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Agenda. PEPSICO BACKGROUND. An international beverage, snack, and food company. Operation in many counties. North America Mexico United Kingdom and more. The chief executive of PepsiCo is Indra Krishnamurthy Nooyi. CALBEE BACKGROUND. A major Japanese snack food maker.

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Presentation Transcript
pepsico background
  • An international beverage, snack, and food company.
  • Operation in many counties.
    • North America
    • Mexico
    • United Kingdom and more.
  • The chief executive of PepsiCo isIndra Krishnamurthy Nooyi
calbee background
  • A major Japanese snack food maker.
  • Established in 1949
  • Calbee’s snacks are hugely popular in Asia.
  • Calbee’s headquarters is located in the Marunouchi Trust Tower Main in Tokyo.
  • Yasuo Nakata is the CEO of Calbee.
samples of frito lay japan
Samples of Frito-Lay Japan

Caramel Macchiatto and Green tea Latte Crisp, it’s also called “Caffeine snacks”.

Strawbeery Cheetos

what s for stakeholders
What’s for Stakeholders?
  • Revenues:
    • Generates annual revenues for shareholders. Plus, Several qualities shared by both PepsiCo and Calbee lead to their mutual achievement
structure of alliance
Structure of Alliance
  • In 2009

PepsiCo and Calbee decided to join together and announced is strategic one where in both companies will jointly produce and sell a wide range of snack food products in Japan market.

type of alliance
Type of alliance
  • Strategic Alliances for Product Development:
    • Two companies will collaborate to develop their products by using advance technology in order to meet and satisfy consumers’ needs.
  • Strategic Alliances for Distribution:
    • Both parties gain benefits, Calbee has good distribution channel that can bring products of PepsiCo which is Frito-Lays to sell in Japan market where PepsiCo cannot access alone.
problem and latest situation
Problem and latest situation
  • Government and regulations
    • Trade commission:

When the companies want to form an alliance, there will be an agency set up by the national government to prevent from an unfair competition practices which might occur from the alliance of the two big companies.

  • Current situation
    • Both parties are still waiting for the government approval, and they cannot continue this alliance
lesson learnt from alliance
Lesson Learnt From Alliance
  • Need to consider many factors before entering to a market, especially Japan market.