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Blizzards . By Rebecca N. Jonathan H. Kyra R. . How do Blizzards Start?.

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By Rebecca N. Jonathan H. Kyra R.

how do blizzards start
How do BlizzardsStart?
  • For snow to fall to the ground, the temperature must be cold both up in the clouds where snow forms, and down at ground level. If the air near ground level is to warm, the snow will melt on its way down , changing to rain or freezing rain so a blizzard cannot form.
  • A blizzard starts when freezing polar air meets warm, tropical air.
  • Blizzards start like most snowstorms, the difference is the temperature and the wind. In a blizzard wind can knock over a skyscraper.
blizzard facts
Blizzard Facts!
  • During a blizzard the winds can kick up to 250km.

an hour.

  • The snow of a blizzard can get much thicker than a normal snow storm.
  • With that kind of snow your face would need to be covered.
how big can a blizzard get
How Big Can a Blizzard Get?
  • A blizzard can get as much snow as 270 cm.
  • With that much snow you could walk on your roof!
  • You might need extra gear.
after a blizzard
After a Blizzard!

After a blizzard everything looks completely white.

The snow looks like sand dunes but white.

After a blizzard everything looks


deep thinking questions
Deep thinking questions.
  • What is the most common area for a blizzard?
  • How long does a blizzard last?
  • How much damage can a blizzard cause?