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Mail and C&S - The Next Evolution in Notes Client Messaging PowerPoint Presentation
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Mail and C&S - The Next Evolution in Notes Client Messaging

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Mail and C&S - The Next Evolution in Notes Client Messaging - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mail and C&S - The Next Evolution in Notes Client Messaging . Jill Jones Notes Client Product Manager. Agenda. Overview What's New in Lotus Notes 6 Mail What's New in Lotus Notes 6 C&S C&S Best Practices and Coexistence More Information Q&A. Product Design Goals for Notes.

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Presentation Transcript


  • Overview
  • What's New in Lotus Notes 6 Mail
  • What's New in Lotus Notes 6 C&S
  • C&S Best Practices and Coexistence
  • More Information
  • Q&A

Product Design Goals for Notes

  • Improve ease of use
  • Improve end-user productivity
  • Strengthen replication and mobility features
  • Continue to focus on collaboration
  • Enhance performance
  • Streamline administration

Functional Goals for Mail and C&S

  • Faster human processing
  • Expose more functions directly
  • Improved assistant/delegate mailbox/calendar management
  • Minimal user retraining

Messaging Enhancements

  • Inbox view
  • Attachment handling
  • Mailfile management
  • Trash
  • Ambiguous names
  • Related Topics
    • vCard
    • Contact Management

Messaging Enhancements

  • Color-coded view entries
  • Auto refresh for incoming messages
  • End-user frame customizations preserved
    • column placement, column width, sort
  • Show unread counts in folders
  • Attachment handling improvements

Messaging Enhancements (continued)

  • Trash Folder
    • Messages are immediately moved to trash
    • Automatic time for deletion is customizable
    • Messages can be restored
  • Ambiguous Names Dialog box
    • Improved dialog box shows detailed information
    • Name, alternate name, mail address, mail domain, location
    • Details button takes you to Domino Directory Entry
  • vCard Handling
    • Messages with attached vCards can be viewed and copied to your personal name and address book
    • vCards can be created by copying and pasting from the public and personal Directories

C&S Enhancements

  • Calendar User Interface
  • Time Zone Support
  • Enterprise Calendar Management
  • Resource Reservations
  • To Do's
  • Related Topics
    • Printing
    • Wireless Device Synchronization

Calendar User Interface

  • User Interface Enhancements
    • Calendar notices
    • Open often used calendars of others
  • New notification options

Calendar User Interface (continued)

  • Side by side conflicts
  • Color code entry types
  • Drag start/end time to reschedule
  • Display dual time zones
  • Icons for private, pencil-in and draft

Calendar User Interface - Scheduling Form

  • New layout for easier scheduling
  • Sametime online meetings
  • Independent time zones in a single entry
  • Meetings/appointments can span midnight

Calendar User Interface - Scheduling Form (continued)

  • Embedded Scheduler
    • Show who can and cannot attend meetings
    • Drag/drop appointment indicator
    • Display appointment details
    • Provide access to other calendars and appointments
    • Provide suggested meeting times

Enterprise Calendar Management

  • Secure calendar management
    • Assistant can create meetings with Executive as the chairperson
    • Assistant can see a placeholder for private entries in the Executive's calendar
    • Action bar shortcuts to quickly open the Executive's calendar

Enterprise Calendar Management (continued)

  • Easy for assistants to manage multiple calendars
    • Email notification to assistant when Executive receives invitation
    • Email notification for accepts and declines when the Executive is the chairperson
    • Notifications include doclinks to allow quick access to the invitation, acceptance, etc.
  • Multiple assistants can manage the same calendar

Resource Reservations

  • New Resource type (i.e., Sametime Online Meeting Place)
  • Edit reservations created in resource database
  • More detailed reservation forms
    • Repeat dates, requester, purpose
  • Improved overall messages
  • Individual room/resource calendar

To Do's

  • In view adding and editing
  • Customizable view
  • Categories
  • Better calendar tracking
  • Display on calendar based on user preference
  • Carry uncompleted To Do's to the next day

Related Topics

  • Emphasis on Printing
    • Customized Print Settings for C&S
    • Group Calendar Printing
    • Print to document
  • Synchronization with Wireless Devices
    • Wirelessly via WAP
      • View Calendar using Today, Tomorrow and Next
      • Accept/deny invitations
    • Sync to native handheld calendar (e.g., Palm OS, Win CE, PocketPC 2002) with EasySync Pro

Best Practices for C&S

  • Assistants and Executives should be on the same client/server versions
  • For faster busytime processing, keep users who often work together on the same server
  • For best performance it is recommended that the Resource Reservation database reside on it's own server

Why upgrade to Lotus Notes 6?

  • Lower TCO
    • C&S enhancements
    • Roaming user support
    • Increased usability
    • Minimal retraining
    • Increased Administrative controls
  • Increased Productivity
    • Drag and Drop support
    • Sametime integration
    • Calendar view
    • Attachment handling
    • Mailfile management
    • Enterprise calendar management

More Information

  • Web site locations
    • (formerly
      • Rnext Pre-release 2
      • Notes/Domino fixlist Database


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