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Downriver Community Conference (On Behalf of Downriver Mutual Aid) Confidential Financing Document - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CONFIDENTIAL. Downriver Community Conference (On Behalf of Downriver Mutual Aid) Confidential Financing Document October 2012. CONFIDENTIAL. Confidential Financing Document . CONFIDENTIAL.

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Downriver community conference on behalf of downriver mutual aid confidential financing document


Downriver Community Conference

(On Behalf of Downriver Mutual Aid)

Confidential Financing Document

October 2012

Confidential financing document
Confidential Financing Document


This Confidential Information Package (the “Package”) has been prepared by Plante Moran, PLLC (“P&M ) from material supplied by the Downriver Mutual Aid 911 District (“DMA”), solely for informational purposes. It is being furnished solely for use by prospective lenders to assist in the evaluation of this transaction.

The information contained herein has been prepared to assist interested parties in making their own evaluation of DMA and does not purport to contain all of the information that an interested party may desire. In all cases, interested parties should conduct their own investigations and analysis of DMA and the data set forth in this Package. Neither DMA nor P&M makes any representation or warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in this Package or made available in connection with any further investigation of DMA,, including any estimates or projections, and shall have no liability for any representations (expressed or implied) contained in, or for any omissions from this Package or any other written or oral communication transmitted to the recipient in the course of its evaluation of DMA. The only information that will have any legal effect will be that specifically represented in the loan documents.

The recipient acknowledges and agrees that neither DMA nor P&M will be subject to any liability based on the information contained in the Package, errors therein, or omissions there from, whether DMA or P&M knew or should have known of any such errors or omissions, or was responsible for or participated in its inclusion in or omission from this Package.

DMA reserves the right to negotiate with one or more prospective lenders at any time and to enter into a definitive agreement for the financing of the project without prior written notice to you or other prospective lenders. Also, DMA reserves the right to terminate, at any time, further participation in the investigation and proposal process by any party and to modify data, documentation and other procedures without assigning any reason therefore.

Confidential financing document1
Confidential Financing Document


The recipient agrees not to contact any officers, employees, or affiliates of DMA, either directly or indirectly, without the prior written consent of DMA or P&M. All communications, inquiries and requests for information relating to this Package or to a possible transaction involving DMA must be addressed to:

Kim Donahey, MBA

Chief Financial Director

Michigan Works! Southgate Service Center

Downriver Community Conference

15100 Northline Rd.

Southgate, MI 48195


Direct: 734-362-7005

Fax: 734-283-0568

Table of contents
Table of Contents



  • Executive Summary 5 – 8

  • Financial Information 9 – 12

  • Financing Needs 13

Executive summary
Executive Summary


DCC Overview

  • The Downriver Community Conference (DCC) was formed as a regional partnership and a common voice for Downriver communities. The DCC is comprised of 20 communities including Huron Township, Romulus, Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, and the 16 communities included in the DMA 911 district outlined below.

  • Today the DCC develops programs and provides leadership in various areas such as economic and community development, employment and training, weatherization and transportation services.

  • The Downriver Mutual Aid (DMA) consortium was founded to coordinate public safety activities during emergencies. The DMA is an operating unit within the DCC, and is comprised of 18 communities including Huron Township, Romulus, and the 16 communities included in the DMA 911 district outlined below.

  • The DMA formalizes a number of sophisticated services that no single department or city could offer, such as creating a regional SWAT Team, a Crisis Negotiation Team, an Underwater Search & Recovery Team, the Downriver Area Narcotics Organization (DRANO), the Downriver Auto Theft Team (DRATT) and a Uniformed Police Task Force.

  • The DMA 911 District is a consortium of sixteen communities in lower Wayne County that share resources for the primary purpose of economic development. The 16 communities include the following:

  • These communities provide autonomous public safety and public works operations. Each community acts as a primary Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for its residents providing police, fire, and rescue services.

DMA Overview

  • Allen Park

  • Brownstown

  • Ecorse

  • Flat Rock

  • Gibraltar

  • Grosse Ile

  • Lincoln Park

  • Melvindale

  • River Rouge

  • Riverview

  • Rockwood

  • Southgate

  • Taylor

  • Trenton

  • Woodhaven

  • Wyandotte

Executive summary1
Executive Summary


  • The Downriver Mutual Aid (DMA) radio system has been in existence for over 12-years and covers the members’ police and fire departments.

  • The current radio system is a 16 channel Motorola Smartnet II 800 MHz simulcast trunked system. It is a dual mode system with both analog and digital trunked talkgroups. There are four tower sites and one main communications room. The tower sites are located in Flat Rock, Riverview, Ecorse and Taylor. All towers except for Taylor are free of rent and are either owned by DMA or have long-term leases.

  • The type and model number of the subscriber radios are as follows:

    • Portables are Motorola XTS3000 Model H09UCF9PW7BN

    • Mobiles are Motorola Astro Spectra Plus D04UJH9SW3AN, W4 and W5s

    • Consolettes are Motorola Astro Spectra Model L04UJH9PW7AN

  • The current subscriber radio inventory consists of 1,624 units allocated as follows:

  • The current 800 MHz system, procured in 1998, was financed through a $12 million dollar bond issue and ultimately paid for with funds captured by the State of Michigan E-911 telephone surcharge.

  • The telephone charge can capture up to 80-cents per monthly bill on land-line and cellular telephone bills. The current rate is 42-cents per monthly land-line and cellular telephone bill. This surcharge allowed the DCC to finance the radio system which covered four tower sites, radio dispatch consoles for all community PSAP’s, and mobile/portable radios for police and fire departments.

DMA 911 Radio System

  • Control Stations – 37

  • Fire Portables – 364

  • Fire mobiles – 171

  • Police Portables – 715

  • Police Mobiles – 315

  • City Portables – 9

  • City Mobiles – 13

Previous Financing

Executive summary2
Executive Summary


Current Project and Financing Objectives

  • The Downriver Mutual Aid has solicited bids to replace its 800 MHz Trunked Radio Communications System with a Cassidian solution, called COR p25 network. This turnkey radio infrastructure system consists of a simulcast system with 4 radio tower sites (Taylor, Ecorse, Flat Rock and Riverview); a main communications room; 16 frequency channels; and 20 dispatch consoles distributed to over 14 locations.

  • The new system, connected by fiberlink and microwave technologies, allows public safety officers the ability to communicate both through voice and data. The backbone infrastructure to the current system is being completely replaced with the newest technology and allows interoperability with the Michigan State Police, and other local, county, and federal agencies.

  • COR p25 Equipment:

    • Central Controllers

    • Software Package

    • 5 Channel Gateway Power Supplies

    • ISSI Connections

    • Spare Parts

  • Network Timing Equipment:

    • GPS Antenna’s and Servers

  • Network Management System:

    • Workstations

    • Laser Printers

    • Solarwinds Network Monitor

    • Manager Server

  • Console Operator Positions:

    • Console Package

    • Headset/Handset

    • Touchscreen Monitor

    • Software Licenses

    • UPS Power Supply

  • Console Gateway:

    • Redundant VPgate Software Licenses

    • Endpoint Licenses

    • Computers

    • Display Units

    • Radio Controllers

    • Rack Mount Shelves

    • SIP Telephony Gateway

  • Professional services

  • System Design

  • Equipment Installation

  • Staging

  • Console Installation

  • Acceptance Testing

  • Routers and Switches

  • Control Stations

Infrastructure Equipment to be Purchased

Executive summary3
Executive Summary


Radios to be Purchased

  • In addition to the infrastructure, the DMA is also replacing the subscriber units (mobile and portable radios, control stations and consolettes) for each community in the DMA 911 District.

  • The DMA competitively bid the subscriber units and selected Motorola as the vendor. The subscriber units currently operate using the 800 MHz system as described above. The DMA will be replacing over 1,000 mobile and portable radios; 14 control stations and 25 consolettes as well as the related templates. The selected Motorola products are as follows:

    • Portable radios – Motorola APX 6000

    • Mobile radios – Motorola APX 6500 2.5

    • Control Stations

    • Consolettes

    • The City of Southgate has received a FEMA AFG grant in the amount of $784,900 (included above). In addition, one of the DMA communities has applied for a regional grant totaling $760,000, to help offset the cost of the subscriber units (which is not included in the summary above).

Estimated Financing Needs

Historical financial information
Historical Financial Information


DMA 911 Fund Historical Balance Sheets

Historical financial information1
Historical Financial Information


DMA 911 Fund Historical Income Statements

Projected financial information
Projected Financial Information


Projected Income Statements

Projected financial information1
Projected Financial Information


Notes to Projected Income Statements

Estimated financing needs
Estimated Financing Needs


Financing Needs Summary

  • Below is a summary of the financing needed for this project: