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University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez Campus General Library PowerPoint Presentation
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University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez Campus General Library

University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez Campus General Library

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University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez Campus General Library

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  1. University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez CampusGeneral Library ONLINE CATALOG TUTORIAL Prepared by: GLADYS E. LOPEZ Y NORMA I. SOJO-RAMOS Translated by: Isabel Ruiz Tardí August 2004 © 2004 General Library - RUM

  2. INTRODUCTION • In 1984 the General Library of the University of Puerto Rico , Mayagüez Campus was a pioneer in automating its library services. • In 2004 we celebrate the 20th anniversary of this achievement by offering our patrons a new integrated automation system which is completely graphic.

  3. INTRODUCTION • The Library page and its electronic catalog can be accessed through the Web. The Online Catalog allows you to browse the resources available at our Library from anywhere in the world. Our electronic address is the following :


  5. DICTIONARY • Online Catalog – an electronic list of all types of resources available at the Library. • Collection – a place which houses library resources such as, for example: Reference, Puerto Rican Collection, Marine Sciences. • Item type –kind of resource, for example: books, journals, microfiche, videos, films.

  6. DICTIONARY • Location – collection or department which houses the resources available at the Library. • Holdings – number of resources available and their location. • Library personnel – library employees

  7. LIBRARY CATALOG • The best way to know the location of a resource is by accessing the catalog. • The resources are represented by means of a bibliographic record.

  8. BIBLIOGRAPHIC RECORD • Includes Author Title Edition Place of publication Publisher Year of publication Pages Dimension Subjects Call number

  9. ONLINE CATALOG Click “Catalogs” under the section “Virtual Library” at the Library’s home page


  11. ONLINE CATALOG The following screen will appear:

  12. TYPES OF SEARCHES • By author • By title • By subject • Combined searches

  13. SAMPLE AUTHOR SEARCH IMPORTANT Select type of search Last name first

  14. RESULTS 59 titles found for García Marquez Copies, title, call number and year of publication

  15. RESULTS IN DETAIL Publisher, year of publication, pages, ISBN and number of copies. Call number and location

  16. SAMPLE TITLE SEARCH Omit articles The complete title is La Mala Hora Select the type of search

  17. RESULTS Numberof titles found - 5

  18. EXAMPLE SUBJECT SEARCH Write subjects always in English Select the type of search

  19. RESULTS Search term and number of titles found on that subject


  21. OTHER ONLINE DATABASES • ALVADB – This database was created in February 2003. It contains approximately 500 bibliographic records of manuscripts, reprints and articles on literature and linguistics which are available at the Josefina y Manuel Alvarez Nazario Collection. • INDREF – This database was created in October 1992. It is an index of bibliographies and literary critiques. The emphasis of the material contained in the database is on Latin Americans. Most of the material is in Spanish. The database contains over 20,000 bibliographic records. • MARINE – This database was created in November 1992. Its contains over 2,700 bibliographic records of reprints on Marine Sciences and related fields. • SAMADB – This database was created in May 1990. It is an index of local newspaper articles on Puerto Rico and on Puerto Ricans. Its contains over 20,000 records.


  23. LIMIT SEARCH • This option appears at the bottom of the second search screen • It provides the option to combine the elements of a search, such as for example: • language • type of resource • location • year of publication

  24. OPTIONS : “LANGUAGE” • One way of limiting the results of your search is by selecting a specific language for the results obtained. • Click the arrow next to the “language” box and a list of language options will appear. • Select one to limit the results of the search.

  25. OPTIONS :“ITEM TYPE” • Another way to limit the search is by selecting the type of resource you want. • At the “item type” box you can click on the arrow to open up a list of types of resources available at the Library. • In this manner, the search is limited by type of resource: books, journals, videos, films, cd-rom, among others.

  26. OPTIONS : “LOCATIONS” • In addition, you can specify the location of the resource if you know where it can be found. • At the “location” box click on the arrow and find a list of the collections at the Library. • This way you can limit the search to a specific collection; such as for example, Reference, Puerto Rican Collection, Serial and Electronic Resources, among others.

  27. OPTIONS : “PUB YEAR” • Puedes escoger la fecha de publicacion del rtecurso, si es que conoces la misma. • In the “pubyear” box write the year of publication. • In this manner the search is limited by year.


  29. RESULTS From 39 titles by García Marquez the search was limited to 2 titles.

  30. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS • What do I need in order to access the catalog from home, the office or any other location? • Have access to the Internet by means of a service such as, America Online, etc. • Use a hypertext browser like Internet Explorer®, Netscape®, etc. • When is the catalog available? • 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The only exception to this is the time established for updating the Catalog. The time allotted for this purpose is indicated on the Catalogs entry screen.

  31. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS • Should I use caps or not then typing my search? - The system is not caps sensitive, so you can use either. • Why must subject headings be written in English? - Our library uses the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules and the Library of Congress Subject Headings to ensure a standardized usage which allows us to share our Catalog with other universities in Puerto Rico and abroad.

  32. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS • The system recognize orthographic symbols in Spanish? • The system dos not recognized “ ñ” so it must be replaced by n and accent symbols or diacritic marks must be omitted. • What can I do if I can’t find what I am looking for? • Visit one of our collections and ask a member of our library staff. You can also e-mail your question or request to a member of the library staff or enter the virtual reference page at:


  34. ADITIONAL INFORMATION • Prof. Gladys Luciano – Reference/Documents Collection x2023 • Mrs. Rita Seda – Circulation/Reserve Collection x2159 • Prof. María V. Berríos – Serials and Electronic Resources Collection x2026 • Prof. Sara Ruiz – Puerto Rican Collection x 2401 • Mr. Luis Marin – Interlibrary Loans x2205

  35. ADITIONAL INFORMATION • Prof. Carmen Ceide – Marine Sciences Collection x 2315 • Prof. Franklyn Irizarry – Audiovisual x3074 • Mrs. María del C. Pérez – Alvarez Nazario Collection x 2309 • Miss. Ana Valentín – Music Collection x2391

  36. Thank you for your visit! Click in the happy face to have access to the Online Catalog General Library P.O. Box 9022 Mayagüez, Puerto Rico 00681 787-832-4040 x3810, 2155, 2151 Fax 787-265-5483