questionnaire methods of organisational diagnosis n.
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Questionnaire Methods of Organisational diagnosis PowerPoint Presentation
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Questionnaire Methods of Organisational diagnosis

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Questionnaire Methods of Organisational diagnosis - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Questionnaire Methods of Organisational diagnosis. BY RNK. Introduction. Most commonly used method. There are fairly standardised Q for orgn diagnosis. Choice of questionnaire will depend on purpose of diagnosis. Identify the group and use it. Dimensions Diagnosed Through Q.

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  • Most commonly used method.
  • There are fairly standardised Q for orgn diagnosis.
  • Choice of questionnaire will depend on purpose of diagnosis.
  • Identify the group and use it.
dimensions diagnosed through q
Dimensions Diagnosed Through Q
  • General organisational health by measuring perception of employees of the orgn.
    • Feeling of security
    • Need fulfillment
    • Job satisfaction
    • Scope of self actualisation
    • Power distribution
    • Happiness with the organisation.
    • Working of groups, Objectivity, Favourtism, distortion of communication, team spirit, conflict management etc.

Organisational Culture.

  • Motivational climate.
  • Role oriented variables.
  • HRD climate (Openness, Collaboration, Trust Proaction, Risk taking etc. ).
  • Leadership and supervisory styles.
  • Job satisfaction, work motivation and work commitment
  • All the students must separately give marks out of 10 for all the dimensions given on above two slides. Thereafter make groups of 3-4 students and discuss your differences to come to common conclusion. One member from each group to give brief to rest of the class
how to construct a questionnaire
How to Construct a Questionnaire?
  • Ready made questionnaires are available for organizational analysis, however these have some limitations.
  • The main disadvantage is that they may not suit the needs of the organisation seeking diagnosis.
  • Therefore the organisation may need to construct a separate questionnaire. The factors given on the next slide be kept in mind while constructing.

The aggregate of perception indicates the organisational strength and short-comings.

  • Consult the employees of the organisation while constructing the questionnaire as they can give correct input.
  • Sample test the standardised questionnaire and modify as required.
  • Use structured questionnaires as these are easier to analyse.
administration and using questionnaire
Administration and using Questionnaire
  • Explain the purpose of administration of questionnaire.
  • People who are conducting analysis should be trusted by organisational members.
  • Do not ask respondents to identify themselves.
  • The questionnaire should not be very long, for better quality of response.
  • Admin Q in groups.
  • Timing of Q admin is very important.
  • Construct a questionnaire to diagnose the examination system of JKPS.