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Downriver - RRJ

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Downriver - RRJ. by Will Hobbs. Get your novel. Be ready to write. After Reading Chapter 3 –. Jessie : has personal strength; doesn’t like guys who flex their muscle; afraid of Pug Troy :

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Downriver - RRJ

by Will Hobbs

Get your novel.

Be ready to write.

after reading chapter 3
After Reading Chapter 3 –


  • has personal strength; doesn’t like guys who flex their muscle; afraid of Pug


  • loves moving water; especially surfing; grew up in San Diego; would like to go whitewater rafting; parents live in Europe and travel all around the world; lived with grandparents; went to boarding schools in the East; rich
  • ex-marine


  • raised and physically abused by stepfather; stabbed (didn’t kill) stepfather; has no “mental” toughness


  • 6 brothers, no sisters; ran a burglary ring in New York City


doesn’t take anything seriously; from Kansas; used to dress up like a Ninja and sneak into girls’ bedrooms; Ninja gag why he is here; father an alcoholic


dresses like a gypsy; believes in crystals; “bad brain fuzz”; grew up in foster homes, group homes, and homeless on the street

  • “classic nobody”; always trying to impress

(Write your own chapter summary by answering the following questions.) DO NOT copy out the questions!!! Limit the use of the words “he” or “she.” Use the characters’ names instead.The underlined words, in the question, should appear as part of your answer.

Chapter 3

Question 2 is answered for you

1. Which couple walked back to base camp together? What are they doing?

2. What does Jessie think about Troy?

(write ):Jessie thinks Troy is the most independent and perceptive person she knows.

3. What does Troy ask Jessie not to do?

4. What is Jessie’s reaction to Al’s encouragement that she find her “unlimited potential?

5. What does “unlimited potential” mean?