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BLIZZARDS. BY:SHINWON & SONYA. When do Blizzards Occur. Blizzards occur anytime between late fall and early spring. How do Blizzards Form. Snowstorms begin when colder air meets warmer air and begin to twist.

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when do blizzards occur
When do Blizzards Occur
  • Blizzards occur anytime between late fall and early spring.
how do blizzards form
How do Blizzards Form
  • Snowstorms begin when colder air meets warmer air and begin to twist.
  • For the snow to actually form and fall from the clouds, some type of precipitation must be present in the clouds.
  • There also needs to be a combination of freezing temperature and heavy winds.
where do blizzards occur
Where Do Blizzards Occur
  • Blizzards are most common in the northern Mississippi Basin, in the central part of Canada and also in Russia.
  • Blizzards also occur in the Central Great Plains.

Definition of a Blizzard

  • A severe snowstorm with strong winds and poor visibility
  • For a snow storm to be classified as a blizzard, winds must exceed 56km (35 mi) per hour
  • The temperature must be -7 degrees celcius or lower
  • Fill bathtubs with water in case pipes freeze.
  • Make sure windows and doors are tightly closed and anything movable in the yard is tied down or brought inside. Bring in pets too!!!
  • Be sure to stock up on food especially food that doesn’t need to be cooked, refrigerated, or frozen.
  • Have batteries for flashlights and radios unless it is necessary stay indoors.
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