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School Library Journal

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School Library Journal

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  1. School Library Journal A Professional Development Plan By Misty Ragan

  2. Book reviews- children’s books, YA books, media, technology, reference books, digital resources, databases. Useful Web Sites! Articles- covering everyday library situations and library trends ( author interviews, censorship, certification, collection development, funding, etc). Curriculum plans for grades K-12 What is it for?

  3. How does this promote life long learning? • Teachers and libraries receive up to date information. • Librarians have suggestions for popular books for students. • They have great teaching ideas! Curriculum Connections

  4. Curriculum Connections • Specialize in middle school and high school learning materials. • Involves teachers to collaborate with the librarian

  5. You can register online. It’s $129.99 per year Issues are mailed monthly There’s also an e-mail newsletter! (included in registration). Contact information is: If you'd like to mail or fax in a subscription order, or if you need to receive an invoice, call 800-278-2991 or 818-487-4557 between 5am and 5pm. PT. How do I get this for my library?

  6. Webliography SLJ is a valuable resource for libraries. It contains technology information, collaborative lesson plans for the librarian and teacher, book reviews for children and YA books, web site suggestions, and it features columns that relate to library issues. This is a great leadership tool because it offers the best advice for tough situations and presents the best resource options that are available for today’s librarian. LJ was the original corporation before SLJ. The difference between SLJ and LJ is that SLJ is focused on the student rather than the librarian. Library Journal doe serve the library so that students will have what they need but LJ’s main function is to provide a median between the library and the vendors. Curriculum connections specialize in middle school and high school learning materials. CC is franchised from SLJ and focuses only on learning material that the library can provide. This is an example of how SLJ supplies valuable information to the library world. This article is about the new Big6 Turbo Tools. This section of SLJ is an example article. It talks about the different topics mentioned in SLJ (i.e. Book Review and Multimedia Reviews; Reference and E-Reference reviews). Reprint management services have combined with SLJ to expand the editorial coverage of the journal. A few ways that Reprint doe this is through Reprints, Eprints and NXTprints. This is a book that has compiled a number of issues from SLJ. It is available in paperback and can be found in any bookstore or ordered online.

  7. Let’s Go! • All customers receive access to SLJ’s review database free of charge! • The first 30 days are FREE!! • Let’s get started!!