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Blizzards and Hail by Jack and James PowerPoint Presentation
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Blizzards and Hail by Jack and James

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Blizzards and Hail by Jack and James
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Blizzards and Hail by Jack and James

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  1. Blizzards and Hail by Jack and James

  2. blizzards Hail Quiz

  3. Hail How hail is formed: In very cold conditions in the clouds, the water freezes as it passes through the air. Hail requires strong upward motion of air. Hail happens when the heat of the earth pushes rain drops back up high above where the air is cold enough to freeze them. Then they get too heavy and fall down to Earth as hail What damage it can do: it can lead to collapsed houses, cars wrecked, sky lights crushed, and broken windows Prepare for a approaching Hail storm: 1. Close all windows and external doors if you see a storm approaching. Close curtains to protect from possible flying glass. 2. provide shelter for any out door pet or farm animals. Animals are particularly vulnerable to hail 3. pull cars, boats and RVs into a covered area. How does hail get so big: big hail comes when the warm air doesn't let the hail stones down when they are frozen they keep absorbing moisture until it gets so big the warm air drops it. Back

  4. Blizzards What to do: First thing you need to do is find some shelter then get into very warm clothes. If you are in a vehicle find some place to stay. You do not want to be driving around during a storm. Outside: do not eat snow it will lower you body temperature try to stay dry, cover all exposed parts, build a fire and try to attract attention, place rocks around the fire to absorb heat and build a snow cave. What damage it can do: A blizzard can do all sorts of thing like snowing in houses, people freezing (if their out side), school to be cancelled, it can also lead to extensive flooding, frostbites; A frostbite is a severe reaction to cold exposure that can permanently damage its victim. A loss of feeling and a white or pale appearance in fingers, toes, or nose and ear symptoms of frostbite. And there’s hypothermia; hypothermia isa condition brought on when the body temperature drops dangerously low. Symptoms or hypothermia include uncontrollable shivering, slow speech, memory lapses, frequent you from going out side, but encourage you to be informed and dress properly How blizzards are formed: Water in the air (water vapour), cold air ( below Freezing ) is needed to make snow. Warm air needs to rise above the cold air to form clouds and cause precipitation. Warm air can also rise to form clouds and blizzard snows as it flows up a mountainside. Back

  5. How does hail form Rain passes through low temperatures Hail does not form Warm air pushes rain drops up

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  7. What is the first thing you do when there is an approaching hail storm Nothing Close all windows Get under a couch

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  9. Where does the warm air come from The ground The clouds The sofa

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