upon our house/ In the deep bosom of the ocean buried” (l 1-4). • Grade Sheets, per. 4 • HW- In an open response, using information directly quoted from “The Moderns” (1quote) and from this biography (1quote), describe Frost’s poetry and how it is related to Modernism. • Remember, to quote “The Moderns,”- “Write the quote” (Leggett and Brinnin pg. #). • To quote the bio, “Write the quote” (Sime and Wahlgren pg. #).

  32. Friday, 2/26/10, Day 7, Per. 1&4 • Pass in Frost Voc and Any Signed Grade Sheets • Take out Frost message OR from HW to be checked. • TO, TH, D1,D2,D3,Q1, Att. Q2 Att., CW, CO, IMP. • Frost quotable quotes. • Poetry Reading Tips: • Read it like prose, using punctuation. • Read it more than once. • Pay attention to pre-reading tips. • Read it more than once. • What is Frost saying about life in this poem? • Circle Reading “Birches,” p. 567-568 • HW- “Birches” sheet & questions # 2, 6, 9 on p.568

  33. Quotable Quotes about Frost • "Frost's independence was grounded in his ability to handle ordinary New England Speech and in his surprising skill at taking the most conventional poetic forms and giving them a twist all his own. In an era when "good was being equated by many artists with "new," the only new thing about Robert Frost was old: individual poetic genius. Using this gift to impose his own personality on the iambic line in verse, Frost created a poetic voice that was unique and impossible to imitate" (Leggett and Brinnin 534). • "…traditional verse forms and offered penetrating insights into a variety of American character types" (534). • "…stimulated by meeting English poets, Frost continued to write poetry, though he found his subjects in New England" (Sime and Wahlgren 558). • "These poems were marked by flinty realism and an impressive mastery of iambic rhythm, narrative dialogue, and the dramatic monologue" (558). • By 1915, "he was an accomplished writer who had already extended the scope and character of American literature into the twentieth century" (559). • "In a period when poetry was being changed by verbal experiment and by exotic influences from abroad, Frost remained devoted to traditional forms and firmly rooted in the American soil" (559). • "…he seemed to belong more to the past than to the present…" (559). • "Neither the cranky realism nor the homly philosophy of self-reliance and spiritual independence that mark his work have been forgotten" (559). • "…created a unique voice that remained unaffected by the clamor of modernism" (559). • From “The Moderns” and Frost Bio

  34. Drop 2 Schedule, 2/24/10 • 9:20 – 9:54- Period 1 • 9:58– 10:30- Period 2 • 10:34 – 11:06- Period 3 • 11:10 – 12:46- Period 4 • 11:44 - 12:14- Second Lunch (the second bell) • 12:52 – 1:24- Period 6 • 1:28-2:00- Period 7

  35. Monday, 3/1/10, Day 1, Per. 4 (3/2, per. 1) • Pass in “Birches” HW • Do Now- Define home- be as specific as possible. • Review “Birches” unless half didn’t do it. • What is home? Track and discuss on the board. • Reading “The Death of the Hired Man” • HW- p. 575- 1,2,3,5,6,8 Frost Voc quiz Thurs.

  36. Tuesday, 3/2/10, Day 2, Per. 4 (3/3 Per. 1) • Take out “Birches” and “Death” questions and use them to enjoy the quiz! • Review Poems • Frost Crossword in Class • HW- Sentences for Frost Voc., study for quiz Wed. (Thurs, Per. 1) • Need Make-up Work/? After School Today

  37. Wed. 3/3/10, Day 3, Per. 4 (3/4, Per. 1) • Pass in voc. sentences. • Enjoy Voc. quiz! Bring both papers to me when done. • When done, write an open response that explains a “back in my day” story you have heard. Who said it, what was it about and did you really want to hear it? • Reading p. 606 • HW- Bio notes for Steinbeck • Need Make-up Work? After School Today

  38. Friday, 3.4.10, Act Bell, Per. 1&4 • The final cut-off for any make-up quizzes is Wed. See me after school Mon. or Tues. • Pass in bio notes for Steinbeck • Do Now- Quickwrite on page 607 • Evaluate and discuss • Steinbeck voc. • HW- Complete Steinbeck voc.

  39. Mon. 3/8/10, Day 5, Per. 1&4 • The final cut-off for any make-up quizzes is Wed. See me after school Mon. or Tues. • Pass in Steinbeck voc. • Keep in mind: Heroes Back in My Day • Reading “The Leader of the People,” p. 609 • Look for and note quotes for: • Mr. Tiflin’s attitude toward the grandfather • The Grandfather’s attitude toward “westering” • HW- Complete story and sheet.

  40. Tuesday, 3/9/10, Day 6, Per 1&4 • The final cut-off for any make-up quizzes dated before today is Wed. See me after school today and tomorrow. • Take out completed sheet for “The Leader of the People” and use it to enjoy quiz! • Review sheet and quiz. • In class, Steinbeck voc. Words to Own, p.36 • HW- Complete voc. HW, Voc quiz Thurs. • Mid-term TEST and Notebooks next week.

  41. Wed. 3/10/10, Day 7, Per. 1 & 4 • Last call for make-up quizzes dated before 3/9 is today. They all turn to solid ZEROS when I leave this afternoon. • Take out Voc. HW for Check and Review Springsteen, Bruce. “Glory Days.” Born in the USA. Capitol; Records. 1984. Hear the Tune, Read the Lyrics With a partner, answer the questions on the back in complete sentences and paragraphs. Be sure each student has a copy of the answers. • HW- Study for Steinbeck Voc. quiz • Mid-term TEST and Notebooks next week.

  42. Thursday, 3/11/10, Day 1, Per. 4 (3/12, per. 1) If you didn’t make-up quiz any dated before 3/9, it is now a zero. TBSS. • Mid-term TEST and Notebooks next week. • Have Hw on desk. • Enjoy Voc. Quiz Review: Springsteen, Bruce. “Glory Days.” Born in the USA. Capitol; Records. 1984. Read p.623 HW- Thurber Bio Notes

  43. Friday, 3/12/10, Day 2 Per. 4 (3/15, per. 1) • Have Thurber Bio notes on your desk to be checked. • Thurber Voc. in class • Here’s your Notebook check, due sometime this week, probably Thursday, to be passed in the day of the test. • HW- Thurber Voc. Crossword

  44. Monday, 3/15/10, Per. 4 (3/16 Per. 1) • Pass in Thurber voc. and Crossword • Do now: Freewrite- What do you daydream about and why? • Review Crossword • BOT- “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” • HW- Complete Mitty sheet, expect quiz. Notebook due Friday, day of Mid-term Test. Be sure to have notebook Thursday.

  45. Wed., 3/17/10, Day 5, Per. 1&4 • Take out Mitty sheet and use it to enjoy the quiz! • When done: Create a graphic organizer / representation of the abbreviations we use to evaluate open responses. • Review Mitty • “The New Yorker's Farewell,” p.629 • Complete reading and sheet • HW- Complete New Yorker Sheet and begin studying for the test. Be sure to have your notebook on Thursday. Have grade sheet signed. • Grade Sheet Problems, after school today and Thurs. • Test and Notebook Friday

  46. Thursday, 3/18/10, Day 6, Per. 1&4 Take out New Yorker sheet to be checked & reviewed. Pass in signed grade sheets. • MCAS Schedule for Next Week Graphic Organizers • Test Review • HW- Have notebook in order and study for test.

  47. Friday, 3/19/10, Per. 1&4 • Pass in Notebook & Any Signed Grade Sheets • Enjoy Mid-term Exam Part 1! • NOTE: There are no bonus point on tests, so if you find an error, bring it to my attention only if it keeps you from understanding the question! • When Done, Pass it in and Get Part 2, Open Response • Pass in Open Response • MCAS Schedule for Next Week

  48. Monday, 3/22/10, Day 1, Per. 4 (3/23, Per. 1) • MCAS Schedule for Next Week • Eudora Welty (1909-2001), Read p. 633 • Read and do Bio Notes. • When done Begin Voc. • HW- Welty voc.

  49. Tuesday, 3/23/10, MCAS Sch. (1,4,5,6) 3/26 Per. 1. • Note: Term 3 grades close 4/12. • Pass in Welty Bio. Notes & Voc. Voc quiz 3/36 • BOT- “The Worn Path,” 22.33 • HW- Complete sheet and be ready for quiz!

  50. Thurs., 3/25/10, MCAS SCH. (2,4,5,7) 3/29/10, Per 1 • Note: Term 3 grades close 4/12. See me this week after school about make-up work from 3/9-3/26. • Take out Worn Path HW and use it to enjoy quiz! • When Done: Do words to own, p. 38 • Review p. 38 • Meet Miss Bulis • Grade Sheets. • Reading on page 640-641 • HW- “Phoenix Jackson’s Grandson” sheet