hiring and onboarding
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Hiring and Onboarding

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Hiring and Onboarding - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hiring and Onboarding. Recognize, hire and retain the best candidates. The ability to make good decisions regarding people represents one of the last reliable sources of competitive advantage, since very few organizations are good at it. - Peter Drucker. Teaming with Human Resources.

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hiring and onboarding

Hiring and Onboarding

Recognize, hire

and retain the best candidates

The ability to make good decisions regarding people represents one of the last reliable sources of competitive advantage, since very few organizations are good at it.

- Peter Drucker

teaming with human resources
Teaming with Human Resources
  • Review job description /job posting
    • Does it need to be updated?
    • Does it clearly define:
      • Position
      • Requirements
the resumes
The Resumes
  • Does candidate meet minimum requirements
  • Does candidate have customer service experience
  • Are there any red flags on resume
    • Gaps in dates of employment
    • Job hopper (changes jobs every one to two years)
    • Has only relatives as references
the behavioral interview
The Behavioral Interview
  • Past experience indicator of future performance
  • Ask candidate for examples of specific performance behaviors:
    • Tell me about a time when

Train staff for behavioral interviewing if they will be part of the interview process (peer interviewing)

Benefits of Behavioral Interviewing

The toughest decisions in organizations are people decisions – hiring, firing, promotion, etc. These are the decisions that receive the least attention and are the hardest to “unmake”.

- Peter Drucker

step 2 conducting the interview
Step 2: Conducting the Interview

Develop Rapport

Ask questions

Describe job

Invite questions


scenario sample questions
Scenario-Sample Questions
  • Tell me about how (you handled your busiest day at the last place you worked.)
  • Tell me about a time when
  • Give me an example when..
  • Describe a time when

You talk 20% Applicant talks 80%

evaluator errors
Evaluator Errors


  • First impressions
  • Contrast
  • “Similar to me”
  • Misinterpretation of nonverbal clues
  • “Halo” effect
  • “Horns” effect
behavioral interviewing
Behavioral Interviewing

It takes a wise person to discover a wise person.

- Diogenes Laertius, c. 200-250

  • Goal is to have everything ready for new staff member to make them feel welcome and a member of the organization from day one.
  • Create Checklist
    • Access
    • Phone number
    • Directory listing
    • Keys
  • Welcome letter
    • Start date
    • Where to go
    • Schedule
  • Goal: Become and feel like a functional member of the
    • Organization
    • Department
    • Team
  • Orientation
    • Organization
    • Department specific
  • Training schedule
  • Welcome card signed by team members


  • increase retention and reduce the turnover that occurs within the new employee’s first year of employment.
  • 30 day employee check in
  • 60 day employee check in
  • 90 day employee check
  • Provide feedback
    • Positive
    • Constructive
    • Timely
  • Communicate
  • Be visible
  • Be fair and consistent