how technology mediates contemporary relationships with the natural environments n.
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How technology mediates contemporary relationships with the natural environments. 3.2.2. The role of technology considers the broader social implications of technology. Such as changes to human interactions with natural environments caused by technological advances 

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The role of technology considers the broader social implications of technology. Such as changes to human interactions with natural environments caused by technological advances 

  • You need to be able to Consider the role of technology in the way that it acts as an interface or intermediary between humans and natural environments – that technology has changed the way that humans interact with the natural environments
technology has lead to
Technology has lead to….
  • Activities are perceived as safer
  • Rock climbing
  • Mountaineering
  • Rafting
  • High ropes
  • Bush walking
new activities have emerged
New activities have emerged
  • ktrak.mp4
  • Cross country ---> downhill skiing ---> Snowboarding
  • Rock climbing ---> Indoor rock climbing
  • Artifical wave riders
  • Jet ski’s, seadoo’s snow mobiles
technology has lead to1
Technology has lead to….
  • Technology has played a huge part in the development of outdoor equipment such as surfboards, skis, snowboards and mountain bikes. The role that this plays is that participants can go faster and manoeuvre themselves through more difficult and challenging environments. Participation in extreme outdoor pursuits has increased as a result.
  • The changes in technology has also improved techniques associated with recreational activities, which has also enabled people to do the unthinkable.
better technology has lead to
Better technology has lead to…
  • Enhanced accessibility to environments, as well as allowing recreational abilities of all levels to participate
  • Personal outdoor experiences have been enhanced by technology as the design and development if communication devices; clothing and specialised equipment makes the activity safer and the gear lighter and more effective
technology has
Technology has…..
  • Alienated some people from using natural environments.
  • It may also have also causes some people don’t interact with natural at all
technological changes
Technological changes
  • New materials: gortex, polar fleece
  • Communication devices: mobile phone coverage, satellite phones, UHF radio
  • Tracking/mapping devices: GPS, Eperbs
  • More streamlined canoes, ski’s and boards,
  • lightweight and quickly drying clothing,
  • lightweight camping gear
  • Strongergear

As a result of technology people can engage in different outdoor activities and recreational pursuits. Without technology these relationships would be different.

  • Technology helps us to move faster, climb further and go to places that we couldn’t before.
example how has technology mediate bushwalking
Example: How has technology mediate bushwalking?
  • Map: changes to getting from A to B rather that seeing the environment. The use of the map has mediated the relationship between the experience and us. 
  • Clothing and equipment: lighter and more comfortable, not as difficult – we can go to places with greater ease or that have been previously impossible to conquer (Mount Everest)
  • Alienated from the outdoor environment, Focus is often not on enjoying the environment, rather the activity,
  • Bushwalking is now safer and easier
  • How has technology mediated your experiences?
  • Equipment table
  • Nature and the television set
  • Alpine vs. Nordic
  • Technological changes in bushwalking
  • How has technology mediated our trips so far?
  • How does technology mediate other types of interactions in the outdoors?
  • Learning activity 3.26
  • Investigation of a material used in outdoor activities
research activity
Research activity
  • Choose an outdoor recreational activity and research the technological changes that have occurred.

Look at:

  • What technology changes have occurred in this activity
  • What have these changes enabled people to do?
  • What roles has this equipment played in mediating outdoor experiences?
  • Why have these changes occurred?
  • What are the positive impacts of these developments
  • What are the negative impacts of these developments