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Measuring Outdoor Advertising

Here are some tips to measure the effectiveness of an outdoor advertisement. For outdoor advertisement in Dubai, visit: http://www.backlitemedia.com/out-of-home-media/

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Measuring Outdoor Advertising

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  1. Measuring Outdoor Advertising

  2. Outdoor Advertising • Outdoor advertising is one of the great medium for conveying your message directly to the audience. • This medium cheaper compared to other forms of advertising. • It is a proven that OOH ads create a higher ROI than radio, print and digital display advertising.

  3. Familiarize With These Terms • CTA: Call to action –Immediate response from the audience. • DEC: Daily Effective Circulation –number of vehicles and pedestrians that pass a billboard per day • OTC: Opportunity to Contact –how many people could walk past and see your outdoor advert. • VAC: Visually Adjusted Contact –number of people who saw the advert during the outdoor campaign.

  4. Location • The vehicular or pedestrian traffic that will pass by a specific location of any particular billboard at any given time should be taken into consideration. • There will be a strong call to action if targeted the chosen audience demographic, with the right message.

  5. After And Before Sales • This one of the simplest and common method used for measuring the effectiveness of an advertisement. • Measure the sales before and after running the ad and if you see any growth in it the you can ensure that your outdoor advertisement is working. • Make sure that you have no other new campaigns running at the same time.

  6. Through Social Media • Use of Hashtags is a trending thing on social media. • Assign a campaign specific hashtag to your ad and we can measure the ROI based on the interaction on social media by using the chosen hashtag. • To know the exact number of people who are connecting with your message, just do a search on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

  7. Code Specific Campaigns • Make use of campaign specific discount vouchers, coupon or QR codes. • You can measure the ROI by tracking the number of visitors who have used it on your site. • If that particular code is used at checkout then you can assign that sale to the billboard ad. • These codes should only be applied to the limited period of the campaign.

  8. Conclusion • Unlike other mediums, outdoor advertising does not need to be invited in. • Out of home media is robust, effective and popular that why we keep doing it. • For out of home advertising in Dubai, visit: http://www.backlitemedia.com/out-of-home-media/

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