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Leadership as Participation

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Leadership as Participation. Lori Nishiura Mackenzie Andrew Mackenzie May 2010. All great ideas are scaled in service of humanity by 2020. All Children born into a world of possiblity by 2030. The Problem with Social Media Seminars . . . . . Either

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leadership as participation

Leadership as Participation

Lori Nishiura Mackenzie

Andrew Mackenzie

May 2010


All great ideas are scaled in service of humanity by 2020

All Children born into a world of possiblity by 2030

the problem with social media seminars
The Problem with Social Media Seminars . . . .


You get enrolled but don’t know what to do


You get technical know-how, but you still don’t know what to do

So . . . .

our solution
Our Solution

Inspiration and context + hands-on exercises =

You as a Social Media participant . . . today

ground rules
Ground Rules
  • Put aside preconceived notions about social media
  • Be open to chaos
  • Engage today
  • Have fun!
  • Social Media = Social Good
  • Debunking Social Media Myths
  • Leadership as Participation
  • Speed-Workshops (20 mins each)
  • Q & A and wrap up
social media social good
Social Media = Social Good

Exponential Growth + Connection + Authenticity & Passion

= Transformation in Action (in the world)


social media social good1
Social Media = Social Good

Social scientist Nicholas Christakis on Social Networks

– From his TED talk

debunking social media myths
Debunking Social Media Myths

Myth #1: Viral means it’s automatic

  • No megaphone or a static page
  • Interaction is the key word
  • Be on the “court” – failure/mistakes are encouraged!
  • Engagement strategies is one of the speed workshops coming up
debunking social media myths1
Debunking Social Media Myths

Myth #2: I don’t have to do anything

  • What do you want to contribute to the conversation?
  • Good content draws followers:
    • user generated content
    • commenting on content
debunking social media myths2
Debunking Social Media Myths

Myth #3: Social Media is anonymous

  • The underpinnings of Social Media is relationships
debunking social media myths3
Debunking Social Media Myths

Myth #4: Social media has no leaders – it’s a free for all

  • Feedback mechanisms make it very clear whose conversation matters
  • Leaders claim their expertise and impact in the conversation
  •  We will work on this in one of the speed workshops
rethinking media
Rethinking Media
  • Clay ShirkyVideofrom TED
traditional media vs social media
Traditional Media vs. Social Media

Source: Charlene Li, Groundswell

leadership as participation1
Leadership as Participation

Your expertise  content + engagement + audience =

Leadership as participation

leadership as participation2
Leadership as Participation
  • The traditional model of leadership:
    • Leadership is earned
    • Leadership is appointed
    • Leadership based on education
    • Leadership must be obeyed
    • Leadership is….
leadership as participation3
Leadership as Participation

The new model of leadership as participation:

  • Built in a community of shared vision and passion based on mutually agreeable conversations
  • Based on contribution to the conversation as measured by the participants
  • Takes the lead and is egalitarian
leadership as participation4
Leadership as Participation
  • 3rd Guy Video

Tip the scale

leadership as participation5
Leadership as Participation

Today you will launch your platform for leadership in the conversation of your impossible promise

speed workshops

Each table will participate in 4 speed workshops

  • Expertise fueling your promise
  • Engagement strategies
  • Signing up for Twitter/your profile
  • Small group exercise
expertise vs the movement
Expertise vs. the Movement

Your Expertise

(what you care about)

What you are known for

Why people care about what you have to say

The Movement

expertise vs the movement1
Expertise vs. the Movement

Using product marketing principles to promote large-scale adoption of causes

Scaling great ideas in service of humanity

Fund Managers


Web geeks


Project Managers

expertise vs the movement2
Expertise vs. the Movement
  • Bill Clinton: Clinton Global Initiatives vs. World Peace
  • Malcolm Gladwell: Outliers vs. Humanity
  • Arianna Huffington: The Huffington Post vs. Equal Access
  • Julia Child: The Art of French Cooking vs. ______________
  • Bill Gates: Gates Foundation vs. _________________
  • Oprah Winfrey: HarpoProductions vs. ______
  • Paul Farmer: Partners in Health
  • Greg Mortenson: Three Cups of Tea
why twitter
Why Twitter?
  • Simple way to communicate with many people
  • Fast way to find people with specific interests
  • Easy to use & formulate posts (140 characters)
  • TweetDeck (Demonstration)
sign up for twitter
Sign-up for Twitter
  • Create a Bio/profile that enables you to state your expertise in an engaging way
  • etc
create a cgt twitter community
Create a CGT Twitter community
  • Search for people by hashtagfor the CGT: #CGT2010
  • Follow the others
  • Create a TweetDeckgroup
  • Direct Message or Re-Tweet
  • Get in conversation
engagement strategies
Engagement Strategies
  • Be in dialogue
  • Find like-minded audience with whom to engage
content strategies
Content Strategies
  • Types of content beyond 140 characters = links
    • User-generated (blog, articles, videos, pictures)
    • Commentary (on other’s user-generated content, eg news services, people you follow, searches, hash tags)
  • What makes good content?
    • Captures attention
    • People will tell you by RT or DM
  • Finding good content
    • Use tools on your handout
content strategies exercise
Content Strategies Exercise
  • Fill in the worksheet by yourself for 5 minutes
  • Break into groups of 3 or 4
    • Use the others in your group to brainstorm additional resources to investigate when you are next online
      • Keywords
      • Groups
      • Individual
    • Be certain everyone has a turn
introducing speed workshop leaders
Introducing Speed Workshop Leaders
  • Expertise fueling your promise Lori Nishiura Mackenzie
  • Engagement strategiesAndrew Mackenzie
  • Signing up for Twitter/your profileScott Wolf
  • Hands-on content exerciseDone in group at your table
  • Speed session 1: 20minutes
    • Share in group: 3 minutes (from 1 or 2 tables)
  • Speed session 2: 20minutes
    • Share in group: 3 minutes (from 1 or 2 tables)
  • Speed session 3: 20minutes
    • Share in group: 3 minutes (from 1 or 2 tables)
  • Speed session 4: 20minutes
    • Share in group: 3 minutes (from 1 or 2 tables)
how does twitter fit into a larger social media strategy
How does Twitter fit into a larger social media strategy?
  • Hub and Spoke
    • Many people have a “home base” or hub and the social media tools feed into the home base as “spokes”
    • You can use any mediaas your home or spoke
wrap up
Wrap up
  • Jump in
  • Make friends
  • Say something
  • Engage others
  • Respond to feedback
  • Don’t give up