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I. Boston Massacre PowerPoint Presentation
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I. Boston Massacre

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I. Boston Massacre
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I. Boston Massacre

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  1. Aim: How does the Boston Massacre illustrate the growing tensions (conflict) between the colonists and the British?Do Now: In what ways did the British Parliament force their authority on the colonists? Give examples.

  2. I. Boston Massacre • British soldiers – “Red coats,” “Lobsters” • March 5, 1770 • 8 soldiers + Captain Preston vs. Boston crowds • Crispus Attucks • Propaganda by Paul Revere

  3. Crispus Attucks

  4. Group H Boston Tea Party group: Marianna, Ally, Nicholas Zayas Boston Tea Party group: Nicholas Ruiz, Braxton, Anthony Melendez King George group: Brianna Bracer, Josepher, Jeremy King George group: Brianna Lanci, Derek, Anthony Polanco Thomas Jefferson group: Lizzy, Kayla, Caitlin Thomas Jefferson group: Melany, Tijan Bunker Hill group: Andre, Rebecca, Joy Bunker Hill group: Robert, Aaron, Julia

  5. Group G Boston Tea Party group: Arnold, Kaitlyn, Josh Boston Tea Party group: Christopher, Daniel, Simard Boston Tea Party group: Krysta, Isabella Boston Tea Party group: Isatou, Angelicalee, Kendall King George group: John, Jonathan, Ronald King George group: Samantha, Lara King George group: Robert, Jeily Thomas Jefferson group: Maylene, Stacey, Alyssa

  6. Group I Boston Tea Party group: William, Joseph, John Boston Tea Party group: Alyssa, Chauntel, Brandon King George group: Victoria, Ana, Ashley King George group: Steven, Sayed, Julian Thomas Jefferson group: Jordany, Eshei Thomas Jefferson group: Sebastian, Renzo Bunker Hill group: Meagan, Blake Bunker Hill group: Danielle, Ethan Kosavare, Oscani

  7. Group F Boston Tea Party group: Damian, Garett, Francisco Boston Tea Party group: Jennifer, Elis, Taylor King George group: Anna Selsky, Ashley, Selim King George group: Feng, Ikem, Griselis King George group: Justin, Majhani, Danielle King George group: Michelle, Ghalia, Anna Zhang Bunker Hill group: Jada, Ethan Bunker Hill group: Julian, Jannatul, Sean