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  1. GERMANY BY HUNTER 12 All about Germany

  2. WHERE IS GERMANY • Germany is in Europe • Germany is in the northwestern hemisphere . • Germany is on the Eurasian tectonic plate. • Germany is 357 021 sq km. • Fact

  3. Longitude and latitude latitude 53˚n to 47˚n longitude 15˚e to 6˚e.

  4. This is Europe.That is Germany.

  5. What is close to Germany • Germany is right next to the north sea. • The neighbor countries are Denmark , Belgium, Poland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria Czech Republic. • The Capital of Germany is Berlin here are some other big cities there names are Hamburg, Schwerin, Bremen, Hannover, Bonn, Potsdam, Leipzig Weimar, Presden , Mainz , Wiesbaden, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Essen, Cologne, Munich. • Fact

  6. Natural Resources • In Germany there are a lot of resources they are barley, timber, coal, iron ore, copper, natural gas, rapeseed, sugar beets ,wheat and wine grapes. Fact

  7. Landforms In Germany there is a lot of landforms here they are harz forest, black forest, Bavarian forest, Elbe river Danube river, Rhine river, lim river, Freepsum lake, lake Constance, Harz Mountains, Schwabisch albs, Bavarian albs, Eifel range, Mount Zugspitze, Thuringian basin. I got this from my book

  8. Natural Hazards • There is a mountain range in Germany called the barvarian alps the alps run thou Europe. • fact

  9. Climate Winter temperatures average from -7 to 0 degrees Celsius in Germany. Summers in Germany are pretty hot it averages to 20-22 degrees Celsius. About 57 centimeters (22.5 inches) of rain falls a year. I got this from My book

  10. Environmental issues Sewage pollution in the Baltic ocean, coal burring and acid rain from sulfur acid. Goggle with permission from teacher

  11. Economy • In Germany they use Euros, about 73 Euros equals 1 Canadian dollar. • In Germany the major industries are construction and Manufacturing. • Fact

  12. Goverment • In Germany they have a representive democracy. • The president of Germany is JouchimGauck as of 2012 and the chancellor is Angela Merkel as of (2005) • Angela Merkel JouchimGauck • fact

  13. History • Germany was founded in 1871 by Prussian leader Otto von Bismarck • Prussian leader Otto von Bismarck was now the German leader, he was fired in 1890. Germany was in WW1 and WW2 • In WW2 Adolph Hitler was in command of the Nazi party in Germany • He was found dead on April 30 1945. • Fact

  14. Religion • 38 percent of German are protestant. • 34 percent are Roman Catholic. A small amount of Germans follow teaching of Islam and Judaism or some other one. And some do not have Religions and Christianity is a religion in in Germany. I got that from my book

  15. Population • The population of Germany is 81 305 856 as of 2012. • The population is decreasing by 0.2 percent each year. • Fact

  16. Life expectancy and language • In Germany girls will live to about 80 years old and men to about 74 years old. • In Germany they speak German, English and some times French. • I found this in my book

  17. Education • In Germany they have elementary school and high school. • In high school they have English, German and French classes they attend. • In Germany they have public and private schools . Fact

  18. Ways of Transportation

  19. Important leaders • Otto von Bismarck he founded Germany • Kaiser Wilhelm 11 was leader in WW1 Adolph Hitler was leader in WW2 Adolph Hitler Otto von Bismarck Kaiser Wilhelm 11 1

  20. Interesting facts Germany • In Germany they have a lot of wild boars. • The gummy bear was invented in Germany. • If a person was driving at high speeds on Germanys autobahn they could cross the country in 9 hours. • All from my book

  21. Resources

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