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  1. Crossed Rules are Different Outside the Society By: Nicki Yost

  2. S- Ky • In Crossed, the story is portrayed from two different sides, from Cassia and from Ky. In Ky’s story, he transferred to a village, which is a rundown destroyed city. Just imagine a city like Detroit, destroyed by someone, and in the books case the Enemy, is now in ruins. The Enemy is attacking the boys who where sent to act as villagers to keep the Enemy busy and to continue to think that the outer provinces are still inhabited. The Outer provinces are where the villages are. Ky is tired of fighting each night so he, Vick, and Eli escape to the Carving. If you think of the Grand Canyon, then you have a really good idea what it looks like. While there, he finds a township that is carved in the mountains like adobes. This is a map Ky used to get to the plain. Pic:

  3. S- Cassia • For Cassia, her story starts in a work camp. A work camp is a camp that trains the girls for what is to come. Cassia is training for a sorting job, but for most of the girls who are aberrations (adopted), they will have a chance to be citizens, if they survive, or they will be sent off to a village like Ky’s. The camp is surrounded by a lot of woods. The cabins are rooms with small windows along the top of the room, with numbered bunks lined up and down. At one point Cassia runs off to get transferred by plane to Ky’s village. The plane is like a cargo plane with no windows excepted for the cock pit. After landing, she is in the same village as Ky (see Ky’s page for more info). Soon after landing, she can’t find Ky. So after some help from a boy who knew him, she tries to follow his path to the Carving sandstone rock. When they search for the Rising. Ky, Cassia, and Indie find it at a place similar to a camp ground with multiple tents lined up. When she gets to the Carving it looks like the Grand Canyon. Pic:

  4. C- Cassia • Cassia is one of the major protagonists of the book. She is a very dynamic character who will do almost anything to find Ky. Cassia has green eyes and long auburn hair. She is a fighter; she won’t give up till she gets what she wants or dies trying. Cassia is also very athletic; she’s able to run fast and far to do what’s right. Cassia see them take away Ky. Pic:

  5. C- Ky • Ky is also a major, dynamic protagonist of the story. He is also a little on the search for Cassia, along with getting away from the village and the chance of dying. He has dark brown hair and tan skin. As found in the story Matched, his eyes can appear like most colors to Cassia, but in the end are blue. At points, he can be quiet; at others he knows what to do and speak his mind to do it in the end. Ky is still searching for Cassia. Pic:

  6. C- Xander • Xander is a minor protagonist, whose love is for Cassia. He has blond hair and blue eyes. He was matched (chosen to be married with) to Cassia and is trying hard to keep her his. Xander isn’t happy about her wanting to find Ky, but he will still help her. He shows up at points in the story, and when he does, Cassia rethinks finding Ky. This is what was on Cassia micro card. Pic:

  7. C- Eli • Eli is probably the youngest at 13 (like me) and he is on the same journey with Ky. So like Ky, he is a major dynamic protagonist. Ky has Eli because he reminds him of Cassia’s brother, Bram. Though he has really dark skin (darker then Ky’s) unlike him, his eyes are bright like Bram’s and his hair was probably curly like his before it was cut. He is a bright spirit and needs precise instructions to function. He also is one to ask a lot of questions. Sadly it’s not exact to the description. Pic:

  8. C- Vick • Vick is on the journey with Ky and Eli. He is a major dynamic character. The book doesn’t say anything about what he looks like, but I think has dark hair and dark blue eyes. He is Ky’s true friend on the journey. Vick can tell Ky anything, and knows he’ll listen. For example, he tells Ky about a girl he used to love back in his home land. • Spoiler Alert: Vick dies at the stream near where they were camping! It took me forever to think of what Vick might look like. Pic:

  9. C- Indie • Indie is on the journey with Cassia. She is strong and brave she won’t let anyone stand in her way. Again the book doesn't give any information about her so I think she has brown hair (actually later found has fiery red hair) and caramel skin. She cares for Cassia and will make sure she safe. Indie is a protagonist and is dynamic. She is also a major character. My thought of Indie. Pic:

  10. P-Rising Action(is a series of events that lead up to the climax) • Ky and Vick put a dead aberration in a river. • Cassia seeing Xander. • Ky seeing snow on the plateau. • Cassia and Xander going to the museum, and Cassia trading Ky’s compass for the story. • Ky is told the blue tablets are poisoned. • Ky and Vick meet Eli and plan to run. • Cassia reads the story and destroys it. • Cassia runs to the plane to get transported. • Ky changes their ammunition. • Cassia trusts Indie on the plane to hold her tablets before she gets searched. • The firing starts and Ky, Vick, and Eli run to the Carving. The Plain. Pic: Clip Art Ky’s Compass. Pic:

  11. P-Rising Action (cont.) • Cassia gets off the ship and fails to find Ky. • She finds a boy to tell her where Ky is and he takes her and Indie to the Carving at night. • They run all night then when they stop Cassia gives the boy some blue tablets. • Ky discovers the wiring in the coat. • Cassia and Indie stopped to camp out and talked about the pilot. • Ky, Vick, and Eli find the township and take what they need until they notice someone in a house below • Cassia learns to first climb with Indie, once they made it up the wall they find an empty field scattered with dead anomalies. The coats. Pic: My idea of the township. Pic:

  12. P- Rising Action (cont.) • The boys find a cave to rest in, so Ky and Vick go over what they found at the township. Ky also has a bad dream about Cassia. • Cassia to has a bad dream about Ky. After she feels ill, so she takes a blue tablet with messages from Xander inside from his matching information. They also find the boy who helped them reach the Carving, dead under a bush. • In the morning Ky, Vick, and Eli move to the plains. There was a stream there so Vick fished for some food, and then they smoked it so it would last. After they asked Eli what he bought from the township, he had story books. • Once Eli was asleep Vick told Ky about the girl he loved and asked to write her name in cursive on cottonwood to cherish it. Cassia’s cave. Pic: Clip Art Cottonwood tree. Pic:

  13. P- Rising Action (cont. Arent you getting sick of this) • Cassia finds they’re on the right path, then Indie finds out that she took a blue tablet and tells her they’re poisoned. Still Cassia opens one to find the note from Xander, but then loses it to the wind. • The next morning Ky and Eli found Vick dead by the river fishing. The river was also being poisoned by the Society, so Ky and Eli are getting the spheres out. • Cassia finds the stone compass that Ky made earlier. • Ky makes Vick’s grave and as they were walking across the plain, they look back and she points to the sky. Cassia’s climbing and points to the sky. Pic: Clip Art

  14. P- Climax (FINALLY) (The turning point of a story) • Cassia and Ky find each other at the mountain!  • Cassia climbs down as Ky runs across the plain and they meet in the middle with a kiss. (Sigh, how sweet!) They meet with a kiss. Pic: Clip Art

  15. P- Falling Action (A seires of events after the climax) • Ky introduces Eli, along with an absent Vick, and Cassia introduces Indie. Ky wonders how Cassia finds them and she gives him the compass made out of stone. • Ky tells Cassia and Indie about the disc in their coats. He also tells them about the township, in which they plan to go back. • When everyone heads back, they make it to one of the homes, the one still with a light on. They hide out watching the man come from the home with a little girl in his arms. As then noted by Cassia and Ky, she is dead. Everyone at the windowsills watch him bury her. • After he finishes, Ky goes to the man to get information The disc in their coats. Pic: Clip Art

  16. P- Falling Action (cont.) • Hunter makes a deal for them (Ky, Cassia, Indie, Eli) to help him. Afterwards, they all went to sleep in their homes, except for Indie and Ky. Ky found Indie awake thinking about Xander’s secret. • The next morning Ky and Cassia look around the village and find the graveyard, along with the poem on Hunter’s daughters’ (Sarah) grave. • Later that day, they go to the same spot that Cassia and Indie found the dead boy. • There is a tunnel that takes them to the cave. It was a tight space. Half way though, Cassia felt stuck and Ky helps her though. When they reach the cave, Cassia figures out that there are tissue samples (the Society take a swab of the cheek to use later to bring them back to life) in there, rows and rows of them. The blue tissue sample tubes. Pic: Clip Art.

  17. P- Falling Action • The samples where organized by the province. But they all weren't the date of death. The tubes stored young tissues. Once Cassia explains to Hunter what they are, Hunter picks one up and breaks it. The light on top of the case flashes. • They take off running out of the cave to climb up to the township. They make it to the cave with all the papers just in time before a storm hits. As they were searching, Cassia finds more to the poem that was on Sarah’s grave. • At one point, Ky went and found Indie in one of the homes looking at Cassia’s micro card. Indie then shows him a map she found which may show the way to the Rising, which shows Xander’s secret that he’s apart of the Rising. Ky always thought of how bad the Rising is so he sets fire to the map. The map to the Rising. Pic: Clip Art

  18. P- Falling Action • Cassia, Hunter, and Eli go into the house to find Ky burning the map. • As they were leaving to find the Rising, Indie gives Cassia the micro card and the miniport. • Hunter needed some help to hide the cave so Ky offered, only if he got a boat, to help. • When they got to the stream to find the Rising, Hunter told them what the blue lines were for. • They got to the stream and Cassia had to choose who was going in the boat to find the Rising. • Cassia chooses Indie and Eli, but then Eli choses to go with Hunter. While saying goodbye, Cassia showed Ky her grandfather’s tube that she took from the cave. Cassia and Indie took the boat to the Rising. Pic: Clip Art

  19. P- Falling Action • Once Indie and Cassia set off in the boat soon after they flip over and loss every thing they brought. Luckily they both stayed with the boat and made it to a lake, people also in a boat soon came toward them, and Indie told the people with confidence that they came to join the Rising. • Ky continued to run along the river. • When Indie and Cassia got to the Rising they where decontaminated and told where they would best be for the Rising. Cassia would be from within the Society. • Indie and Ky are pilots of air ships. While leaving Ky found some one who used to be a Archivist, and trades to Cassia in Centeral. At the Rising there were many tents. Pic: Clip Art

  20. C-Man vs. Nature • In the novel Crossed, Indie and Cassia are climbing up the Carving. The sandstone rock was very weak and posed a problem for Cassia, who’s never climbed before. Also the ledges where very small when they took a break. Thus delaying finding Ky. Climbing up high to reach their dreams. Pic: Clip Art

  21. C- Man vs. Self • In the novels, Matched and Crossed, Cassia goes though the same battle deciding who to be with, between Ky and Xander. So thoughout the book, she wonders if what’s she’s doing is worth it, because as soon as she gets to the Society she’ll be back with Xander, yet still on the ‘hunt’ for Ky. It’s hard enough to choose where to go or what to eat. Pic: Clip Art

  22. C- Man vs. Society • In Crossed, Cassia, Indie, Xander, and Ky have joined the Rising against the Society. Also the stream near Ky’s campsite was poisoned by the Society. So Ky fought to get the spheres spewing poison out to the stream. Also moving water rarely freezes, but the water wasn’t moving so Ky’s hands practically froze trying to save the stream. Moving water rarely freezes. Pic: Clip Art

  23. C-Man vs. Fate • Similar to man vs. self, Cassia is fighting against her fate. Once was when she took the blue tablet. Cassia was suppose to stop moving and potenially die. But she didn’t; she kept fighting. Plus you think that she would stay with Xander, though she goes off and finds Ky, you many also think she fails to find him. But she does!  Cassia is trying to find Ky against Xander. Pic: Clip Art

  24. T- Moral or Lesson The message I take way from Crossed is to fight for what’s right or fight till you win. It is shown by Cassia doing almost everything to find Ky. At one point she took a blue tablet thinking it could help her, but later found it was poisonous but she fought through it and made it to find Ky. Ky is also on his way back to the Society to find Cassia, but instead of physical troubles he has emotional troubles, by suffering through the death of his best friend. Together they conquer that by getting separated on their way to the Rising and when they get there, they get their assignments. Cassia is assigned to the Society and Ky as a pilot. So though the third book they are trying to get to one another. The last thing Cassia says to Ky is “‘Do not go gentle,’…” (341) a section of the poem they share together and no one else knows it.

  25. R- Solving the Problem The resolution is when they find each other at the mountain. The problem is that Cassia and Ky must find each other. So at the mountain, when Cassia points to the sky, Ky knows it’s her. Another main problem to the story is for Cassia to find the Rising. At first, Ky tells her that he won’t go with her. The resolution is when Ky gets the boat and declares that he will go with Cassia. Also when Indie and Cassia are at the lake, when they say that they’ve come to join the Rising, “‘Come to join whom?’ one asks. Indie doesn’t hesitate. ‘The Rising,’ she says.” (347).

  26. Bonus! Title Pic: Sadly I did not get a chance to do the mood slide, due to some poor time management. I will improve!!!

  27. Fin ; )