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  1. HI-TECH-Hi

  2. Hi-Tech-Hi Hi-Tech-Hi is a optional boarding school for girls. It sits on top of the North Mountain. You get to school by dogs pulling your sled up to the school.

  3. Uniform For uniform we have:

  4. Lessons The lessons/Classes we have are: Vetting Ice Skating class Skiing Adventure Class (Zip wires, climbing walls, etc) English Maths Ice Art Science Mountain Climbing Astronomy Integrated Learning Drama Clothes Design/make Hair and Beauty Childcare Cooking Singing

  5. School Here is a picture of The school: The school is Completely made of Ice but we still can Turn up the heat to Hawaii’s temperature Without it melting.

  6. Rules Hi-Tech-Hi’s school rules are: • Respect other people’s likes and dislikes(opinion) • Keep trying until you achieve • Try your best in everything • Everything is unique. Do not bully or hurt • Respect the school and other people

  7. School Motto Our school motto is Be The Good Girl You Always Need To Be inspired by our head teacher and mascot, Elsa, who’s quote is Be The Good Girl You Always Have To Be.

  8. Week days There are nine lessons in a school day and one hour lunch. School starts at 9:00am and finishes at 6:00pm. For girls who are boarding, they have tea at 6:30 and are in bed by 9:00. They are woken up at 8:00. The girls get weekends off and the last lessons of Friday off. On weekends, they can ice skate, ski, snowboard and other fun activities or just have a natter. Hot coco will served at 8:30 AM and PM.

  9. School trips The school frequently goes on school, all of them free. Here are some: • Hawaii • Egypt • France •Germany •Hollywood

  10. Menu Lunch The school menu changes every month. Your child will receive a menu. Monday: Beef burger Corn Burger Curly fries Fruit Salad Milk Water

  11. Tuesday Lunch Tuesday: Spaghetti and Meatballs Pasta with tomato sauce Garlic Bread Yoghurt Milk Water

  12. Wednesday Lunch Wednesday: Roast Beef, Lamb, chicken Roasted or boiled potatoes Cabbage Carrots Broccoli Fruit and ice cream sundae Mixed salad Milk Water Milkshake

  13. Thursday lunch Thursday: Chicken Pie with mashed potato Macaroni Cheese Roasted vegetables Vegetable sticks Pineapple upside cake with custard Milk Water

  14. Friday lunch: Friday: Fish, Pizza or Chicken nuggets Cheese Whirl with Chips Baked beans, green beans or carrots Chocolate cake with chocolate sauce Fruit Salad Milk Milkshake Water

  15. Animals The school has a zoo and also animals in our petting area. Don't worry, they are all tamed. We have: Rabbits Guinea Pigs Piglets Hamsters Mice Deers Reindeers Hippos Giraffes Elephants Horses Lions Tigers Zebras Dogs Cats Llamas Alpacas Leopards Birds Pandas Hedgehogs Peacocks Tortoises Fish Foxes Monkeys

  16. Mascot and Head teacher