making the most of your studio space part ii
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Making the Most of Your Studio Space Part II

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Making the Most of Your Studio Space Part II - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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making the most of your studio space part ii

Making the Most of Your Studio Space, Part II

Capturing the Voice

When you record a voice, there is usually some distance between the singer and the microphone to get the best sound.  Keep the reflections out to get the best vocal recording. Most recording studios do this with a vocal booth, which stifles the reflections.  You also need some skillful isolation techniques, in case you have limited space.

All Together Now

If you have multiple people tracking together, use your studio size to

your advantage.  As long as you have room for the

musicians and instruments, you have room to

record them. Just remember to be smart and

use physics in your favor.

Image © modern world furnishin designer blog

Clean Up Your Room

As you design a studio, ask yourself if you’re interested in a place where you can tinker and play, or a place where you work with other musicians on producing their work.

you should include some sort of organization in your studio design.

If it’s full of gear, there’s no room for the ideas.

Make it Inviting

Make a place for down time. A lounge, so to speak. The lounge should have some sort of comfortable furniture and some diversions. And snacks. Recording and producing is hard work and having snacks close at hand makes things so much smoother.

The Experience Theorem

Take everything you learn here and reference it against your own experience. Some of this stuff won’t work for you. Some will.

People who don’t know that much about audio production and recording are better off spending time making mistakes and learning what works best for them. The lessons you learn and the preferences that you build over time help you make the best decisions for designing your studio.

Happy Tracking

At the end of the day, remember that your ingenuity and expertise are really what make great recordings.

Set yourself up for success without breaking the bank and record as much as possible.

making the most of your studio space part ii1

Making the Most of Your Studio Space, Part II