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Hi Geet

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Hi Geet. Jai Swaminarayan. Congratulation For Your Wedding. Your Ideal Match. Love Respect Faith. Love. I don’t Know how you define it, but what I mean is To share what is difficult To heal what is hurting To think what is not possible

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hi geet

Hi Geet

Jai Swaminarayan





your ideal match
Your Ideal Match
  • Love
  • Respect
  • Faith
  • I don’t Know how you define it, but what I mean is
    • To share what is difficult
    • To heal what is hurting
    • To think what is not possible
    • To understand without even talking
  • I think I have shared all my experience with you.
  • I made it every possible efforts to adjust with you.
  • We both understood each other many a times without even talking.
  • But what about conclusion it remained in mind of each other .
  • Fine no regret on that !!!!
  • I think I had faith on you more than myself.
  • So there is nothing which is unknown to you about myself.
  • Hope you remember “Desire To Deserve”.
  • But this also doesn’t turn out my way.
  • Fine !!!!!!
  • I don know what it means to you but for me it was more important than anything else.
  • That’s why to gain your respect, I lost my dignity.

Fine again no regret !!!!!

Well all three of your defined qualities I managed to have all of them, but one thing which was not there & for that only I was being overlooked is because
  • I am not satsangi
Well, I would not comment on this topic as I am not the right person to talk about such topic.
Finally our two years of relationship from friend ship to my side of love come to end here
  • You must me wondering what is so special about you that I am doing it for you which otherwise I would have never done for anyone else.
People always use to say you realize important of person either you know that person more than that person knows about himself,
  • Or
  • You simply give important because you wanted to be part of that persons life.
Actually speaking you have not discovered yourself what you are.
  • Once you’ll discover you will realize how special you are.
I am happy about one thing and that is I played my part of honesty in our relationship in very decent manner.
  • What was there on your mind I can’t comment on that because if you are honest enough than you’ll understand what is right or wrong.
One thing for which I am damn sure is that sooner or later in your life you are going to remember me.
  • Because I know no one has created so much space in your life apart from me & swami maharaj.
All right, life must go-on & again I would be in search of someone like you.
  • Now how she’ll come I don’t no.
  • But this time I am damn serious about it & I mean it.
I don’t no what would be your reaction after listening to all this.
  • But I hope that you’ll help me out in finding out my kind of girl if not than god knows how she’ll come.
  • Because you are the two people on earth knows what I want.
I must say one thing if you seriously finding out some one for me, than only do it else don’t do just for the sake of it.
  • It would be better than just don’t do it……
  • Because to play with someone emotion is not right thing.
I think

you are

bored now


one last slide

after this

If you ever get a chance to replace something from you, than replace your stubbornness with flexibility. Because that will allow someone to enter into your comfort zone.
  • It’s piece of advise but I know you are not going to listen to all this and implement it.
  • You know why !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Because
  • You Are Still
  • Stubborn…..

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Absence is the best presence,

Because if people are absent.

Than you miss them and

if you miss them that means

they are present in your heart !!!!!!!