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for Business. M I MIX ® AVAILABILITY 7 Includes preview of 7.1 FCS Technical Overview. Last Updated: January 31 st 2012. The Industry Benchmark For Enterprise HA/DR. MIMIX AVAILABILITY 7. Ideal for enterprise type environments. The industry benchmark for enterprise HA.

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Mimix availability 7 includes preview of 7 1 fcs technical overview 1345588

for Business


Includes preview of 7.1 FCSTechnical Overview

Last Updated: January 31st 2012

The Industry Benchmark For Enterprise HA/DR

Mimix availability 7

Ideal for enterprise type environments

The industry benchmark for enterprise HA

MIMIX Dynamic Apply

Highest apply workloads in the industry

  • Professional, Enterprise, Global Licenses–Match your environment

  • Unlimited Application Groups – Individually switchable applications

  • Auto Object Registration – automatic configuration of new objects

  • Advanced Audit & Repair–self correcting / autonomic features

  • Dynamic Apply–parallel apply jobs maximize performance

  • Zero Downtime Backup – users are not interrupted to perform tape backups

  • Automated Switch–flexible switch, predictable RPO/RTO

  • Vision Solutions Portal (VSP) – portal based graphical monitor

  • 5250 Menus, Screens & Commands–advanced integration and customization

  • MIMIX For MQ– WebSphere MQ messaging support

  • MIMIX Director Optimization Utilities–monitor/manage/optimize IBM i system

  • MIMIX MonitorJobs–customizable event control

  • MIMIX Promoter–minimize down time while re-organizing & copying

  • Library Name Mapping–allows libraryrenaming & duplicating

  • Bi-Directional (active-active) Flow–advanced workload balancing

Vision Solutions

Portal (VSP)

Sophisticated multi-node

graphical HA & DR monitor



Extensive optimization

utilities for IBM i environments


Full feature HA & DR

Over 4000 licenses sold to over 2000 customers

M i mix availability 7

for Business



Product Family


Base product

Suitable for

A to B topologies


Base product

Suitable for

multi-node and hybrid topologies

MIMIX Migrate While Active

Temporary MIMIX license used to help migrate data to new server(s) without down time


BASE Edition

Companion to base product which allows MIMIX Enterprise or Professional support clustered-multi-node MIMIX environments


IASP Edition

Companion to base product*which allows MIMIX Enterprise to support clustered-hybrid-node environments with IBM Power HA For IBM i Standard Edition


SAN Edition

Companion to base product *which allows MIMIX Enterprise to support clustered-hybrid-node environments with IBM Power HA For IBM i Enterprise Edition

The Industry Benchmark for Enterprise HA/DR

*available in stand alone mode (without MIMIX backup node)

Mimix and itera positioning
MIMIX and iTERA Positioning



MIMIX - Medium and Enterprise Business

  • Transaction volumes over 100MJTPH per journal

MIMIX Global


  • Multi node & hybrid cluster support

  • Graphical user interface

MIMIX Enterprise

  • Library redirection

  • Programmers interface

  • Lots of user configurable features

MIMIX Professional

  • Can be user configured to be autonomic (self managing & self correcting)


  • Easy to use

iTERA - Small and Medium Business

  • Transaction volumes up to 20MJTPH per journal

  • Virtual Role Swap Test (unique in the industry)


  • Lower Cost than MIMIX Enterprise

  • Always-on autonomics (self managing & self correcting)

  • Essential features for most A to B environments


  • Very easy to use

Mimix professional and mimix enterprise
MIMIX Professional and MIMIX Enterprise





  • Library name mapping - 

  • Intra system topology (A to A ) - 

  • Compatible with MIMIX Global – IASP Edition - 

  • Compatible with MIMIX Global – SAN Edition - 

  • One to many topology (A to B & C) 2max 

  • Multiple instances on same system/LPAR 2max 

Suitable for

A to B topologies

Suitable for

multi node

and hybrid topologies

If you want clustered multi-node support, add MIMIX Global Base Edition

to either MIMIX Professional or MIMIX Enterprise

Migrating to mimix or itera from oms ods
Migrating to MIMIX (or iTERA) From OMS/ODS

OMS/ODS Customers, current on maintenance can migrate to MIMIX (or iTERA) and get extra functionality for free

Evaluate functionality of new product before migrating or replacing

How does mimix work

Dynamic Apply


How Does MIMIX Work?

Consistent, reliable & predictable

switch times (minutes)

multi-node graphical monitor

Multiple dynamic apply jobs cooperate to

maximize apply performance


IBM i System


IBM i System

Extensive developments in autonomic capabilities recently ensure verylow maintenance

Consistent tape backups take place

on the backup system with zero production downtime

Machine Interface

Maximum hardware flexibility, servers can be different models, different storage and different OS release. Multi-node and hybrid HA clusters

Low overhead remote journaling captures all data & object changes in real time below MI interface and provides efficient transport over anydistance. Async and Sync modes

Backup database is

always on-line, consistent and ready (no vary-on required)

*(1) Zero seconds with synchronous RJ and <1 second typical for asynchronous RJ

*(2) Depends on customers business applications and environment

Graphical monitor vision solutions portal vsp
Graphical Monitor (Vision Solutions Portal - VSP)


Portal Container

Included in both Professional and Enterprise licenses



Operator Actions



Installed in the IFS

User defined permissions (incl. view only)

Respects all IBM i node security

Supports https

Multi-node/instance monitoring and control

Fast response times

Strategic for multiple Vision products

Built on Apache Jetspeed-2 portal technology

Supports JSR-168/286 industry standards

Mimix 5250 interface
MIMIX 5250 Interface

  • MIMIX can be controlled with extensive set of CL commands.

  • Includes many retrieve and outfile commands which allow custom integration with other applications

  • Includes completion and escape messages which can be monitored

  • Command defaults can be changed

  • Easy to navigate SAA/CUA compliant Menus & Screens

  • Screens have extensive on-line ‘cursor sensitive’ help text

Mimix global base edition companion product
MIMIX GLOBAL Base Editioncompanion product


  • MIMIX Global Base Edition is a ‘companion product’ which can be added to MIMIX Professional or MIMIX Enterprise

  • Allows customer to extend traditional A to B topologies to multi-node* clustered topologies

  • Having two backup nodes gives you some operational advantages. Eg. Do un-interrupted tape backups locally while maintaining an hot offsite backup.

  • If you execute a planned switch you still maintain HA/DR which could be important if you have an SLA which states that you must never run without HA/DR.



Production applications are protected while

maintaining two MIMIX backup systems in

normal mode


And while in recovery mode applications continue to have full HA/DR

All MIMIX Global Editions support up to 128 nodes in a single cluster

Mimix global iasp san editions companion products
MIMIX GLOBAL IASP & SAN Editionscompanion products


  • MIMIX Global IASP & SAN Editions are ‘companion products’ which can be added to MIMIX Enterprise or used in ‘stand alone mode’

  • Allows customer to extend traditional A to B topologies to multi-node hybrid* HA/DR cluster topologies

  • A hybrid HA/DR cluster is one where both MIMIX and Hardware HA/DR backup nodes co-exist in the same cluster

  • Stand-Alone mode is for topologies where there is no MIMIX backup node

  • Having two backup nodes gives some operational advantages. Eg. Do un-interrupted tape backups locally while maintaining a hot offsite backup

  • If you execute a planned switch you still maintain full HA/DR (could be important if you have an SLA which states that you must never run without HA/DR)

  • SYSBAS replication is included



Production applications are protected while

maintaining two MIMIX backup systems in

normal mode


And while inrecovery mode applications continue to have full HA/DR

SAN Edition supports: Metro Mirror, Global Mirror & LUN Level Switching

IASP Edition supports: Synchronous/Asynchronous Geo Mirror & LUN Level Switching

Mimix dynamic apply
MIMIX Dynamic Apply

  • Cooperative Processing

  • Allows efficient cooperative processing of apply workload in mult-processor and multi-core environments resulting in faster apply rates

Multiple apply

Tasks (sessions)

work in parallel

  • Self-Maintaining File Relationships

  • Intelligently handles relationships between physical and logical files by assigning them to the same or appropriate apply sessions each time you start replication


multi-core multi-task


  • Self-Maintaining Data Integrity

  • Automatically maintains data integrity of replicated objects including operations such as creates, deletes, moves, and renames

MIMIX 7.1 FCS Achieved over

290 MJTPH* in this environment

A new industry record!

Power 7 Chips

can run 32 tasks

(quadruple that of Power 6)

9117-MMB (770), Feature #4980, 350GB Memory, DS8800 storage mixed HDD and SSDs, V6R1M1, Multiple MIMIX Data Groups, MIMIX 7.1 FCS,

IBM Montpellier Test Environment, Calls and Billing applications, Oct 2011

Data groups application groups
Data Groups & Application Groups

  • A data group* is a logical grouping of database files, data areas, objects, IFS objects, DLOs,

  • Defines a unit of work by which replication activity is controlled.

  • A data group may represent an application, a set of one or more libraries, or all of the critical data on a given system.

  • Application environments may define a data group as a specific set of files and objects

  • Application Groups* allow users to

  • group and control multiple data groups

  • as one entity.

8=Display status

There is no limit on how many

Data Groups or Application Groups

can be defined in MIMIX*

*This is true for Professional, Enterprise & Global licenses

*Sometimes called ‘Data Resource Groups’ and ‘Application Resource Groups’

Mimix autoguard
MIMIX AutoGuard

Data Group name

  • MIMIX AutoGuard is a set of features which automatically detect and correct replication issues either in real time or during automatically scheduled audits

  • Audits - Audits are predetermined programs that are used to check for known conditions, preferably at regularly scheduled intervals

  • Automatic Recovery - if AutoGuard identifies an issue which is known to interfere with maintaining switch readiness, it will automatically start recovery actions to correct them. For example a record that failed to update a target file

  • Complience - MIMIX determines compliance by verifying whether successfully completed audits or regular switches occur within a time range defined in policies

  • Policies – Allow users to enable/disable/change AutoGuard actions at a Data Group level

  • Notifications – Alert operation when AutoGuard activities end in error

Audits that will

run automatically for this Data Group

Automatic Recovery

has been enabled

for this Data Group

MIMIX AutoGuard significantly simplifies the amount of time and effort required to maintain your MIMIX environment for availability and switch readiness.

Sometimes called ‘Autonomics’

Mimix optimization
MIMIX Optimization

Utilities Designed to Help Analyze, Optimize and Manage your IBM i Environment

Automatically keep your IBM i environment healthy

Current system health

  • iSCORE utility calculates your system health

  • System health details displayed graphically

  • System health analyzed automatically

  • System cleaned up to improve health automatically

  • System health reports

  • File re-organizers

  • Event managers & monitors

  • Spool management

  • Archiving

  • Object level analysis including user generated views

Storage utilization


Gartner Research has identified that the difference in TCO between an unmanaged and a well-managed system can be as much as 36 percent.

Mimix availability 7 includes preview of 7 1 fcs technical overview 1345588

MIMIX OptimizationUtilities

Utilities also sold separately as a separate product called MIMIX Director

  • ARC Archiving

  • CAL Calendar & Schedule

  • CEQ Customized Enquiries

  • CFG Configuration

  • CLN System Clean Up

  • DOM Domains & Change History

  • DSH Health Dashboard

  • DXR Dynamic Cross Reference

  • EVT Event Manager

  • EXP Exit Point Control

  • FIL File Enquiries

  • HLR Health Reports

  • IFS Integrated File System

  • ISR iSCORE Report*(1)

  • JBT Job Tracking

  • JOB Active Job Analysis

  • OBJ Object Enquiries

  • OPR Operations

  • OPT Optimizer

  • PER Performance

  • PGM Program & Performance

  • RIP RWA - In Place

  • RWM RWA - Mirrored

  • SAV Save & Restore

  • SEC Security

  • SPA Break Down Of Spools

  • SPL Spool & Management

  • TMP Temporary Storage Monitor

  • TSK Task Scheduler

*(1) Separate install without a license fee (to allow a quick initial analysis of a system/LPAR)

Mimix availability 7 includes preview of 7 1 fcs technical overview 1345588

3.3 iOptimize License Consolidation

(Packaging & Documentation)


  • Feature

  • Previously there were four license types i.e. ‘Director' , ‘Director Enterprise ', 'RWA Mirrored' , ‘MIMIX Optimization Feature' which each offered subsets of functionality. These have been consolidated now into a single license which includes all functionality.

  • Benefit

  • Allows v7.1 users to get all functionality at no extra cost.













FCS end August 2011, GA target end March 2012


More Functionality

No More Cost

Disclaimer This is a First Customer Ship (FCS) release. There may be changes right up to the General Availability (GA) Date.

Application group switching proc step
Application Group Switching – Proc & Step

‘One Button’ Switching

Predictable RTO & RPO

  • Procedures & Steps (Proc & Step Feature) allows users to define procedures which are user initiated and run automatically against an application group

  • Most common uses of Proc & Step are: Planned Switch Procedure

  • Unplanned Switch Procedure

  • Each application group can have its own user defined switch procedures

  • Each procedures is made up of multiple user defined steps, each step identifies a program to execute.

  • Procedure starts one job for the application group and an additional job for each of its data groups. Jobs run in parallel.

  • Procedure history is stored so you can see who run which procedure, when and a detailed log of each step that was executed.

User Defined

Procedure Name

User Defined

Application Group Name

How long the step took

to run

Current status of


User defined

step within the


Application Groups plus Proc & Step are recommended Best Practices in MIMIX 7

Library name mapping

Production System 1

Backup System

Backup System

Production System 2

Production System

Backup System

Library Name Mapping

Allows library renaming & duplicating

Example 1:

Problem: Customer wants to consolidate two environments

into one backup environment but library names are the same on both production systems

Solution: Library Name Mapping enables both environments to co-exist on a single backup system or single backup LPAR

Example 2:

Problem: Customer has a multi-environment business application which uses a common library and wants to create separate and complete backup environments

Solution: Library Name Mapping enables the common library to be selected in more than one Data Group and renamed on the backup so that there are multiple complete mirrored backup environments.

Bi directional active active flow
Bi-directional (Active-Active) Flow

Advanced workload balancing

MIMIX AVAILABILITY 7 allows users in two locations to update local data and MIMIX will keep this data synchronized bi-directionaly with a remote system. This is configured at data group level using unique key replication. MIMIX HA 6.0 also allows automatic collision resolution which is configurable

Users at location A

Update Customer Info locally

Users at location B

Update Customer Info locally

Bi-directional flow

keeps data synchronized

Consideration: When implementing bi-directional replication there are special considerations which are environment specific. Bi-directional replication should therefore only be implemented with assistance from Vision or Vision partners technically certified in MIMIX.


Spread application workload across more than one system

Accelerate role swap time (some environments)

Mimix 7 0 new features 1 2





MIMIX 7.0 New Features1/2


Vision Solutions Portal (VSP):New graphical monitor based on a portal container and portlets. Allows multi-system monitoring and switching and basic problem resolution from an all-new strategic GUI

Application Groups: Application groups allow several data groups to be combined for easier management and switching

Proc & Step: User defined procedures and steps allow user defined ‘one button switch’ processing at application group level

HA Portlets

MIMIX Optimization: Collection of 29 utilities (MIMIX Director) which help analyze and optimize the System i environment and help keep it healthy. Portlets integrated in VSP. Included in both Enterprise and Professional license. Industry First: First HA solution to have System Optimization included

Optimization portlets

*(1) MSF still supported in 7 to provide backward compatibility

V7 GA: Sept 13th 2010

Mimix 7 0 new features 2 2






MIMIX 7.0 New Features 2/2

MIMIX Global: Companion product in 3-editions . Allows support of multi-node MIMIX clusters & hybrid node clusters. Includes management, monitoring, switching and *SYSBAS replication

OMS/ODS Migration Tools: 3 new tools which can be used to help migrate ORION 1.2 / 6.0 to MIMIX HA 7.0. Step 1: Install MIMIX 7.0, create system and transfer definitions. Step 2: Run EXPPRDCFG to extract OMS/ODS configuration Step 3: Run CRTMMXDFN to create MIMIX configuration Step 4: Manually check MIMIX configuration Step 5: Run STRCVTAG to start convert at application group level

Parallel Access Path Maintenance: Apply performance improvements of 75%-100% can be achieved in some environments by delaying access path maintenance on user specific files. Includes maintenance parameters and monitors for easy setup

Database Apply Cache: Apply performance improvements of 35%-45% can be achieved in some environments by providing user configurable caching feature which runs on the backup node (similar to IBM option 42) – Enables/disabled at data group level. Uses commit boundaries to cache updates in memory on the backup.

Audit/Object Level History: History of all auditing now easily accessible on-screen

V7 GA: Sept 13th 2010

Mimix availability 7 includes preview of 7 1 fcs technical overview 1345588

MIMIX 7.1 New Features







  • 1. Performance

    • 1.1 Fast Journal Read

    • 1.2 Fast Commit

    • 1.3 Fast Commit Rollback

    • 1.4 Fast QAUDJRN Processing

    • 1.5 Fast IFS Data Group Start

    • 1.6 Fast Lock Allocate/Release

  • 2. Audit & Self-Heal

    • 2.1 Prioritized Object Audit

    • 2.2 Unauthorized Change Notification

  • 3. Packaging & Documentation

    • 3.1 Director Rebranding to iOptimize

    • 3.2 iOptimize Release Harmonization

    • 3.3 iOptimize License Consolidation

  • 4. iOptimize

    • 4.1 Fast Cross-Reference

    • 4.2 User Configurable Cross-Reference

    • 4.3 Customizable Banners on Health Reports

    • 4.4 Graphical IFS Explorer

    • 4.5 User-Class Security

    • 4.6 System Value Defaults Report

    • 4.7 Mass Group Action

    • 4.8 Growth Forecast

    • 4.9 Processing Window

    • 4.10 Expand Object Detail

    • 4.11 Dashboard Refinements

    • 4.12 Job Accounting

  • 5. Monitoring & Tracking

    • 5.1 Arrivals & Backlog Graphs

    • 5.2 Replicated Object List



FCS end August 2011, GA target end March 2012


Five Areas Of Focus

Twenty Five* New Features

*.Some of these can be broken down into more sub features

Disclaimer This is a First Customer Ship (FCS) release. There may be changes right up to the General Availability (GA) Date.

Mimix availability 7 includes preview of 7 1 fcs technical overview 1345588

Arrivals & Backlog Graphs

(Status Monitoring)


Shows Historical Workloads

& Replication Performance


  • Feature

  • New portlet captures statistical information at regular intervals including 'arrivals on source' (journal workload), 'replication backlog' (apply lag) and' RJ backlog' (comms lag). This information is displayed graphically to show peaks and valleys of workload plus periods where lags may have occurred.

  • The information is also available in the form of data tables. History is retained for a 2 month period.

  • Benefit

  • Allows for better understanding of the environment and helps highlight areas for improvement.

Data View

FCS end August 2011, GA target end March 2012

Disclaimer This is a First Customer Ship (FCS) release. There may be changes right up to the General Availability (GA) Date.

Mimix availability 7 includes preview of 7 1 fcs technical overview 1345588

Online Banking

Topology Features

Local HA/DR system (B1)

Remote HA/DR system (B2)

Three node MIMIX Global cluster

Fully automatic SYSBAS replication

Vision Solutions Portal (browser based GUI)

Automated Self-Correcting audits

Fast dynamic apply processing

Automated switch/switch back operation

Automated MQ Series support

Optimization utilities (Director)


Enables true 24 hour business

One button fast (1) switch operation

One button fast (2) switch back operation

Zero downtime backup (SAVLIB with exclusive lock)

Full HA/DR during planned maintenance (B2)

Full site failure protection (B2)

No IASPs needed

OS release flexibility (V5R4 – V7R1)

Low administration (5 minutes per day)

Low communications bandwidth to remote site

Built on robust industry proven MIMIX technology

Low resource utilization (<5% CPU per node)

RPO = last transaction

RTO = 30 minutes (1)

No IASPs needed

Live Since

December 2011

Zero downtime backup

(exclusive lock)

MIMIX Global 7.0 – Base Edition

Data Centre 1

Vision Solutions Portal


Model 520



Custom Online Banking +

MQ Series


Local Backup

Model 520








Remote Backup

Model 520



Data Centre 2

  • Switch time (RTO) is predictable for MIMIX and depends mostly on the application and environment. 30 min – 60 min is typical

  • Switch back after planned maintenance takes 30 min - 60 min



Mimix support
MIMIX Support

  • 24X7 Support – telephone, e-mail, on-line

  • First level MIMIX support from certifiedlocal business partners

  • Second level MIMIX support from support centers:

    • Rochester MN

    • Manchester UK

    • Hong Kong

  • Third level MIMIX support from development lab in Rochester MN

  • On-line knowledge base

  • On-line incident tracking

  • Regular Service Packs (approx every 2 months)

  • On-line software upgrades

  • On-site assistance (extra cost)