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Myers Briggs Type Indicator PowerPoint Presentation
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Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

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Myers Briggs Type Indicator

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  1. Myers Briggs Type Indicator

  2. Agenda • What is Personality Type Theory? • Identifying Your Individual Preferences • Preference Differences • MBTI Things to Know • Q & A’s

  3. MBTI Theory

  4. MBTI Theory

  5. MBTI Theory

  6. MBTI Theory

  7. MBTI Overview Tool is a indicator of one’s preferences not a measure of personality traits • Says nothing about competence or skill level • Says nothing about which is better or worse to have • Interaction of 4 preferences is what influences the behaviors we see • Does not explain all behavior –provides us with a roadmap • Every type is the same and every type unique – don’t stereotype

  8. MBTI: A Quick Review MBTI type indicator measures • Energy or point of focus – • Extraversion (E) • Introversion (I) • How we gather information • Sensing (S) • iNtuition (N) • How we make decisions • Thinking (T) • Feeling (F) • How we take action • Judging (J) • Perceiving (P) Data (S or N) and Decisions (T or F) are called “core” mental functions. “Normal” functioning individuals must do both

  9. E My energy level is boosted by meeting new people in a party-type atmosphere. I I feel personally drained by meeting new people in a party-type atmosphere.

  10. E I don’t mind some level of noise and activity in my working environment. In fact, I often enjoy the stimulation. I I need peace and quiet to work at my best. I cannot work well in a noisy environment.

  11. E I find it lonely, boring or difficult to work in isolation for long periods of time. I I work by myself for long periods of time without feeling lonely or bored by the lack of human interaction.

  12. I am talkative, open and relatively easy to read. I need interactions with people every day to keep my “personal batteries” charged. I seem to speak without thinking sometimes. I am an Extravert, E. I am quiet, reserved and – even though I do have a social side – I need more peace and privacy than most people. I am likely to think without speaking. I am an Introvert, I.

  13. S I am best at observing the facts in any situation to work out practical solutions to problems. N I am best at seeing creative possibilities in any situation to discover innovation solutions to problems.

  14. S People with no common sense are hard for me to understand. N People with no sense of vision are hard for me to understand.

  15. S My motto is: “When in doubt, do what you did before; tried and true ways are usually best. N My motto is: “When in doubt, try a new way of doing it; invent something.”

  16. I am practical and realistic. I am most comfortable dealing in the here-and-now, the real world. I keep both feet on the ground and use my senses to tell me what’s real. I am a Sensor, S. I am imaginative and creative. I am always looking toward future possibilities, asking myself what things mean on a larger scale. I’m a “big picture,” idea person – a natural innovator. I am an iNtuitive, N.

  17. T It is important to be objective. F It is important to be compassionate.

  18. T Reason and logic guide my actions. F My personal value system and feelings guide my actions.

  19. T I know that some people may see me as cold because I don’t let personal feelings govern my behavior. F I know that some people may see me as soft because I don’t make decisions based on facts and logic alone.

  20. I am logical, and almost always make decisions on a rational, impersonal basis – or, at least, I like to think I do. Reason runs my life. I am a Thinker, T. I am sensitive, and I believe it’s important to consider the personal element in everything I say and do. I try to be sympathetic and understanding with others. I am a Feeler, F.

  21. P In making decisions, I may change my mind or wonder if I’ve made the right choice, once I’m committed. J I rarely change my mind after it is made up, and I am usually satisfied with my decisions.

  22. P Given the choice, I prefer to decide what to do and where to go without advance planning – whenever the spirit moves me. J Given the choice, I prefer to live a well-planned life, knowing when and where things will happen.

  23. P “Spontaneous” is my middle name. J “Organized” is my middle name.

  24. I am flexible, and I can always see the other person’s viewpoint in a controversy. I am more comfortable observing, listening, taking in information, than I am making decisions and judgments. I am open-minded. I am a Perceptive type, P. I like to be organized in whatever I do. I like to get to the bottom line, make decisions, know where I’m going, know where I stand, in all areas of my life. Schedules, order, plans, structure and responsibility matter to me. I am a Judging type, J.

  25. Contribution of Preferences • Extraverted Types: • Remain aware of the environment, maintain their networks, and take action • Introverted Types: • Pay attention to the infrastructure, conceptualize the problem, and look deeply into issues • Sensing Types: • Know the facts, understand the planning stages, and work out the implementation details • Intuitive Types: • See the big picture, forge into new areas, and develop new possibilities

  26. Contributions of Preferences • Thinking Types • Discuss issues in a logical way, consider the pros and cons of various alternatives, and spot the inconsistencies in the plan • Feeling Types • Understand what is important to people, acknowledge the human side of decision making, and help others accept decisions • Judging Types • Generate systems, provide organization, and act with decisiveness • Perceiving types • Are open to new ideas, provide insight, and react with flexibility if the system breaks down

  27. Weaknesses of Preferences • Extraverted Types: • Can be intrusive, overpowering, boastful, easily distracted and needs to be the center of attention • Introverted Types: • Can be intolerant of interruptions, overly independent, suspicious, cold towards others, and be a perfectionist • Sensing Types: • Can be unimaginative, “act first, think later”, over-confident, don’t see the big picture, may overlook key planning steps • Intuitive Types: • Can be unrealistic, impractical, may overlook key facts, avoid detail and administration, long on vision, short on action, easily bored

  28. Weaknesses of Preferences • Thinking Types • Don’t consider the subjective aspect, too analytical, overly cautious, controlling, serious and rigid • Feeling Types • Unable to deal with “hard” issues, melodramatic, more concerned with people than content, prone to feelings of guilt, easily hurt • Judging Types • Impatient to complete tasks, unable to operate “outside” procedure or systems, inflexible, frustrated by change, stubborn, unwilling to rethink decisions • Perceiving types • Drifting, indecisive, undiscriminating, unreliable, unable to make decisions alone, can’t complete what is started

  29. MBTI Humor: ST • Reads every label on every can and graphs it • Uses a list, calculator, and coupons, always when grocery shopping • At an elevator, counts the number of people and tries to estimate weight to be sure the limit is not exceeded • Calls the newspaper if a word is spelled incorrectly • Runs out of gas on purpose to find out exactly how far the car will go with one gallon of gas

  30. MBTI Humor: SF • Likes to exchange recipes • Waits in line at the elevator • Always has a shopping list to be sure has all the right ingredients for the party • Has all files in alphabetical order and color coded • Looks at the entire newspaper and clips articles about people they know • Gets to a movie 15 minutes early and saves seats • Listens for 30 minutes to a telemarketer selling snow removal equipment even though he/she lives in Florida. Doesn’t want to be rude

  31. MBTI Humor: NT • Eats over the sink & drinks from the milk carton • Likes to try new and exotic food • Microwaves everything, even the water • Gets in elevators and pushes the “close” button, many, many times • Impulse shopper with just essentials on the list, if they even have a list • Reads just the headlines in the paper • Feels the urge to direct traffic at 5 PM • Is honored by being named “Troublemaker of the Year”

  32. MBTI Humor: NF • Has latest kitchen gadgets but doesn’t use them • In the elevator says “There’s always room for one more!” and means it • Likes to cook for groups and always has an extra place for drop ins • Reads obituaries first to see if they know anyone • Applaud and talk at the movies • Dials a wrong number and still gets into a conversation...