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Scenario. Scenario 1: How to encourage Marcus to love his HANDS mobile

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Scenario 1: How to encourage Marcus to love his HANDS mobile

Marcus is new to using mobiles and he is new to using the HANDS mobile. His teachers and parentsagreethat Marcus willbenefit from using the HANDS mobile. Unfortunately Marcus is resistent to changes and it is likelyhewillbe resistent to the introduction of the HANDS mobile phone as a cognitivetool.



Solution: Strategies to encourage Marcus to love his HANDS mobile

A mobile phone is different to othertoolsthat a teacher and schooluses. A pupil brings the mobile phonewitheverywhere. Furthermore the mobile is within the intimspheremeaning in which persons and artifactsonlyareacceptedwhen the feel right.Most mobile phoneusersspend more time togetherwiththeir mobile phonethanwiththeirlovedones! Thisrelationshipwith a mobile phone is called”mobile loyalty”.

To encourage Marcus to enjoyusing his HANDS mobile requiresthat the teacher foster a sense of mobile loyaltycontinouslyand thathe/shepays attention to it daily and places it on the evaluation agenda.

1. Mobile loyalty is the degree to which the userfinds the mobile credible.

Read more about ”Degrees of mobile loyalty” in step 1.

2. Thereareways in which the teachercanincrease the mobile loyalty.

Read more about ”How to increase mobile loyalty” in step 2.


3. There are ways in which the teacher can decrease the mobile loyalty.

Read more about ”How to decrease mobile loyalty” in step 3.

4. Mobile loyalty may give the teacher new challenges that should be considered before hand. Read more about ”Tradeoffs in working with mobile loyalty” in step 4.

5. How Marcus begins to use the HANDS mobile includes considerations on mobile loyalty too. Read more about”Start working with Mobile loyalty” in step 5.



1. Degrees of mobile loyalty

Depending on our experience with ICT we project more or less positive expectations onto the ICT

tool. This evaluation begins even before we have begun to use it. Once we do start in using it the

quality of the judgement changes. When using HANDS mobile the mobile loyalty must be evaluated

and paid attention to.

Presumed mobile loyalty

Before knowing anything about mobiles Marcus may have a very clear opinion about mobiles. If he

has a negative attitude to the HANDS mobile, work is hard and requires that the mobile from day one

is a relevant tool for activities that Marcus is interested in.

Reputed mobile loyalty

A better mobile loyalty is fostered when people Marcus trust recommend the HANDS mobile. But

Marcus has not been using the HANDS mobile. This level of mobile loyalty is easy to influence and be

activated by parents and teachers.

Surfaced mobile loyalty

After his first experience with a HANDS mobile Marcus will have formed a foundation level judgement

of the ICT toolThis level of mobile loyalty is easy to influence.

Earned mobile loyalty

The highest and best mobile loyalty is when Marcus has experienced the HANDS mobile and found it relevant and valuable. The pedagogical work should strive for this level rapidly.



  • 2. How to increase mobile loyalty?
  • There are a number of ways you may increase the mobile loyalty:
  • Ensure that Marcus gets positive success with the mobile phone asap.
  • Ensure that the mobile is aimed at solving problems that Marcus believes are problems.
  • Ensure that the content and look and feel of the HANDS mobile reflect the interests of Marcus.
  • Ensure that Marcus can talk about the mobile phone to relatives, friends and other persons in an interesting manner.
  • Marcus should be involved in constructing the content and look and feel.
  • The use of the mobile is given attention in the evaluation and everyday.


  • 3. How to decrease mobile loyalty
  • Make use of the mobile phone to control or for surveillance. The teacher lets the mobile phone include negative remarks or prompt.
  • The content and look and feel is solely controlled by the teacher or is left as a boring ’shell’ by the teacher.
  • There are a lot of prompts and that demand lots of attention. But only a few of them are important to Marcus himself.
  • Ensuring that the mobile phone crashes regularly with mystifying error messages.


  • 4. Trade-offs when working with mobile loyalty
  • The mobile phone is a new media that attracts the attention of Marcus. He is eager to try the new opportunities: camera, mobile phone, facebook and sms. Unfortunately it can cause a number of problems that the schools, teachers and parents may find counter-productive. The school has responsibility for ensuring that Marcus gets access to the mobile phone at the right time, when he has learned how to use it safely and responsibly.
  • B. The mobile phone is the schools property in equal terms, but not emotionally. Dealing with books, tables, chairs etc the school has full control. Dealing with HANDS mobile the teachers and school should pay attention to Marcus’ ownership and relationship with his HANDS mobile. They should support Marcus in having personal interests on the mobile.


5. Start working with Mobile loyalty

Consider a task that Marcus himself finds difficult and wants to manage. Such tasks can be different to the list that the teachers create.

Inform the parents about the introduction of the mobile phone.

Work with a pedagogical plan that describes how you want the work with the HANDS mobile to take place and which functionalities that he should start with and what he should end up with. Try to keep to the plan. Be realistic, it will take a bit of time and effort on your part.

Make plans for the re-evaluation of your pedagogical plans.

Consider the issues ”How to decrease mobile loyalty” and ”Trade-offs when working with mobile loyalty”.

Consider nice graphical elements that should be a part of his mobile. Consider whether you or Marcus should choose them.

Organise a day where Marcus participates in designing his mobile.

Consider to make the day a special day – a small celebration.

Create the relevant Reports oncoMe which make it possible for you to follow how he uses the mobile phone.




See the tunnel ”Oppurtunity for Customisation”.

Litteratureabout Mobile loyalty: Fogg, B.J: PersuasiveTechnology, p 163-177. Foggwritesabout web credibility, but I believe the same levelscanbeusedwith mobile loyalty.

Overviewof tunnels on ”Whichpedagogicalchallengescan HANDS workwith?”(tunnellink)