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Unit1-Unit3 复习卷 ( 知识运用部分 ) PPT 版 PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit1-Unit3 复习卷 ( 知识运用部分 ) PPT 版

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Unit1-Unit3 复习卷 ( 知识运用部分 ) PPT 版 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit1-Unit3 复习卷 ( 知识运用部分 ) PPT 版. 福清二中 吴章云. 单词拼写. 1. I turned the h_____ and opened the door. 2. The debate didn’t come to a c________ until midnight. 3. It seemed the water was to ______ ( 责备 ). 4. The boss is _______ ( 小心谨慎的 ) about making promises.

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1. I turned the h_____ and opened the door.

2. The debate didn’t come to a c________

until midnight.

3. It seemed the water was to ______ (责备).

4. The boss is _______ (小心谨慎的) about

making promises.

5. To her great d_____, she quickly adapted

herself to the new situation.








6. He ________ (安排) that the wedding be put

off to Saturday.

7. Students in No.2 middle school should wear

school u______.

8. At first my new ___________ (环境) were di

-fficult to tolerate.

9. The camel is man’s best friend in the d____.

10. She is not very __________ (乐观的) about the result of talk.







1. I feel it is your husband who _______ for the spoiled child.

A. is to blame B. is going to blame

C. is to be blamed D. should blame

2. He suggests we ______ to the cinema at once, otherwise we ______ late.

A. must go; are B. go; will be

C. will go; will be D. would go; are

3. Cleaning women in big cities usually get _____

by the hour.

A. pay B. paying C. paid D. to pay

4. The writer ______ his writing so that he forgot

to have his lunch.

A. absorbed B. was absorbed into

C. absorbed into D. was absorbed in

5. The meeting ______ tomorrow will be of great

importance. All of us should attend it.

A. held      B. to be held

C. being held     D. is going to be held

6. The flowers his friend gave him will die unless

________ every day.

A. watered B. watering

C. water D. to water

7. They haven’t seen each other for ten years, but

they still keep in _____ contact with each other.

A. constant B. instant

C. content D. consistent

8. ______ confidence resulted in his failure in the


A. Lack of B. Lack for

C. Lacking of D. Being lacked

9. Considering that you have no _____ experience,

it’s doubtful that you’ll get the job.

A. efficient B. previous

C. original D. unusual

10. The match is going to start in a minute. Let’s


A. hurry on B. go on

C. speed up D. sweep up

11. The girl looked at me with a _____ expression. Maybe the problem was quite _____.

A. puzzled; puzzling B. puzzling; puzzled

C. puzzled; puzzled D. puzzling; puzzling

12. Five books on the shelf are found ______.

A. tear B. tearing C. tore D. torn

13. To understand the grammar of the sentence

you must break it ______ into parts.

A. down B. up C. off D. out

14. _______ in the mountains for a week, the two

students were finally saved by the local police.

A. Having lost B. Lost

C. Being lost D. Losing

15. With dinner ______, the lady went on ______

some sewing.

A. to prepare; to do B. preparing; doing

C. prepared; to do D. prepared; doing



1.But he became ______ when he thought about helping ordinary people _______ ___ cholera.

但是当他一想到要帮助那些得了霍乱的普通百姓时, 他就感到很兴奋。

2.Then Wang Ping _____ a switch on a computer screen, and a table and some chairs rose _____ _____ the floor as if by magic.然后, 王平让电脑

荧屏上的开关闪了一下, 于是一张桌子和几把椅子就像变魔术一样从地板下面升了起来。






3. I still cannot believe that I am _____ ___ this prize that I ____ last year.


4. ____ their ______ the four countries ___ work together in some areas, but they still have very different institutions.

值得赞扬的是, 虽然四个国家的确在一些方面共同合作, 例如在货币和国际关系上, 但他们在制度上仍存在着很大的区别。



To credit do

5. England is the largest of the four countries, and for __________ it is ______ roughly ____ three zones.

在这四个国家中, 英格兰是最大的, 为了方便, 它大致可以划分为三个地区。

convenience divided into




When I woke next morning, I was dying of 1 . I

seemed to have a hole instead of a 2 .I dressed quickly

and hurried down to the dinning-room.It was a big room

with six tall windows and the ugliest wallpaperI had ever

seen! 3 ,I had been told thehotelwas not beautiful but

that you were better 4 there than in any other hotel;

and that was 5 I wanted just then.

1. A hunger B. cold C.anger D. illness

2. A. stone B. head C. breast D. stomach

3. A. Therefore B. Otherwise C. So D. However

4. A. received B. fed C. cared D. eating

5. A. just B. what C. that D. why



The waiter came hurrying up. Before I came downst

-airs I had prepared 6 carefully for what I must 7 .

I had looked three times in my dictionary to make sure

8 “breakfast” really meant “breakfast”. I had tried

to get the right 9 and I had stood in the front of a mir

-ror and twisted my mouth until it ached.

6. A. English B. meal C. questions D. myself

7. A. speak B. answer C. say D. explain

8. A. that B. about C. of D. to

9. A. pronunciation B. meaning

C. form D. spelling



The waiter asked me 10 I could not understand,

but I spoke only my one prepared word “breakfast”. He

looked at me in a 11 way. so I repeated it. Still he did

not understand. It was 12 that English people didn’t

understand their language.The waiter 13 his head and

went away, but he came back in a minute and brought

a tray with tea, bread and butter-enough to feed a small

army and went away. But I was hungry, and I left 14 .

10. A. whether B. something C. when D. what

11. A. surprised B. friendly C. puzzled D. touched

12. A. unbelievable B. true C. thought D. a pity

13. A waved B. shook C. bowed D. patted

14. A. much B. a little C. nothing D. empty



When the waiter came back I thought his face showed a

little 15 , but you can never 16 . What a waiter’s face

really shows.In another minute he brought 17 tray with

some bacon (熏肉) and some eggs. He 18 have misun

-derstood me, but I thought it was no use explaining to pe

-ople who don’t understand their own language, so I just

set to work on the bacon and eggs, wondering whether I

could possibly clear that plate.

15. A. pleasure B. surprise C. pride D. satisfaction

16. A. tell B. guess C. design D. express

17. A. other B. another C. more D. me

18. A. should B. might C. would D. must



Well, I finished the bacon and eggs. I got up and

made my way slowly to my room at least five pound

19 . I never believed until then that any meal could

20 me, but on that day I met my Waterloo(滑铁卢).

19. A. lighter B. heavier

C. weightier D. more

20. A. hurt B. fat

C. defeat D. please




Thomas Edison was one of ten said to be the greatest genius of his age. There are only a few men in all of the history, who have changed the lives of other men as much as the inventor of the first useful electric light. But Edison could never be happyonly because someonesaid he was a genius. “There is no such thing as genius, ” Edison said. He said that what people called genius was mostly hard work.

But Edison was a dreamer as well as a worker. From his earliest days as a child he wondered about the secrets of nature. Nature, he often said, is full of secrets.He tried to understand them; then, he tried to learn what could usefully be done with them.

Edison enjoyed thinking. He knew that most people will do almost any

-thing instead of the difficult work of thinking,especially if they do not thi

-nk very often.But he knew,too,that thinking can give men enjoyment and pleasure.


Edison could not understand how anyone could be uninterested in life. As he loved to think, he also loved to work. On the day he became 75 years old, someone asked him what ideas he had about life. “Work,” he answered. “Discovering the secrets of nature and using them to make men happier.” He said he had enough inventions in his mind to give him another 100 years of work.

1. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?

A. Edison invented the electric light.

B. Many other people have changed Edison’s life.

C. Edison has changed the life of many other people.

D. Few men in history can change other people’s life.




2. Edison thought _______.

A. he could be happy if he was a genius

B. genius plays the most important part in one’s success

C. hard work could do better than genius

D. genius could do better than hard work

3. Edison was _______.

A. very much interested in nature

B. interested in discovering the secrets of nature

C. interested in changing people’s ideas

D. uninterested in making people happier by discovering the secrets of nature




4. In Edison’s opinion, _____ .

A. thinking can supply people with enjoyment and pleasure as well as help

B. people’s success lies mostly in genius

C. hard work is the second important thing in making people successful

D. there are few secrets for him to discover later

5. The last sentence in the passage most probably implies ____.

A. life is too short for Edison to invent more for human beings

B. Edison made 100 inventions in his life

C. Edison was able to live and work for 100 years

D. People of his time were ready to give Edison another 100 years’ work




Zhou Yongjie, a quiet and shy boy from Kongjiang High School, Sha -nghai, took part in a recent International Computer Programming Cont -est for University Students in April, 2001. Zhou, with his two partners, came out as third winners, next to the teams from Qinghua University in Beijing and Shanghai Jiaotong University.

Zhou took up computer six years ago. He took his parents’ advice and

entered his name for a computer class. When asked how to balance his sc -hool work and his after-school computer class. Zhou said that it was diff -icult to keep balanced between the two. Thanks to his hard work, he is al -ways listed as one of the five best students in his class after exams. Zhou gets no introduction from his parents. Whenever he has problems he disc -usses with his classmates. Self-teaching is not an easy thing and many stu -dents have given up. But Zhou Yongjie is not discouraged. He also regar -ds the computer as a tool for studying maths and other subjects. He also does some programming for running in his spare time.


Talking about the international contest, Zhou seemed to be a little excited. He said he and his two partners were sup

-posed to solve eight problems within five hours, including the meal time. They divided the work among themselves and finally solved six problems with joint efforts. What impress

-ed him most was that when a problem was solved, the team would be given a balloon as an encouragement. So once in a while, they would look around and wonder how other teams were going. Surprisingly, Zhou Yongjie hasn’t decided whe

-ther to work as a full-time computer programmer in the future. He prefers to do what he likes most and will regard computer as an instrument.



1. Which of the following do we know from the passage?

A. Zhou Yongjie still made better progress in his school work besi -des the computer.

B. As a result of learning computer, he always got the first place in examinations.

C. Zhou Yongjie took up computer when he was six years old.

D. Zhou Yongjie has made up hi mind to do some research on com -puter.

2. No matter when Zhou Yongjie meets some problems in his studies, ________.

A. he asks for some advice from his parents

B. he has a discussion with his classmates

C. he thinks them over himself

D. he gives them up




3. During the contest, __________.

A. Zhou solved eight problems within five hours

B. Zhou and his partners solved five problems within five hours

C. Zhou and his partners worked out all the problems with joint efforts within five hours

D. Zhou and his partners worked out six problems and got the third place

4. Why is Zhou always regarded as one of the best students in his class after exams?

A. For he is very shy and quiet.

B. With the help of his two partners.

C. Because of his working very hard at his subjects.

D. With the help of his computer.

5. Which of the following is the best title?

A. Self-teaching Is Not Easy B. A Young Computer Expert

C. A Young Student’s Success D. The Secret of Success





A Tour City —— Pompeii

Every year thousands of tourists visit Pompeii (庞贝, 意大利那不勒斯附近一座古城), Italy. They see the sights that Pompeii is famous for-its stadium (运动场) and theatre, its shops and restaurants. The tourists do not, however, see Pompeii’s people. They do not see them because Po -mpeii has no people. No one has lived in Pompeii for almost 2000 years.

Once, Pompeii was a busy city of 22,000 people. It lay at the foot of Mount Vesuvius (维苏威火山) , a grass-covered volcano (火山). Mount Vesuvius had not erupted (爆发) for centuries, so the people of Pompeii felt safe. But they were not.

In August of AD 79, Mount Vesuvius erupted. The entire top of the mountain exploded, and a huge black cloud rose into the air.Soon stones and hot ash began to fall on Pompeii. When the eruption ended two days later, Pompeii was buried (埋藏) under 20 feet of stones and ashes. Almot all ot its people were dead.


For centuries, Pompeii lay buried under stone and ash. Then, in the year 1861, an Italian scientist named Ginseppe began to uncover (发现) Pompeii. Slowly, carefully, Ginseppe and his men dug. The city looked almost the same as it had looked in AD 79. There were streets and fount -ains,houses and shops. There was a stadium with 20,000 seats. Perhaps the most important of all, there were everyday objects, which tell us a great deal about the people who lived in Pompeii. Many glasses and jars had some dark blue colour in the bottom, so we know that the people of Pompeii liked wine. They liked bread, too; metal bread pans were in even bakery (面包房). In one bakery there were 81 round, flat loaves of bread -a type of bread that is still sold in Italy today. Tiny boxes filled with a dark, shiny powder tell us that women liked to wear eye-makeup (眼部化装品).


Ginseppe has died, but his work continues. One-fourth has not been un

  • -covered yet. Scientists are still digging, still making discoveries that draw
  • the tourists to Pompeii.
  • Why do large numbers of people come to Pompeii each year?
  • To visit the volcano.
  • B. To shop and eat there.
  • C. To watch sports and plays.
  • D. To see how Pompeiians lived.
  • 2. Why had so many Pompeiians remained by volcanic Mount Vesuvius?
  • The city nearby offered all kinds of fun.
  • B. The area produced the finest wine in Italy.
  • C. Few people expected the volcano erupt again.
  • D. The mountain was beautiful and covered with grass.




3. Why did the city uncovered look almost the same as it had looked in AD 79?

  • Because Ginseppe and his men dug it slowly and carefully.
  • B. Because the city was buried alive and remained untouched.
  • C. Because scientists successfully rebuilt the city with everyday objects.
  • D. Because nobody had lived in the city ever since the volcano erupted.
  • 4.What’s the meaning of the underlined word “exploded” in the third paragraph?
  • A. 爆炸 B. 震动 C. 倒塌 D. 开裂
  • 5. What do we know about the Pompeiians who lived 2000 years ago?
  • A. They lived more or less the same as Italians now do.
  • B. They liked women wearing all kings of makeup.
  • C. They enjoyed a lazy life with drinking and eating.
  • D. They went back to Pompeii after the eruption in AD 79.






What do you usually use your cell-phone for? Calling friends or sending them text messages?

As technology develops, nowadays cellphones can do much more than that. They have become an all-in-one device.

A typical example is Apple’s phone. The touch-screen cell-phone plays music, connects to the Web, sends email and takes photos. More than 1 million Apple’s Phones have been sold since it was launched (发售) in June.

“Today’s young people enjoy using all kinds of digital functions, such as those of a music player, a camera and even a computer, const

-antly. An all-in-one device is easy to carry. That is the goal of develo

-ping a technology to make our lives more convenient, simple and rel

-axed,” said Professor Ding Shouqian at Nankai University.


However, the all-in-one cellphones come with some problems. Users have complained that they are too complicated to use, and that their battery life is too short. Cellphone producers say that they are working hard to make their phones even better.

It’s very convenient to use it “We are trying to make the cellphones in a way that people can quickly move from phoning to taking pictures to listening to music,” said Alastair Curtis, Nokia’s chief designer. “If you look at the No

-kia 3250 model, it has a twisting(转动) bottom. So you twist it half a turn, and it’s in camera mode. You twist it another 90 degrees, the alpha-numeric(字母和数字的) keys have disappeared and the music keys are there.” Japanese companies such as Toshiba and Fujitsu are also working to develop a new ba -ttery for mobile phone.

If all the problems are solved in the future, all-in-one phones will change our lives for the better.




deliver/send e-mails











As is known, success is the pursuit of many ambitious people. It requires much of a person. In my 1.o______, above all one sh -ould be a person of strong perseverance. Rome was not 2.____ (建造) in a day. On the way to success, there are undoubtedly ma -ny 3._______ (困难) in the way. If we lose heart and give 4.____ halfway, nothing can be 5._________________ (获得). Throughout history, we have had manyfamous successful people in the world, of 6.w____ no one is weak-minded. 7.T___ the great scientist Edison as an example, he tried experiment after experiment and had one failure 8._____ another before he finally invented the light bumb, 9.w____ lighted up the whole world. Success is what one desires. So long as one is 10.____________ (努力的), I’m sure success is near at hand.













I. 最近你班将举行一场题 为Life in the future 的讨论

会, 请根据以下要点,写一篇一百词左右的发言稿。

1. 随着医学的发展,人类的平均寿命将会达到120岁。

2. 由于新能源的出现,污染问题将得到控制。

3. 人们的日常生活也将有很大的变化。如:机器人可






In the future, man’s life will be very different from that of today. First, with the development of medicine, on the average, a person will live to the age of about 120. Second, because of the discovery of new energy, the environment --al pollution will be under control. Third, people’s daily life will change greatly, too. For example, robots will do all your housework for you;your chair will change its color to match what you’re wearing; you can also put yourmobile phone around your wrist and can see the caller while speak -ing;you even can take a new elevator into space for your holidays.

II. 根据以下内容, 通过合理想象, 用英语写一篇短文

来展望未来科技新生活。词数: 100字左右

1. 有些人可以到月亮上度假。

2. 有些科学家可能在海底生活。

3. 每家都有可视电话(view phone) , 通过可视电话可


4. 孩子可以在家通过电视和广播接受教育。

5. 机器人为你做家务。


Sometimes I dream about life in the future. What will it be like?Perhaps some people will go to the moon for a holiday, and some scientistswill live under the sea. Maybe we will have vide -ophones in every home.We can have a medical examination or do some shopping without leaving our homes.

And I’m sure there’ll be more educational programs on the radio or TV, so perhaps somechildren won’t need to go to school every day. They’ll study at home.

No people like doing housework. Maybe in the future eachfamily will have a robot. Every day we can tell the robot what

to do – shopping, housework and so on. I believe the dream will come true some day.