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Public library vs. school library PowerPoint Presentation
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Public library vs. school library

Public library vs. school library

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Public library vs. school library

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  1. Public library vs. school library Katy Clevenger

  2. Mission Farmington Public Ledbetter Intermediate • The Farmington School District shares a commitment with the community to provide a secure environment of educational excellence for every student by utilizing a diverse, challenging curriculum. The Library Media program supports this mission by teaching students to gain and use information effectively and to develop into lifelong readers. (E. Fletcher) • The Farmington Public Library is your Gateway to Knowledge (A. Bell).

  3. Services Farmington Public Ledbetter Intermediate • The essential services that are provided at Ledbetter Intermediate Library are access to books, videos, computers, nooks, and play-a-ways. She sees all the classes once a week and they are allowed to check out two books at a time. They can come in other times if they finish their book and need a new book. • The Services that the Farmington public library provides includes access to materials such as books, computers, printers, and a copier, and audio visual equipment that you can check out or watch at the library. They participate in interlibrary loans with Fayetteville, Springdale, Elkins, Greenland, Lincoln, Winslow, and Prairie Grove public libraries.

  4. Special Services Farmington Public Ledbetter Intermediate • The special services that she provides for the students are book clubs and checking out play-a-ways. She just got two Nooks and is hoping to get more by the end of the year (E. Fletcher). • The special services that are provided by the Farmington Public Library include the children’s story hour each Monday from 10:00-11:00.

  5. Population Served Farmington Public Ledbetter Intermediate • She serves 4th-5th grade. There are 7 fourth grade classrooms and 6 fifth grade classrooms. They service approximately 325 kids (E. Fletcher). • The population that is served at the Farmington Public Library is anyone that wants to come in and use the libraries services (A. Bell). Your library card is free as long as you live in Washington County

  6. Organizational Structure Farmington Public Ledbetter Intermediate • At the Ledbetter Intermediate library Mrs. Fletcher is the only Librarian and she has no aids. She sees all classes once a week and she has free flow when she does not have a class. • There are three librarians who work in the Farmington Public Library. Audra Bell is the Library Director and the other women report to Audra Bell. (A. Bell).

  7. Professional Training Farmington Public Ledbetter Intermediate • She is working on getting her master’s degree in Library Science. She will be finished at the end of the summer. She has to keep up with all of her educational professional development (60 hours) to keep her license (E. Fletcher). • The Librarians at the Farmington Public Library must have an MLS or MLIS from an ALA accredited university to fill the position at the library.

  8. Diversity • They share in the same kind of Diversity • Diversity means all the differences among the patrons. This could include but not limited to race, color, skills, age, religion, nationality, knowledge, or interest. To help with all the diversity in the community population the library separates the materials into sections based on age and then by interest. For example the children’s section is divided into easy, fiction, and non-fiction. This help people find exactly what they are looking for easily so they do not get frustrated and give up.

  9. Surprises Farmington Public Ledbetter Intermediate • I was surprised to find out that she did not have a aid to come in and help her at all during the day. • With the Fayetteville Public Library being right down the road I am glad that people are giving our small community library enough business that they need more space.

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