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Medical Working Group (MWG)

Medical Working Group (MWG). 8 May 2008. Admin Announcements. Meet @ Holiday Inn today; Travelling to Fire Services College tonight; Meet @ Fire Services College Friday and Saturday; Any issues / concerns?. Today’s Agenda. Official Opening Participant Introduction

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Medical Working Group (MWG)

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  1. Medical Working Group (MWG) 8 May 2008

  2. Admin Announcements • Meet @ Holiday Inn today; • Travelling to Fire Services College tonight; • Meet @ Fire Services College Friday and Saturday; • Any issues / concerns?

  3. Today’s Agenda • Official Opening • Participant Introduction • Introduction to INSARAG • Introduction Search Dog Working Group • Introduction Training Working Group

  4. INSARAG - Introduction INSARAG was established in 1991 following lessons learned in the 1988 Armenia earthquake

  5. GA Resolution • Decision by all UN member countries in UN General Assembly on 16 December 2002 • GA Resolution 57/150 • “Strengthening the Effectiveness and Coordination of International Urban Search and Rescue Assistance” • Endorses the INSARAG Concept • Adopts INSARAG Guidelines as reference document

  6. INSARAG STRUCTURE Steering Committee INSARAG Secretariat UN OCHA Geneva (FCSS) Regional Group Africa/Europe/Middle East Regional Group Americas Regional Group Asia/Pacific International USAR Team Leaders Ad-hoc Working Groups TWG Regional Office MWG SDWG

  7. INSARAG – Introduction • Inter-governmental network; • Under the United Nations umbrella; • Deals with international Urban Search And Rescue (USAR) response.

  8. INSARAG – Introduction INSARAG stakeholders: • Earthquake-prone countries • Providers of international assistance • OCHA (Secretariat) • IFRC • NGOs

  9. INSARAG – Mandate • Develop international relationships to improve disaster response • Improve disaster response preparedness • Develop methodology and minimum standards for international USAR • Promote capacity building in disaster-prone countries

  10. General Responsibilities • Apply INSARAG Guidelines • Government request for membership through INSARAG Secretariat • Member countries to nominate INSARAG Focal Point • Participate in meetings and workshops • Participate in and/or host events • Training, Workshops, Meetings, etc. • USAR teams to register in INSARAG USAR Directory

  11. USAR Directory • Web-based registry of INSARAG Search and Rescue Teams • URL: • Purpose • Overview of international USAR teams that meet INSARAG criteria • INSARAG focal points • USAR team’s experience and deployment history • Support on-line modification of data by INSARAG members

  12. INSARAG Guidelines • Standardised guidance for international USAR teams: • Management • Logistics • Search • Rescue • Medical • Defines 3 classifications of teams: • Light • Medium • Heavy • Classification Process • Self-classification • INSARAG External Classification (IEC)

  13. INSARAG Guidelines • Addresses the disaster management cycle: • Preparedness • Mobilisation • Operations • Demobilisation • Post Mission

  14. Ad-hoc Working Groups • Convened by INSARAG Steering Committee on an "as required" basis; • To identify solutions to specific issues; • problems • Dissolved after delivering requested result; • Reconvened if and when necessary; • Regional Representation

  15. INSARAG Steering Committee Training WG Search Dog WG Medical WG Working Group Work Flow

  16. Overview • Establishment of the MWG was proposed at the 2007 USAR Team Leaders meeting in New Delhi; • Approved by the INSARAG Steering Committee at its annual meeting in May 2007; • Convened September 2007; • Comprises representatives from 3 INSARAG Regions; • Inaugural Meeting: 8 – 10 May 2008; United Kingdom; • Objective: Develop minimum medical standards for medical component of USAR team - Annex to be incorporated into the INSARAG Guidelines.

  17. Participants • Australia • China • Japan • Finland • Germany • Greece • Netherlands • Switzerland • UAE • UK • USA America’s Region • FCSS Asia Pacific Region Africa Europe Middle East Region

  18. What do the INSARAG Guidelines Say? • INSARAG Guidelines Chp G 7.2 • Medical Doctor; Paramedics; Nurses. • Ability to provide advanced life support for the team (including dogs), assigned personnel and victims encountered; • Confined space medical operations; • Basic veterinary care; • Camp hygiene.

  19. ANNEX H: INSARAG Classification Guide for Minimum Acceptable Capacities

  20. INSARAG EXTERNAL CLASSIFICATION (IEC) CHECKLIST FOR USAR TEAM CLASSIFIERS • Does the USAR team provide emergency medical care in confined spaces? • Is medical care available to USAR team members? • Does the USAR team provide medical care to victims from the time of access, during extrication to time of hand over? • Is medical care available to the Search Dogs?

  21. Objective • Get to know one another • Define MWG Mission Statement • Define a framework

  22. Action • Topics for discussion ..\MWG\MWG Topics For Discussion 09.04.08.doc

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