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Journey to Mastery

Journey to Mastery . September 2014 – August 2015. Sept 2014: Mastery – Personal Development and Leadership. Course Goal: Learn the qualities of what it takes to be a master in my field thru the characteristics of other’s examples before me. Strategies:

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Journey to Mastery

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  1. Journey to Mastery September 2014 – August 2015

  2. Sept 2014: Mastery – Personal Development and Leadership Course Goal: Learn the qualities of what it takes to be a master in my field thru the characteristics of other’s examples before me. Strategies: • Read Robert Greene’s book “Mastery” to understand the characteristics of other’s on their “Mastery” journey and the commonality that makes one a “Master” • Gain an understanding of the multiple various online research tools available to me. • Familiarize myself with the basic knowledge of how to use a MacBook Pro

  3. Oct 2014: Executive Leadership Course Goal: Learn the core qualities needed to manage or lead (up and laterally) effectively Strategies: • Visit the Entertainment Networking Society and the Creative Student Networking Group with the intentions to understand if membership will aid me in becoming an industry leader • Read Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” • Watch Managing Multiple Generations with Christina Schlachter to know the different management characteristics it takes to reach several generations

  4. Nov 2014: Project and Team Management Course Goal: Know the how to manage an entire event that allows all players, including myself, to collectively and efficiently complete their assigned tasks Strategies: • Join the Christian Filmmakers Group at Full Sail to learn more about the measure of putting on such large productions in an organized fashion • Read “Making Things Happen: Mastering Project Management” by Scott Berkunto learn about the specifics to project management • Volunteer my time to various projects that occur on campus (example: the spoken word events in the library).

  5. Dec 2014: Business Storytelling and Brand Development Course Goal: Learn how to strategically develop my brand and business thru the use of a company logo and expected customer experience Strategies: • Develop a company logo the connects to the vision of my company • Read Howard, D. J., & Kerin, R. A. (2011). Changing your mind about seeing a brand that you never saw: Implications for brand attitudes. Psychology & Marketing, 28(2), 168-187. doi:10.1002/mar.20385 • Watch YouTube video on The Art of Purposeful Storytelling https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-KtR4vM4eg

  6. Jan 2015: Entertainment Business Finance Course Goal: Understand how to make smart financial business decisions, negotiations, management and long-term projections/profits Strategies: • Watch: Running a Design Business: Pricing and Estimating with Terry Lee Stone at Lynda.com • Research the stories of major companies that have shut down business due to financial reasons. What went wrong and how to avoid it. • Speak with successful small business owners to learn discover how they gained funding to start their business, as well as, key points on how they continue to control their finances

  7. Feb 2015: Negotiation and Deal-Making Course Goal: Develop a skill in learning how to effectively negotiate or create a deal in all possible business ventures Strategies: • Create a roundtable with other students to practice and learn techniques of effective negotiation • Research highly publicized business deals that have occurred in recent history. Understand the concept of the deal to the finalized agreement • Watch Negotiation Fundamentals with Lisa Gates on Lynda.com

  8. March 2015: Product and Artist Management Course Goal: Discover how to creatively merge and manage artist alone with their associated product for consumer satisfaction or buy-in Strategies: • Search for opportunities to volunteer in the multiple events that occur on campus (example: concerts or behind the scene tours) • Read articles on various event companies on their strategic ways of managing artists/clients during the planning and execution phases • Watch: Music Business 101 Bootcamp: Artist Management at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZdAkiDTeRQ

  9. April 2015: Advance Entertainment Law Course Goal: Learn how to protect my brand or the brand of those I am working with while adhering to required law and licensing agreements Strategies: • Research the impact that digital media and how other companies suffered due to the lack of required licensing • Interview a current event planning business to understand common licensing that they are required to abide by • Watch: http://www.lynda.com/Design-tutorials/Understanding-li censing-contract-agreements/160107/170936-4.html

  10. May 2015: Entertainment Media Publishing and Distribution Course Goal: Learn how to publish company content in a manner that will protect my brand, as well as, how to successfully distribute company information Strategies: • Talk with Erika Williams of Haute Caketure on how she protected and ensured all rights to her brand • Watch: Entrepreneurship Fundamentals with Whitney Johnson on Lynda.com • Research the necessities and monetary funds needed to ensure my brand is protected

  11. June 2015: Digital Marketing Course Goal: Gain insight on how to conduct my business or help a business on how to properly market a product/brand by way of digital media. Strategies: • Begin to acquire the basic knowledge on developing a beneficial company website • Read: Go West by LANGLEY, A. (2013). Go west. Columbia Journalism Review, 52(4), 46-49. • Read: Contagious: Why Things Catch On by Jonah Berger

  12. July 2015: Business Plan Development Course Goals: Begin to develop my own business plan Strategies: • Review various business plans to learn the overall flow and key point that should be present • Watch: http://www.lynda.com/Business-Business-Skills-tutorials/Writing-business-plan/162455/186713-4.html • Read: http://www.entrepreneur.com/businessplan/index.html

  13. Aug 2015: Final Project – Business Plan Course Goal: Complete a comprehensive business plan and effectively present this plan to the faculty and peers of my degree program Strategies: • Periodically ask my peers and faculty members for ways to enhance my business plan throughout the course of the month • Review: Entrepreneurial Strategies: Developing an Effective Business Plan and Presentation by USD School of Business Administration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G50fFT4xQlw • Continuously practice my presentation methods by video for visual feedback and corrections

  14. Characteristics of a Mentor • Approachable • Emotional Intelligent • Effectively communicate successes and failures • Humorous • Knowledgeable and active in his/her career • Aware of and learned from their flaws • Trustworthy • Interested in the success of others

  15. Mentors in my Field • Sade Battle – (215) 316-2559 • Julie Varnish – julie.varnish@sru.edu • Kristin Fulwylie – knfulwylie@gmail.com • Carolyn Manley – 412-389-9115 • Erika Williams - erika@hautecaketure.com • Kaye Cleghorn – kaye.cleghorn@smithsdetection.com

  16. Plans to get involved: Professional Organizations • International Special Events Society (ISES) • The Association of Event Organisers Ltd (AEO) • Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA)

  17. Plans to get involved: Full Sail Organizations • Christian Filmmakers Group • Entertainment Networking Society • Social Media Club • Grammy U

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