Spring word problems
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Spring Word Problems. Read each Word Problem. Solve it and show your work. If the problem calls for an explanation, be sure to show your thinking!. The Hunt.

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Spring word problems
Spring Word Problems

  • Read each Word Problem.

  • Solve it and show your work.

  • If the problem calls for an explanation, be sure to show your thinking!

The hunt
The Hunt

  • Bryan spent thirty six minutes hiding eggs for his sisters. If he started hiding them at 12:58 p. m., what time did he finish hiding the eggs?

  • Solve the problem

  • Explain how you got your answer.

Spring word problems

Jelly Bean Palooza

Walmart donated 840 jelly beans to Mrs. Terry’s Math Classes. Mrs. Terry has 35 students. She wants to divide the eggs evenly. How many jelly beans will each student get?

The easter dress
The Easter Dress

Fendi wants a new dress to wear on Easter. She found a dress she likes at Justice. It will cost $55.71. Her mom said she can make the same dress for less! The pattern will cost $2.50, the fabric $15.25, thread $2.98, and $8.89 for the lace. How much will her mother save if she makes the dress instead of buying it? Explain how you got the answer.

The easter basket
The Easter Basket

  • Lisa is weaving her own Easter Basket. She has thin strips of wood in pretty colors to use to make the basket. Four ninths (4/9) of the are green and a third(1/3) are blue. The rest of the stripes are pink. If she has 18 strips, how many are pink?

Egg painting
Egg Painting

  • Mrs. Powell’s class is decorating eggs for the kindergarten class. There are 15 children in the class. They want to decorate 6 eggs for each child. So far they have finished a third(1/3) of the eggs. How many more do they need to decorate?

Spring word problems

Last year it was fifty seven degrees Fahrenheit when we went outside to look for the eggs. I wore a sweater. This year the weatherman says it will be colder, only forty-four degrees Fahrenheit. How much colder will it be this year than last?