young goodman brown friday s hw l.
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“Young Goodman Brown” Friday’s HW PowerPoint Presentation
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“Young Goodman Brown” Friday’s HW

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“Young Goodman Brown” Friday’s HW - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“Young Goodman Brown” Friday’s HW. * READ ½ OF “YOUNG GOODMAN BROWN”—PRINT FROM ONLINE * Please annotate using our four focus questions ~What __________________ us? +Defines +Sustains +Molds

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young goodman brown friday s hw
“Young Goodman Brown”Friday’s HW

* READ ½ OF “YOUNG GOODMAN BROWN”—PRINT FROM ONLINE * Please annotate using our four focus questions ~What __________________ us?




+Controls * Additionally, ask specific questions about the text, and make observations about the motifs and themes Hawthorne’s suggesting. What connections can you make to “The Lottery” and your quick writes from this week?* After you read, please write a short reflection at the end to clarify and summarize your thinking on this text. Puritan culture—what inferences can you make about puritan culture from this text?

* NOTE: This story is an allegory or a fable: a representation of an abstract or spiritual meaning through concrete or material forms; figurative treatment of one subject under the guise of another. 2. a symbolical narrative 3. a short tale to teach a moral lesson As you read, make note of what’s happening on a basic (literal level) and what’s happening on a symbolic level? Think about the various people, places, and objects in this story that have symbolic meaning— what specific ideals or beliefs could each represent?

* Ask good questions, make inferences, take guesses and check your thinking!