Ancient civilizations mayan
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Ancient Civilizations MAYAN. 5.US.1.1. Lesson 1: Introductions to the Maya. S pirit of the Maya: a B oy E xplores H is P eople's M ysterious Past by G uy G arcia. KWL TicTacToe : Closer look at Mesoamerica.

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Ancient civilizations mayan

Ancient CivilizationsMAYAN


Lesson 1 introductions to the maya

Lesson 1:Introductions to the Maya

S pirit of the maya a b oy e xplores h is p eople s m ysterious past by g uy g arcia
Spirit of the Maya: a Boy Explores His People's Mysterious Past by Guy Garcia

Kwl tictactoe http www coedu usf edu culture activities ttt mayan index htm

Closer look at mesoamerica
Closer look at Mesoamerica

Now work in pairs
Now work in pairs…

…to complete this WebQuest by traveling through Mayan lands via the Web!

Lesson 2 mayan social structure

Lesson 2:Mayan Social Structure

What is pyramid of power
What is pyramid of power?

  • A hierarchy of power, or control, in a social structure

  • Example: the hierarchy in a school system – principle  vice-principle  teachers  students

  • Can you come up with another example?

Levels of the mayan pyramid of power
Levels of the Mayan Pyramid of Power

  • The top of the society was large and complex, consisting of the ruler, his family, their retainers, courtiers, and priests. Others, including the most skilled and influential architects, merchants, and craftsmen were also part of the noble elite, providing their skills were useful to the ruler.

Levels of the mayan pyramid of power1
Levels of the Mayan Pyramid of Power

  • Beneath the noble rank were the general specialists, artisans, craftspeople, managers, and bureaucrats. These groups were ranked in importance and parallel the middle class of our society, only it was more difficult in the Mayan society to move up or within a group than it is today.

Levels of the mayan pyramid of power2
Levels of the Mayan Pyramid of Power

  • Below the middle class were the essential service people; all the people responsible for making the city run. Information on these people is sketchy and has little supporting data.

Levels of the mayan pyramid of power3
Levels of the Mayan Pyramid of Power

  • More basically -- ruler, priests, nobility: merchants, military, peasant farmers, slaves.

Where would you rather be
Where would YOU rather be?

Peasant Huts vs. Temples

Now it s your turn
Now it’s your turn!

  • As a group, put together Mayan pyramid of power that you can role play before the class.

  • You should include each level of the pyramid in your set of actors.

  • You may further research each level, their clothing, and their “job description”.

  • You will be graded on accuracy as well as CREATIVITY! Dive in and put yourself in their ancient shoes!

Lesson 3 daily life

Lesson 3:Daily Life

Time to get personal
Time to get PERSONAL!!

  • In this lesson, you will all become experts on a few selected aspects of the Mayan’s daily life.

  • Roll a die to find your groups focal area:

  • You will be given the rest of the class period to research, prepare a presentation, and create a visual of your choice. You will present next class period!

  • You will be graded on group participation, presentation, and respectful listening while others are presenting.