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YOUR Media Center

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YOUR Media Center
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  1. YOUR Media Center Check out the new Media Center website!! Always accepting teacher & student requests

  2. Fixed ScheduleWhat does that mean for my students? • Media will be a special area • Day 1: Check out books, reading and research skills lesson • Day 2&3: Students will be learning essential technology skills (there will be an E.O.C.)

  3. Media Schedule 8:15-9:00~ Check Out/Returns M:Kindergarten and 2nd , T: 5th, W: 4th, TH: 3rd, F: 1st *Books can be returned at ANY time  9:10-9:50~ 5th Grade 9:50-10:30~ 4th Grade 10:30-11:10~ 2nd Grade 11:10-12:10~ Lunch/Planning 12:10-12:50~ 1st Grade 2:50-1:30~ Kindergarten 1:30-2:10~ 3rd Grade 2:10-3:00~ Document Based Questioning Intervention Groups for 4th and 5th Grade (DBQ)

  4. Policies and Procedures • Our Media Center Policies and Procedures will be posted on our website and discussed with students on their first day of Media. • Grades K: Check out 1 book for 2 weeks • Grades 1st- 5th: Check out 2 books for 2 weeks

  5. AR, SSSYRA & FRA • AR: will be used for students in k-5 who are reading independently. • iRead incentives will be tallied on bookmark. • Bring this to Media specials with updated AR points. • Tuesday/Thursday 8:15-8:45 Media Committee will be available for any child who needs to take an AR test. Bring AR folder with book title filled in. Parent will sign off on the score received. • Renaissance Home Connect allows parents to stay update with child’s reading progress.


  7. AR, SSSYRA & FRA • SSSYRA: Sunshine State Young Reader Association • Reading level is for grades 3-5 • 15 books that have been chosen by FAME (Florida Association of Media Education) • Great for read alouds or independent reads • Each spring students who read 3 SSSYRA books have opportunity to vote in state-wide poll for their favorite (track progress on bookmark) • We will reward students who have read all 15 with a field trip! (location TBD ) • All 2014 paper backs are available to check out in groups of 6 for literature circles

  8. AR, SSSYRA & FRA • FRA: Florida Reading Association • Books chosen by FRA for grades PK-2nd • Nominated by educators for rich literature • Students who have read 5/8 titles can vote in the statewide poll for their favorite.

  9. iPad Checkout/In • We currently have 70 devices • The sign up is on Media Office door • Need to sign up at least one day in advance as The Young Librarians and I will be preparing the items for checkout ahead of time. • As of now…The Young Librarians will drop off the devices to you by 8:45 am and pick them up at 2:40 pm. • If you are not in your room they will be in a tote bag with your name on them in the Media Center. • Please be sure to train your students to close out all of the apps at the end of the day. Maybe your Librarian could be in charge of this?

  10. iPad Reminders • ~Please instruct/model for your students what apps they are to be on so that they are on content that is appropriate for them. • ~Please show students how to open/close/set up the ipad case. • ~  Please show all students how to close out apps at the end of the day so that it is ready for the next user. • ~Please remind your students they are NOT allowed to go into ipad settings at all-changing settings will result in loss of privilege to use the devices. • ~Please do not allow your students to eat snack or enjoy beverages while using the ipads. • ~Please model for students how to plug/unplug headphones carefully (we have had a few earphone jacks break off in ipads). • ~If your ipads are ever not picked up by the Young Librarians, please return them to the library that afternoon.