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Gravity of Bonding

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Gravity of Bonding - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gravity of Bonding. ........ FROM THE EDITORIAL DESK , THE THREADS THAT BIND OUR LIVES. Every smile, every gesture, every greeting, all these tiny things that we take for granted in our lives are those which help us build the relationships which woven together form the tapestry of life!

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Gravity of Bonding

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Every smile, every gesture, every greeting, all these tiny things that we take for granted in our lives are those which help us build the relationships which woven together form the tapestry of life!

Each relationship, be it with our family, friends or teachers is unique in its way of expression.

Dear readers, have you ever thought about how a tiny word of thanks or appreciation can instantly forge a bond between individuals and how a few harsh words or indifference is enough to sever the strongest of bonds! Only affection, trust, absence of judgement and effective communication which act as the glue which holds us together and gives us the support and courage to face every 'tomorrow'! These four things are the very essence of relationships!

After all, In human relationships, distance is not measured in miles but in affection, so cherish your human connections: your friends and family!

So readers, enjoy!

Adarsh R Nair-11F2

Eshani Anand-11F1

Kadambari Sriram-11E1

Shrinidhi Vijay-11E2



Just as the lyrics of a song goes,

“ Only need the light when it’s burning low,

Only miss the sun when it starts to snow,

Only know you love them when you let ‘em go..”

We value the loved ones in our life only when we realize their worth. And sometimes, its just too late when we realize. Its love that matters and that’s what binds us together in times of ups and downs. Sacrifice and trust are integral in any relationship. Have the courage to stand up, for your people.

.Spend time with the old folks, as they say “ Old is gold”. Listen to their recollections, help them out with their daily stuff and know, they are the best listeners to your vent outs.

Your parents are the people who’ll stand by, thick and thin through your times of crisis, your times of joy and are your leaning pillars. Respect them and know, it is for thy good.

You fight with them all day long and when they sleep, you apologize. Yes, siblings are one of the cutest relationships and yes, the closest ones. Have fun with them, listen to them, lend a helping hand. They’ll never judge you.

Teachers don’t just teach. They guide you through the hurdles of your school life. Be it silly fights or even sillier doubts, they’re always there watching your back. Have faith, and definitely discipline.

Support your friends. Encourage them and be the shoulders they can surely rely on.

The people who toil day and night to make sure you get your ironed clothes on time or the ones who wake up early morning just to drive you to classes, well you owe them big time. For, without their help and support you are never the same. Value them.

And last of all, cherish and protect the relationship you have with your mind and your heart. For, the mind might tell us something to do and we jump at the wrong conclusions, the wrong decisions and the wrong perceptions. Strengthen your ties, stay connected. Just remember, there’s someone for you and there’s someone who needs a person like you!


When you’re one she’s your lifeline, when you’re three she’s your toy factory, when you’re five she’s your Google, when you’re thirteen she’s your wardrobe designer, when you’re sixteen she’s your best friend, when you’re eighteen she smiles through the tears when you leave, when you’re twenty five she’s ‘No.1 on your contact list’ when you’re thirty six she’s a picture in your wallet. She is always there for you .But sometimes we let the relationship deteriorate. All the fights, the screaming, slamming doors may be natural but never forget to apologize! For she’s someone whose held your hand once and your heart lifelong. Remember, ‘God couldn’t be everywhere so he invented mothers!


Does a dad ALWAYS snore?A. No, only when he is asleep.

Who is a dad? A dad is his son’s first hero or his daughter’s first love. What do we think of our dad? Is he god? Is he a tyrant? Is he our goal setter? Is he our advisor? Is he our happiness “depriver”? The more we think about it, the more it seems that there is not one word that can describe him. Instead he is all the above. Right from those days when he sacrificed his sleep to tell us a story, or make him act as we pleased like those horse and shoulder rides, right from those days when from that very moment until now, the bond between a father and son has only and will continue to grow he took us to the park and spent long hours running behind us and getting us ice cream:. He is the mortar to your loosely packed bricks. As we grow, terrible fights and disagreements might try to pull us apart. As this repulsive force becomes stronger, the attractive bond between father and son will only become twice as strong. Our fathers have tried to care and understand us and it is only fitting that we do the same. So next time we have a disagreement with our dads, let us keep our cool, try to understand his point of view and hope for the very best.

He is the one who teaches you to beat stress, he is the one who teaches you to respect those around you and more importantly he is the one who prepares you for life. As every dad will tell you, "It is not how much you can hit, but how much you can get hit" Every dad ushers in , a shining beam of light into your dark room, so respect him and learn from him. Love him and never give him an opportunity to feel sorry for you. Remember, when your dad provides for you, both of you laugh but when you provide for your dad, both of you cry.

grand and evergreen
Grand and Evergreen!!

A saying often told,

is that old is gold,

but how many of us truly realize,

how invaluable is its role in our lives,

our grandparents, such dear people,

never lacking in their eyes a twinkle,

teach us to navigate the maze that is life,

gently guiding us through their memory lanes,

Grandma never at a loss for a remedy,

And Grandpa always up for a tale,

All they ask in return for their love and care,

Is some love in return and some time to spare,

So never miss a chance to remain them from the start,

That they will always be a part of our hearts!



The relationship between siblings can be described as an emotional wind-vane and though always swinging from one extreme to another, however hard the wind blows stays firmly rooted to its post ! For the most of us our siblings tend to take on many roles ranging from that of a punching bag to that of your closest confidante. Your sibling is one person with whom you can always share your thoughts with more freedom than you do with your parents and a healthy sibling relationship without sibling rivalry is the only way forward. For after all we must remember that though like politics you can never tell in sibling relationships which way loyalties sway in the end it all comes together to form a closely bonded family government



A friend to me means someone who would stay with me even when Im totally depressed.

A friend to me means someone who would talk for long hours about nothing.

A friend to me means a shoulder you can lean upon when you’re really, really tired.

A friend to me means the person you can totally rely on.

A friend to me is someone I could trust implicitly.

A friend, to me, is the person who tells me the right and the wrong.

Or to say the right from the wrong.

Friendships are born out of trust too.

We can say, this out of friendships.

Dear friend, read this and say,

Whether you’d join me today,

Here are the things you should know.

Then decide whether you’re friend or foe..

I once had a friend but our sweet friendship did end,

We enjoyed those times

Doing simple silly crimes like cycling in the rain

Or trying to rub off an ink stain

We did everything together

Jealously minds followed us,

Envying our fun and thus,

Causing problems between us,

There was too big a fuss.

So we both had to part with real heavy hearts,

So, listen dear friend, friendships aren't simple errands.

So, take it down, take it cool,

For me, hope remains the tool,

Hope everlasting hope,,

So listen dear friend, I’ll need you till the end


Our guiding light-Teachers

“I am indebted to my parents for my living, but to my teacher for living well”- Alexander the Great.

From the time we step into our nursery school till the time we build our careers, our teachers have always been a constant source of support.

We will always be indebted to them for shaping our personalities and giving direction to our dreams.

Like PHYSICS taught us, “ Every relationship will continue to stay in its initial state of rest or of uniform motion unless and until acted upon by an unbalanced external misunderstanding”. Chemistry is not too far behind- There’s more to the bonding between hydrogen and oxygen. Teachers are our guiding light. They teach us life skills. They teach us the lesson of patience and tolerance. They teach us discipline and mold us into responsible citizens of future. Without them we will be people with incomplete education in the sense that we would be devoid of life skills.


On the 15th of April, a session on adolescence to Excellence was conducted in our school in association with Medall.the session was a panel discussion with four main members- a dad, a mom, a teacher (Mrs. Maya Iyer and an eminent neurophysiologist Mrs. Sultana and a moderator from the medall team. The audience were parents whose wards were aged between 12-16. The session covered challenges faced by young adults particularly peer pressure, time management, lack of sleep, behavioral changes,etc.

Here we have a short questionnaire session with Mr. Shankar(parent panelist),who presented his views to us.

  • What is the biggest change you observe in adolescents?
  • The sudden burst of emotions in unforeseen situations ,especially confusion, anxiety and an obsession in a few aspects in daily life are the biggest changes. They generally cause a negative effect
  • What are your thoughts on peer pressure?
  • Answer:- I think peer pressure is a result of that competitiveness that arises among peers whether it is purely academic or non academic? Students must learn not to be in a clouded state.
  • Question-As a parent, what do you think is the main reason of sleep deprivation in today's adolescent population?
  • The biggest problem that students face is lack of proper planning and time management . They fail to prioritize their activities.


(2,2)This world famous British band known for their song –With a little bit of help from my friends.

(12,1,)A movie symbolizing the eternal bond between the teacher and the student.

(15,6)We must always_______ our elders.

Can You Guess??


(2,6)1994 animated movie , set in the jungles of Africa focusing on that dad son relationship

(8,6)Animated movie emboldening the ideals of love, trust and team work-101_____

(2,9)The quality that characterizes the dog in the story Hachiko.

(10,3)World famous sitcom following the lives of 6 friends.


Rapid Fire Round

We conducted a survey among the students of senior classes and asked them to answer a few rapid fire questions and this what we’ve found.

My mom is my walk in wardrobe

My mom reminds me of Hitler’s elder sister.

My mom is strict. Can I go now? She told me come early 7am wake up call.

My mom is my pizza hut, dominoes and McDonalds.

A sibling is for Breaking something in the house and blaming it on your sibling.

A sibling is the best punching bag and the best teddy bear.

A sibling is awesome company to watch IPL with!.

Mywatchman is my superman he protects me from the stray dogs that always chase me.

Teacher is a talented, elegant ,awesome charming ,helpful ,efficient and receptive person who hands out that ILL FATED answer sheet!

My teachers have great hand eye coordination when it comes to throwing chalk.

My dad is my rocky.

My dad is my atm machine.

My dad signs my report card.

My friends are siblings from another mother...sometimes another planet.

My friends are the monkey pets I never had!