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Hillary Clinton's

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  1. Poor Hillary Clinton is lamenting her vote authorizing the Commander In Chief (CIC) President Bush to go to war against Iraq. Ever the target this senator and former target of Bill Clintons philandering is now asserting she was deceived by G.W. Bush. Hillary a committed feminist (or is that a feminist which should be given) should know better than to trust a guy, as well as The Guy! That is twice now that poor Hill has been had by Presidents and I do not mean that in the Biblical sense! I believes it to return to Wellesley College and check out some of the new Co Eds. From what I hear they're promiscuous than when Hill attended that fine association and even more homosexual. Senator Clinton (D NY) along with Senator Robert "KKK" Bryd (D W.Va.) are not happy with the conclusions they made and the votes they cast. The following is from N.Y. Daily News. "WASHINGTON - Sen. Hillary Clinton is requesting her fellow senators to sign on to her and Sen. Robert Byrd's plan for an Iraq war vote do over. In a letter to all 98 other senators provided to the Daily News yesterday, Clinton (D-N.Y.) and Byrd (D- W.Va.) say Congress should haul President Bush back for a new war vote when the Senate debates the 2008 military spending bill in the next few weeks." This infantile politicization of Hillary Clinton's responsibility for taking the country into war and the war is only relevant it's dissing. Does the "brightest" woman in the world believe this is some sort of elementary school kick ball game? I do. We can begin with our honored war dead and the families they left behind. Subsequently Hillary can go on her hands and knees to the maimed women and men and their families whose lives are forever changed by the vote Hillary was "duped into." From there she can crawl to the American contractors who have been killed answering the call of duty as private security forces on account of the reckless cutting of the military made by Bill Clinton and the "co-president" Hillary. All these individuals take a backseat as it pertains to "social programs" advocated by Clinton and her leftist minions. Last but definitely not least she should beg the American people for a "do over" viewing the debt incurred for this war which can be laid at the feet of the old president, her husband. Is it not incumbent upon a Senator of the United States to inform and educate herself on matters of national security? The positions haven't been higher and she did not read the National Intelligence Estimate regarding the Iraq catastrophe. I believe this reflects the attitude of the perpetual college student. There's always a "do over" when it comes to professional students. The University experience is very forgiving especially if you are one of "Best and Brightest." Clinton has voted to cut funding for the war she voted for. Hillary I believe your democrat is showing! This is so typical of the left. They are constantly telling everyone that they're smarter, better more educated , have superior morality etc. etc. But as soon as they don't get exactly what they desire, by the