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Dred vs. Scott

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Dred vs. Scott. By: Mireina Barrios. Who was involved?/ Details About the Event? Why its important. Dred Scott and Roger B. Taney

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dred vs scott

Dred vs. Scott

By: Mireina Barrios

who was involved details about the event why its important
Who was involved?/ Details About the Event? Why its important
  • Dred Scott and Roger B. Taney
  • Dred Scott, a slave who had his freedom at Illinois and the free territory of Wisconsin before moving back to the slave state of Missouri had appealed to the Supreme Court in hopes of being granted his freedom. Taney a staunch supporter of slavery and intent on protecting Southern from Northern aggression. He wrote in the court’s majority opinion that because Scott was black, he was not a citizens and therefore had no right to sue.
  • The Dred Scott decision effectively ended the Missouri Compromise, hardened the political rivalry between North and South and paved the way for the Civil War. It determined slaves were not citizens
john marshall by chamaria jefferson
John MarshallBy: Chamaria Jefferson
  • People Who Where Involved
  • George Washington
  • James Madison
  • How Was He Important and Stuff About Him
  • He was important because he made the U.S Supreme Court what is today . Not only that he was chief justice of the U.S Supreme Court then he even handed down numerous important decisions which gave the federal government more power.
mcculloch v maryland 1819
Mcculloch V. Maryland (1819)
  • People involved: James Mcculoch
  • Details: Imposed a tax on all banks operating in Maryland not charted by the states.
  • Importance: It gave power to the states to collect taxes; borrow money, to regulate commerce, to declare and conduct war and to raise armies & navies.
  • Info: All banks were prohibited from issuing bank notes.
m arbury v madison
Marbury v. madison
  • People involved
    • John Adams
    • John Marshall
  • info
    • Commissioned by john Adams
    • Decided in 1803
    • Court considered violation of constitution
    • Written in 1803 by justice john Marshall
  • Important
    • Supreme court had right to review all laws