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[Insert Project Name]

[Insert Project Name]. Post Implementation Review (PIR) [Insert Date of PIR] [Insert Clarity ID]. Template Instructions.

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[Insert Project Name]

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  1. [Insert Project Name] Post Implementation Review (PIR) [Insert Date of PIR] [Insert Clarity ID]

  2. Template Instructions This document is a template for the Post Implementation Review (PIR). The purpose of the PIR is to ascertain the degree of success from the project, to examine if further improvements can be made to optimize the benefits delivered, and to learn lessons from the project that can be used to improve future project work and solutions. Sections should not be removed from the presentation. If a section is not applicable, please indicate as such and provide an explanation. Additional slides may be added to convey information that you feel is important to share that is not addressed by this template. Please ensure that your presentation is Section 508 compliant by following the URL: http://www.hhs.gov/web/policies/checklistppt.html DELETE THIS SLIDE BEFORE FINALIZING YOUR PRESENTATION


  4. Presenters See this slide’s notes pages for slide instructions.

  5. Review Purpose • Review [Insert Project Name] Performance with the TRB to assess how well the project met its goals; and • Provide output to determine whether to: • Continue current operations or • Change current operations or • Terminate current operations

  6. XLC Context Post Implementation Review (PIR) is a project-level review after a period of sustained operation in the Operations & Maintenance Phase. Required artifacts: Baselined Post Implementation Report.

  7. Overview [Provide a brief overview of the application and software architectures providing a high-level context diagram. Briefly introduce the business process the system supports and how it fits within the larger context of CMS’ business identifying interfaces for both internal and external business processes. See Section 2 of the Post Implementation Report.]

  8. Stakeholder Information and Assessment Method [Briefly describe the investment's users and the process (e.g., surveys, user group meetings, customer focus groups, etc.) used to assess user or customer satisfaction. See Section 3 of the Post Implementation Report.]

  9. Assessment Results [Summarize the results of surveys or other user or customer inputs, and usage trends. Is the existing system providing customers the needed functionality and performance? Based on your user or customer inputs, is actual performance consistent with user or customer expectations, or do the current performance goals reflect current user or customer functional or performance requirements? See Section 3 of the Post Implementation Report.]

  10. Performance Measurement AreaMission and Business Results

  11. Performance Measurement AreaCustomer Results

  12. Performance Measurement AreaProcess and Activities

  13. Recommendations [Justify if the existing system should continue in operation as is, be enhanced, or terminated. If the system is to be enhanced or terminated, summarize the actions to be taken this fiscal year. See Section 5 of the Post Implementation Report.]

  14. Conclusion of Post Implementation Review (PIR)for [insert project name]

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