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Honeywell Aerospace Management System Approach HSEMS Overview & SBG Governance PowerPoint Presentation
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Honeywell Aerospace Management System Approach HSEMS Overview & SBG Governance

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Honeywell Aerospace Management System Approach HSEMS Overview & SBG Governance - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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14-Jan-2014. Honeywell Aerospace Management System Approach HSEMS Overview & SBG Governance. Gregory A. Bopp, CHMM Director, HSE&F Compliance Assurance Honeywell Aerospace . Gregory A. Bopp, CHMM Director , HSE&F Compliance Assurance Honeywell Aerospace, Phoenix AZ

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14 jan 2014

Honeywell Aerospace Management System ApproachHSEMS Overview & SBG Governance

Gregory A. Bopp, CHMMDirector, HSE&F Compliance AssuranceHoneywell Aerospace

Gregory A. Bopp, CHMM

Director, HSE&F Compliance Assurance

Honeywell Aerospace, Phoenix AZ

  • 25-years HSE experience with Multi-National Corporations
    • Lighting and Electronics- Lighting, Ballasts, Transformers, Magnet Wire
    • Consumer Packaging – Coated Films/Papers, Beverage Cans, Glass, Plastics
    • Aerospace– Auxiliary Power Units, Engines, Brakes, Avionics
  • Geographical Work Experience:
    • USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, UK, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, China
  • Technical Body of Knowledge
    • BSChE, University of Illinois
    • Air Emissions Control, Industrial Waste Water Treatment, Chemical Substitution, Plating, Cleaning Technology, Industrial Property Remediation, Environmental Site Assessments, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, RCRA, OSHA, DOT, FAA, NFPA
aero hse f vision and mission
Aero HSE&F Vision and Mission

VisionIntegrated business partner providing unparalleled HSE&F value and uncompromising commitment to employee health and safety and environmental stewardship.

MissionProtect people and the environment through the capabilities of our global talent and the strength of our HSE & FacilitiesManagement Systems.

HOS Identified as the Means to Deliver on Vision and Mission

hse management system defined
HSE Management System Defined
  • An HSEMS:
    • Creates standardized and formal activities to identify and prioritize HSE risks
    • Establishes effective controls for priority risks
    • Assigns responsibility and accountability
    • Monitors and drives continuous performance improvement

Standardization, Efficiency, & Continuous Improvement

importance of management systems
Importance of Management Systems

Objectives &

Expectations (by setting these)


Mechanisms (continuous improvement)

Key Steps &

Requirements (procedures)


Metrics (measure results)

Resources (identifies who is responsible)

Effective HSE Management Critical to Success

honeywell is committed to success
Honeywell Is Committed to Success
  • Honeywell’s Sustainable Opportunity Policy:
    • Communicates Honeywell Leadership’s commitment and expectations
    • Establishes the framework and guidance for HSE performance standards, strategic planning, objectives and targets, and the HSEMS

Provides the Framework for the HSE Management System

aerospace hse management system
Aerospace HSE Management System
  • Defines operations
  • Engages leadership
  • Applies responsibility and accountability
  • Monitors legal and other requirements
  • Prioritizes HSE risks
    • Links standards
    • Involves continuous cycles of feedback

A Mature Management System Enables Sustained HSE Compliance

aero hse management system
Aero HSE Management System

A systematic, continuous cycle of activities…

Components and standards are linked

Drive HSE Performance

hsems participants
HSEMS Participants


Standard Sponsor

Standard Sponsor

Standard Owners

Other Resources

Typically site leadership team representative

  • Responsibilities:
  • Champion standard implementation, maturity and leadership engagement
  • Allocate resources for standard development, implementation and maturity
  • Example tasks:
    • Site Leader could sponsor identified standards and committees
    • Site Leader fosters understanding of the Policy, signs the Policy, and communicates the requirements to the Site Leadership Team
hsems participants1
HSEMS Participants


Standard Sponsor

Standard Owner

Standard Owner

Other Resources

The person positioned to effectively execute implementation.

  • Responsibilities:
  • Administer the standards on a day-to-day basis
  • Identify resources needed for implementation
  • Logical Owners:
  • Engineering or Operations: Management of Change
  • Operations: Preventative/Corrective Actions
  • HR: Communications
hsems participants2
HSEMS Participants

Standard Sponsor

Standard Owner

Other Resources

Other Resources

  • Human Resources, HSE, Facilities, Legal staff that support and ensure effectiveness of the standards
  • Provide subject matter expertise

Site HSE Personnel and Aero HSE&F Leadership

  • Support integration of standard requirements
  • Develop and steward overall site HSEMS implementation
  • Facilitate overall coordination and networking among location HSEMS standard owners
  • Serve as a single point of contact for external HSEMS communications
hsems steering committee
HSEMS Steering Committee
  • Assures HSEMS implementation and continuous improvement remains a priority
  • Sets HSEMS goals and objectives for the location
  • Approves, commits or obtains resources with the requisite knowledge, skills and expertise for systems development, implementation, maintenance and assessment
  • Assures responsibility, accountability and authority for all HSEMS standards
  • Approves location’s HSEMS Management Program, including significant plan changes (Objectives, Targets, and Management Plans)

Responsible and Accountable Resources

aspects critical to success
Aspects Critical to Success
  • Align Standard Sponsors and Owners with activities
  • Communication between Standard Owners and Sponsors both internally and externally
  • Standard Sponsors should be:
    • Members of the location’s Leadership Team
    • Actively involved to assure resources are adequate and barriers are addressed in a timely manner
  • Active Management Review
    • Ensures HSEMS is well integrated
    • Effectively prioritizes implementation and improvement plans
hse policy sustainable opportunity policy
HSE Policy (Sustainable Opportunity Policy)
  • Communicates Honeywell-wide Leadership commitment to and endorsement of HSE expectations
  • Establishes the framework and guidance for HSE performance and behaviors
  • Is made visible to the global workforce, contractors, stakeholders and public

Clear, Concise, and Communicated Commitment

risk assessment
Risk Assessment
  • Systematic identification of HSE hazards and risks
  • Defines, evaluates, prioritizes, and controls operational risk
  • Facilitates risk reduction and implementation of abatement actions within location’s “scope”

Produces Risk Profile – Prioritizes Significant Risk

legal and other requirements
Legal and Other Requirements
  • Requires identification and assessment of legal & other requirements
  • Enables visibility to and understanding of:
    • Existing legal and regulatory requirements
    • New and pending legislation
    • Non-regulatory requirements imposed on or committed to by the organization
    • Current compliance status and risk to compliance

Reliable Understanding of Requirements

structure and responsibility
Structure and Responsibility
  • Links responsibility and accountability to Site Leader
  • Establishes framework for development of clear HSEMS roles & responsibilities
  • Incorporates HSE performance expectations in the performance management process
  • Defines behavior and culture performance expectations

Defines Responsibility & Accountability

document control and records
Document Control and Records
  • Establishes and implements a process which assures effective management of HSE documents and records
  • Assures current versions of HSE documents and records are readily available
  • Establishes document review process expectations
  • Designates individuals responsible for the maintenance and review of HSE documents and records

Standardizes Documentation And Controls Records

operational control
Operational Control
  • Identifies, develops and implements operational controls for HSE risks
  • Assures operational controls reduce or abate risk
  • Assures operational controls are communicated to affected personnel
  • Analyzes preventive and corrective actions to assess operational control effectiveness

Control Standards Are Put In Place

management of change
Management of Change
  • Establishes a proactive process for risk assessment & management during the introduction of new products, materials, equipment and facilities
  • Assures changes and/or modifications comply with existing legal and other requirements
  • Identifies, evaluates and controls HSE risks associated with change

Linking HSE Practices Into Processes

  • Identifies and documents training requirements
  • Assures development and implementation of training programs to meet the training needs assessment
  • Evaluates training effectiveness

Shaping Behaviors & Developing Employees

  • Assures effective management of internal and external HSE communications
  • Defines HSE communication strategies and develops location-specific, documented processes
  • Engages leadership and all organizational levels in two-way HSE communications

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate…

corrective and preventive action
Corrective and Preventive Action
  • Establishes methods to address and investigate potential or actual non-conformance
  • Establishes effective Root Cause Analysis methodologies
  • Prioritizes and tracks corrective and preventive actions
  • Analyzes corrective and preventive actions for system improvement opportunities

Systematic Approach To Manage HSE Defects

monitoring measurement and self assessment
Monitoring, Measurement and Self-Assessment
  • Monitors and measures HSE activities and performance on a regular basis
  • Ensures significant HSE risks are being controlled
  • Enables evaluation of detection and correction programs
  • Identifies weaknesses to prevent HSE incidents

Auditing To Ensure Compliance

objectives targets and management plans
Objectives, Targets and Management Plans
  • Provides guidance and requirements to facilitate establishment of HSE objectives and targets
  • Places focus on critical HSE opportunities and risks
  • Facilitates continuous improvement of HSEMS
  • Establishes formal plans to achieve objectives & targets

Focused HSE Improvement Efforts & Resources

management review
Management Review
  • Enables regular review of HSEMS
  • Engages leadership to evaluate, manage and continually improve the HSEMS
  • Integrates into the existing business review processes
  • Sets the stage for future actions and activities

Leadership Engagement

linkage lessons learned
Linkage Lessons Learned
  • Linkage is important in the design of the system
  • Linkage is essential in the implementation of the system
  • Examples of The Missing Link…
    • Objectives & Targets not tied to significant risks
    • Structure & Responsibilities not tied to Management Plans
    • Training content not tied to Management Plans
  • Self-assessment must examine linkage effectiveness

Eliminate the Missing Link

  • Continuous cycle of standardized and formal activities to identify and prioritize HSE risks
  • Predictive performance through risk profile management
  • Establishes effective controls for priority risks
  • Assigns responsibility and accountability
  • Monitors and drives continuous performance improvement
  • Comprehensive and standardized performance standards
  • Documented leadership commitment
  • Formal, integrated programs
  • Robust HSE governance program

HSEMS drives proactive…disciplined HSE culture