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  1. 10,000 HOURS TO MASTERY Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan LESSON 11 THE DUTY OF MASTERY

  2. “You cannot attain mastery by patterning yourself after another or by following custom or tradition. Sheep do that. Masters and leaders never do.” (Roger McDonald)

  3. MASTERY IS A GIFT • Mastery is a gift from God. • We cannot wait for the Spirit to take hold of us in order to achieve excellence. • We must pursue it relentlessly. • When we achieve it, we have a duty to give back the gift by continuing to learn and by sharing it with others. • When you reach 10,000 hours, the learning is only beginning.

  4. MASTERY IS A GIFT (CON’T) • According to neuroscience and the philosophy of teaching, that much time is required to prime the brain and body to accept a steady flow of new information. • The difference: when you are at the level of mastery, new material does not have to be consciously synthesized. • You simply incorporate it into the wholeness of your learning. • Thus at mastery, you can incorporate new knowledge faster and combine it with what you already know in order to produce something new and extraordinary.

  5. MASTERY IS A GIFT (CON’T) • This does place the burden of continuing to learn on your shoulders. • Only through masters who carry on breaking new ground do arts and human disciplines advance.

  6. MENTOR AND TEACH • The other duty of the master is to mentor and teach. This you must do, even if informally. • This is the Christ role in your life: teacher, mentor, example of personal mastery. • That was Jesus’ primary purpose: to reveal to us how we could discover and nurture the inherent divinity within us all. • Via your mastery, you are called to share the lessons of your journey with others. • There are many ways to do this.

  7. MENTOR AND TEACH (CON’T) • Teaching. You can instruct students directly as a sensei does karate novices. • This is a career and places great demands on one’s time, but it also gives back to the teacher. • You will learn from your pupils as they learn from you, and you will refresh your purpose. • Mentoring. You can guide others in an informal setting, offering sage advice and wisdom to those who come to you.

  8. MENTOR AND TEACH (CON’T) • Many great men and women give credit to their mentors for teaching them the real-world lessons they have gained through their mistakes and failures. • You can mentor while leading another life. • Sharing your insights about the journey. • This is the nature of the road to mastery. • Whether as coach, speaker or guru, giving others broad guidance on finding and following their own path will fulfill your spirit and your responsibility.

  9. MENTOR AND TEACH (CON’T) • Finally, you can write (something else I will be doing). • Publish a book or articles about your journey and educate thousands or millions without ever meeting them. • What have you mastered in your life that you could teach, mentor about or write about? • The process never ends. • Mastery demands humility and openness to learning from the most unexpected sources. • Teaching and sharing will shock you with new lessons at any time.

  10. PURSUING MASTERY • Thus does mastery represent an open conduit of knowledge stretching from God to Man and then to Mankind. • Have you been pursuing mastery without realizing it? • What will you do next to reach that plateau?

  11. 10,000 HOURS TO MASTERY Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan LESSON 11 THE DUTY OF MASTERY