terrestrial souding n.
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“TERRESTRIAL SOUDING”. Bermudez Zavaleta Angel Cumplido Pantle José Alejandro Saucedo Tovar Joaquín Fernando. CONTENT. OBJETIVE JUSTIFICATION INTRODUCTION. Objective .

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terrestrial souding


Bermudez Zavaleta Angel

Cumplido Pantle José Alejandro

Saucedo Tovar Joaquín Fernando


Design a terrestrial sounding that function to detect a tube to certain deep distance, by means of sensors, using the beginning of the mechanics wave

j ustification

The justification of this project is found in the last san martin accident where a lot deaths and inmuebles were damage product of, Produced for a spillage of fuel, all this was caused by damages in a pipe, and a fire that affect to San Martin population, And in great part affect the ecosystem that in this place abounded.

Others accidents are accustomed in constructions where is encounters the problem of fissures in the electrical systems, gas, oil, water, etc.


The ultrasounds is like the audio, exactly equal to which it hear normally, except have a mayor frequency that maxim for the human hearing.

This begins from 16 Hz and has an upper bound of approximately 20 KHz, while that we go to use audio with a frequency of 40 KHz. to this type of audio are call ultrasounds


In general, the structure of a complete sensor composes to him of the following

  • Driver of the transducer. It is the interface component part between the user of the sensor and the transducer. For example, there is drivers circuits that indicate when and how a measure is must make, etcetera
  • Transducer. convert the fluctuations of a physical magnitude in fluctuations of an electric magnitude ( signal )
  • Conditioning of the signal. carry out the function of modifying the delivered signal for the transducer to obtain an appropriate signal ( amplification, “linear”, etc.). With the advance of the electronic digital, each time the conditioning circuits are more plain