amritsar massacre date april 13 1919 n.
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Amritsar Massacre Date: April 13, 1919 PowerPoint Presentation
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Amritsar Massacre Date: April 13, 1919

Amritsar Massacre Date: April 13, 1919

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Amritsar Massacre Date: April 13, 1919

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  1. Amritsar MassacreDate: April 13, 1919

  2. 2. At Amritsar, what did General Dyer intend to do? What did he do? General Dyer intended to have an impact on all of India. He killed 379 men, women and children. He wounded 1,100. He showed no mercy and gave no warning. "I think it quite possible that I could have dispersed the crowd without firing but they would have come back again and laughed, and I would have made, what I consider, a fool of myself.“ — Dyer's response to the Hunter Commission Enquiry

  3. 3. At Dyer’s inquiry, did he show remorse for his actions? No – He said he would have used a machine gun if he could.

  4. 4. What excuse did the British give Gandhi for staying in India? The British said without the British administration (control) India would be a mess. The British say India would have problems with the Hindu people and Muslim people fighting each other for control of a new independent nation.

  5. 5. In Gandhi’s speech, what did the suggest in regards to the caste system? Remove untouchability (the lowest level on the caste system) from their hearts and lives. He states they should defy the British.

  6. 6. What suggestion did Gandhi have for the Indian people in reference to British goods? Gandhi says get rid of British made goods and make their own. The crowd then burned their British made clothes.

  7. 7. Who do you think was to blame in the confrontation between the marchers and the police? Why? • Marchers: ? • Police: ?

  8. 8. How did Gandhi react to the violence and why did he react in that fashion? • He fasted to show violence is not the way and to stop the violent campaign for freedom of India • Gandhi believes in non-violent resistance.

  9. 9. After fasting to end the violence, why was Gandhi arrested? Sedition – “Conduct or language inciting rebellion”

  10. 10. Why did Gandhi feel jail was the best protest? Going to jail will arouse the crowd (the masses) and will show the injustice of the British

  11. 11. How did Gandhi act at his trial and what did he ask for? Gandhi acted calmly. He asked for full punishment.

  12. 12.In your view, how did the judge feel about Gandhi and having to sentence him to prison? (What did the judge say?) • Guilty. Said no one would be more pleased if he were freed.

  13. 13.Why was salt so important in India? • In that climate, nothing lives without water and salt

  14. 14.Why did Gandhi send a letter to the British officer telling him of his raid on the salt works? • Wanted publicity (the journalist would be a witness) to show the injustice. Indian salt belongs to India!

  15. 15.Were the British prepared for violence at the salt works? –Do you think they wanted violence? Yes, they wanted to intimidate the Indian movement – wanted them to lose heart or to become violent.

  16. 16.The American reporter, Walker said that, “India is free.” What does he base this observation on? (What does he mean?) • There is no turning back. India has taken its stand. The British have no right- no decency to rule.

  17. 17.Before the raid on the Salt Works, why was Gandhi arrested? Seditious acts

  18. 18.How do you think you would have reacted, if you were one of the Indian protestors or even a witness to the beatings? Why?

  19. 19.Why was it important for Walker to witness the raid? As a member of the press, Walker could spread news and have British citizens and the world to turn against British rule in India.

  20. 20.Why did Gandhi want the first president of a United India to be a Muslim? To calm the fears of the Muslims- both religions share mother India.

  21. 21.What was the reason for creating an independent Pakistan and India following the British departure? The fear or reality of Civil War

  22. 22.When did India gain its independence? 1947

  23. 23.Do you agree with the creation of Pakistan? Why or why not?

  24. 24.Why was there fighting along the India/Pakistan border? Tension, distrust, uncertainty of the future – misunderstanding of each other!

  25. 25.Why did Gandhi go to Calcutta and live with a Muslim family? • Gesture of good will – to show both groups can get along – to set an example

  26. 26.What did Gandhi tell the man to do whose son had been killed by Muslims? • Find a child whose mother and father had been killedand raise him as your own – except raise him as a Muslim

  27. 27.Why did Gandhi tell the man to do this? • Try to build goodwill. Remembered as a child, he heard and read both Holy books. Its didn’t matter as long as God was being praised.

  28. 28.When did Gandhi die? January 30, 1948

  29. 29.How did Gandhi die? Three shots were fired at Gandhi by a man, Nathuram Godse, who pretended to seek Gandhi’s blessing. All three hit Gandhi and he died.

  30. 30.How is Gandhi remembered?