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Classifying rural attitudes

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Classifying rural attitudes. Political alienation, rurality and attitudes towards the Swedish wolf policy Max Eriksson Umeå U niversity Aim. To what extent can attitudes towards the political system predict attitudes towards the wolf policy?

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classifying rural attitudes
Classifying rural attitudes

Political alienation, rurality and attitudestowards the Swedish wolf policy

Max Eriksson

Umeå University


To whatextentcanattitudestowards the political system predictattitudestowards the wolf policy?

  • Attitudes towards wolf policy and rurality will matter when classifyingrespondentsaccording to politicalattitudes.
  • Alienatedpoliticalattitudesshould be more common in the groupsthatwant to decrease the wolf policy.
theory of political alienation
Theoryofpolitical alienation

Political trust

  • Is the system fair
  • Is the system acting in your best interest


- Do youhave a say

- Canyouaffectthe system

Attitudes towards the political system

Finifter, Ada. 1970. Dimensions ofpolitical alienation

Paige, Jeffery. 1971. Political Orientation and Riot Participation.

methods and measurements
Methods and measurements
  • Political trust
  • Howcontentareyouwithhowdemocracyworks in yourmunicipality?
  • Howcontentareyouwithhowdemocracyworksnationally?

Using survey data I:

  • Measure political trust and efficacy
  • Group respondents
  • Examinethesegroups in relation to othervariables
  • Efficacy
  • Which party do youprefer?
  • Areyou a convincedfollower of this party?



Sick leave




Hunter in family

Reality (measured in numberofinhabitants)

Attitude to the wolf policy (decrease, increase, accept)

results and implications
Results and implications
  • Wolf policy wasimportaint for lowincome respondents
  • And for middleincome respondents in smallercommunities.
  • In groupsthatfavoured a decreaseof the policy alienatedattitudesweremore common

The Rurlaity and the qolf policy areissuesthatareissuesthatmatters in a broadercontext.

Either the wolfpolicy is importantenough to create general discontent

Or attitudestowardswolfpolicy are symptomatic of amore general politicaldiscontent that needs to be dealt with.

thank you

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Max Eriksson

Umeå University