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Dred Scott
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Dred Scott

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  1. Dred Scott Born: 1795 Death: September 17,1858 By Bilal Gumusay February 10, 2012

  2. Timeline Dred scott was born 1795 but there is no exact date for a day or month. Dred Scott Wins second Court case 1850 1836 Dred Scott changes his name to Sam Scott. John Ermerson dies and Scott tries to buy his freedom 1843-1846 Dred scott loses his first court case In 1834 Dred scott was moved with his master from Missouri to a free state Illinois, and in 1836 married Harriet Robinson. Dred scott Is freed and Dies 1 years Later 1858 Dred Scotts wife gives birth to his two daughters Eliza & Lizzie Dred scott Goes back to Slavery because Decision reversed 1852 Dred Scott Appeals to Supreme Court And is returned To peter blow 1857

  3. Dred Scott’s AdultHood • Dred Scott’s adulthood was very dramatic. • His first move was when had gotten married to Harriet Robinson. • he had then tried to get freedom by going threw 3 court case. • The first court case resulted in being a slave. • The second court case resulted in being free as Dred Scott appealed. • Then Irene Emerson appealed and Dred had gone back to a slave again. • The final court case was a supreme court case and was voted as Dred Scott would go back to his original owner, Peter Blow. • Peter blow then granted Dred Scott his freedom. • Dred Scott Dies on September 17, 1858.

  4. Dred Scott’s childhood • Dred Scott grew up in Virginia • He had grown up without education • He was owned by the Blow family • Then sold to Dr. John Emerson • A military doctor • As they moved from place to place and had grown up as a slave.

  5. Activism • Dred Scott’s act of activism is that he had fought for his freedom and that no other slave had done during his time. • Problems addressed during his act of activism is that he had been threw 3 different courts and each time it was a different result . • They had first served for peter blow and the blow family and then was bought by Dr. John Emerson. • His enemy in court was Irene Emerson • His act of activism that changed the world was that he had changed the way of people that were slaves that you can fight against whatever you believe in.

  6. Reaction • My reaction to Dred Scott’s acts of activism was very inspiring. Because he had done something that changed the African American slaves forever and that they could fight against what they thought wasn’t right.

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