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Personal Project ppt Presentation

Personal Project ppt Presentation. They Live It We Watch It Campaign. Our Project.

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Personal Project ppt Presentation

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  1. Personal Project ppt Presentation They Live It We Watch It Campaign

  2. Our Project Our project is mainly an awareness campaign called They Live It, We Watch It. It revolves around those who are less fortunate primarily focusing on refugee camps such as the Syrian Zatari and Palestinian camps. We chose to concentrate on refugees in specifically due to the fact that they’ve been kicked out of their own homes and normal lives.

  3. Our Community Toward This Issue Jordan is currently flooding with refugees due to political instability all around the world. Due to this, Jordan as a nation does not have the ability to support all of these people due to extremely limited resources geographically and economically. However, these people need nutrition, health, clothing, shelter and basic necessities the country is not able to provide completely. So us as the Jordanian community are aiming to help these people from our own personal resources, physically and even mentally.

  4. Plans Towards Achievement Basically, we are aiming to begin with an awareness campaign, because we believe something can be achieved by starting simple and only tackling the communities minds and hearts. Our main supporter is going to be social media and national media. We are going to make a movie showing the contrast between our normal daily privileged lives and the lives of those in refugee seeking better lives, also showing how we watch the conditions they’re living in however they actually live them. We are going to try to spread this short movie using media as much as possible, and hopefully if we are successful we aim to expand our project and physically help those in need to our maximum ability.

  5. Conduction of the Campaign We are going to get first hand material by visiting the Palestinian refugee camps in addition to the zaatari camp, interviewing all age groups simply about their feelings in this atmosphere and how they live their everyday lives compared to the lives they wish for or previously had.

  6. Importance We strongly believe, as we stated before that in order to make a difference we need to start simple and tackle the community psychologically. We believe that awareness plays a major role in our community. Our main concentration is showing the people of our community that are living in a bubble how fortunate they are in addition to showing them how humans of their own nature are living in terrible and grotesque poor conditions.

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