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Making the Most of your Website PowerPoint Presentation
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Making the Most of your Website

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Making the Most of your Website - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Making the Most of your Website
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Presentation Transcript

  1. Making the Most of your Website Presentation by Eoin Costello

  2. This presentation could save your business’ life…..

  3. About You • Hands up who has a business website? • Those that don’t have a website, what are the main reasons why not? • Those that do, hands up those that get at least 10% of their business from their website?

  4. Who is this? Your invisible staff member... Aka your website!

  5. Characteristics of your invisible staff member... • Available for work 24x7. • Can carry out repetitive, mundane tasks without complaint. • Can be extremely cost effective if used properly and given enough to do. • Responds well to constructive criticism and monitoring.

  6. However is this your invisible staff member? 47% of businesses with a website are not happy with level of business it generates for them

  7. What your invisible staff member could be doing for you…

  8. Making the most of your site

  9. Why is this important now? The .com (Web 1.0) bubble never delivered all it promised!

  10. That’s going to change in the next 5 years

  11. Trend #1: Productisation of services • Amazon and Ebay led the change in 90’s. • 2000-2005 travel, music and accommodation, betting. • 2008 Onwards- Traditional services in a wide range of areas such as book keeping, graphic design, financial services, legal services, IT services, retailing etc etc

  12. Trend #2: Traditional methods of getting business no longer doing the business 83% of Irish internet users turn to search engines in order to track down information and services they want, compared to 48% a year ago. If you are not Google customised you are invisible to these customers! – Source Amarach

  13. What this means for you Findings of Study of traditional businesses such as record shops, bed & breakfasts and travel agents that failed to adjust.

  14. What are the traditional barriers to getting a website live?

  15. Now it’s easier than ever thanks to the Omniserve Xpress Creation process 1 2 3

  16. Now it’s easier than ever thanks to the Omniserve Xpress Creation process

  17. The future is in your hands • 97% of businesses in Ireland are Small businesses( >50 staff) and employ over ½ of total private sector workers • Services sector is our country’s future • (ESRI: Services exports currently 43% of total exports, by 2025 predicted to be 70%.) • To make this happen all small business need to participate in the Knowledge Economy and with our offering • there are no excuses for not taking the first • step in a low risk way.

  18. Resolve today to get your invisible staff member ‘working for you’

  19. Thank you Eoin Costello Omniserve